Wednesday Wellness Of Home: Richard Conrad

The Spiritual Meditation and Reflection Of Home! A Look At RICHARD CONRAD'S Performance Of "Home, Sweet Home!"

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Home is where the heart is! However we define home, that’s where it is. We can never escape home; no matter where we go! That’s a simple knowledge. Therefore, when addressing the very foundations of home, just remember that its the people, who make the home! The memories. The stories. All of the Spiritual blessings coming with it. A house transforms into a home because it is filled with love! Without loving energies, it is nothing more than an architectural structure, in which a person (or group of people) resides in. Nothing more!

Sometimes, the very mention of home brings back sad and complicated memories. In fact, the very mention of the term arises a sense of, pain! Neglect. Abuse. Other kinds of negative behavior had taken place, within the context, of home! Sometimes, the pain is so severe, that a person doesn’t want to return back home. In fact, they yearn to make a new home (or recreate home), wherever they are! Home is very fluid in this regard. People have a way of reinventing home; however, it suits (and shapes) them! Furthermore, home also has a way of navigating, travel! A person finds one’s home, or homes, based on land and the people they meet. There is the sense of “home away from home.”

Home also has a way of shaping and suiting memory. It’s the memories of joy, bonding, and family restoration, which enriches the treasures, within a certain spacing. That’s one of the blessings of, home! When suited properly, it establishes a blanket of healing, re-birth, and revitalization! Have you ever experienced that moment of being away from home, for such a long time? You are weary, tired, and look haggard. There are even those times when you are hungry! And so, you come back home. There is warm food on the table. You are back home, in your bed. Lastly, you have the tenderness of friends and family to sustain you! That’s the joy of home.

As time moves on, we lose people along the way. Family members pass on, and what we are left with are their accessories and memories. We also have the family recordings! Those too are very precious! It’s bittersweet, of course! Nevertheless, they are still traces and memories of home. Their energies do not cease to exist, simply because they have transitioned on. Not at all! On the contrary, their once lived presence on Earth adds to the very existence of home! During those times of loneliness (and neglect), one can always keep the stories, as a method of keeping home, alive!

An operatic-styled version of “Home, Sweet Home,” has a way of moving through the most sensitive of memories. Sometimes, those beautiful memories are so strong, that they cause us to shed tears! We reflect upon our long journey; those we met, and lost, along the way! Yes! It’s very painful. Then, it can be very joyful, simultaneously! As tedious as it may be, home is a blessed thing! Therefore, when it comes to the performance of “Home, Sweet Home,” by one vocal legend, let it be known how beautiful and treasured the quiet meditation of home, can be! Boisterous? Yes. Reflective? Most likely. Just remember that there is no place, like home.

Richard Conrad

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