Wednesday Spiritual Wellness: Peter Kaberere #Kenya

PETER KABERERE and the Song, "Kiburi!" The Power Of Humility and Its Wellness For Us, All!

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They say pride comes before the fall. One will often hear that in the Biblical text. Such is the word in Proverbs 16: 18.Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty Spirit before a fall. 19 It is better to be lowly in Spirit among the humble, than to divide the spoil with the proud.

When we envision the very behaviors of pride, there is a heavy weight, surrounding it. When a person is so prideful, they lose touch with their grounding. Their sense of centering has been pushed away. An imbalance takes place. You can see this when it comes to their success. There are a number of people, who permit fame, fortune, and faux praise get to their head. They become a different person, than who they were, prior to their rags to riches story. It’s sad, yet true. Whether they be business owners, musicians, entertainers, or what have you, fame and wealth shows you the character of a person. People have the tendency of saying that a person changes, when the riches, arrive. Well, did they “change,” or is it a testament to how they have always been? Interesting.

One of the things about a pridefull persona is how they miss out on life’s blessings. For what they have received when they have “made it,” is pennies compared to other measures of abundance. Yet, when you lack centering, there is the tendency to see fakery, as legitimate. The fake compliments, or persons hanging beside you for ulterior motives, seem positive. A prideful Spirit sees the materialistic (and small) riches, as the epitome of success. And, yet there is so much more, yet to be seen. Sadly, that’s what happens when a person has been removed from their foundation. In addition, they do not truly reach their full potential, due to having reached a mental high. Sooner or later, they come to a particular point, where they have lost any sense of depth, regarding their talent. It’s all for the camera.

When speaking about the very art of humility, we are still aspiring to greatness. Humility does not equate to mediocrity, and the lack of using one’s potential. What it means is that one moves through one’s success journey, with holistic grace. There are many successful people, with humble minds. They know that their gifts are for a greater purpose, than their own. For one’s gifts are for the glory of the Most High, and spreading that healing power, through Earth’s domain. In fact, it’s this understanding, which moves a person into seeker greater. They understand that what they have is little, in comparison to what is out there. Everyday they are seeking for improvement. It is the daily improvements, which strengthens the humility. Nevertheless, one can’t improve if they are impressed by inauthenticity.

Staying in Kenyan waters, we honor those musicians, who performed a Black American musical form, known as Gospel music. Their voices serve as a remedy, for the past and current challenges in Kenya! The songs they sing paint those Gospel waters of hope! They are also reminders for what happens when we do not heed the treasures of humility. Just remember that there are always warnings, prior to.

There is a beautiful, Kenyan song, entitled “Kiburi.” In the Swahili language, “Kiburi” means “Pride.” The video for the song illustrates what happens when we move through a phase of worldly pride. Sometimes, when we get so big, we don’t hear the Most High. When a person loses their grounding, look out! When you don’t see the walking path, you are liable to trip, and fall. That’s real. When centered a person understands, that there are different roads, laying ahead. An individual recognizes the complexities of these roads. Even in within the current success they may have, they are still not masters. However, the humble realize that each step is leading them to a state of mastery.

The video for “Kiburi” is not a total, direct reflection for what is being stated. Nevertheless, it does reflect certain points, previously mentioned. Therefore, one can’t be surprised of their reflection, within the video. For the character portrayed, by one Kenyan, Gospel artist, the downfall from pride, was made abundantly clear! Stay on humble steps, for their direction will lead you to a grander abundance, than one can ever envision.

Peter Kaberere
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