WebViewer Instagram: how to browse content safely

Avid Instagram users know how open the social network is. Every day, people shoot their daily routines via Stories, share useful information with their users, and promote their brands/services. In general, you can find everything here: from entertainment content to business promotion. Among such a vast number of users, there are not only those who […]

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Avid Instagram users know how open the social network is. Every day, people shoot their daily routines via Stories, share useful information with their users, and promote their brands/services. In general, you can find everything here: from entertainment content to business promotion.

Among such a vast number of users, there are not only those who openly share moments from their lives or promote their brand but also those who don’t mind being stalkers. Let’s look at two sides of the phenomenon like stalking. Let’s go over it all in order.

In the article, you’ll know:

  • who a stalker is;
  • the good sides of the phenomenon;
  • about facts that make stalking a bad thing (I hope this is not about you);
  • about the Instagram viewer and other services to help you become a good stalker.

Who is called a stalker?

A stalker is an Instagram user (or no longer) who follows your Stories or updates without your knowledge. The whole process is anonymous and aims to keep you from finding out who it is. More often than not, the phenomenon of stalking is viewed in a negative light. But this is not entirely true. 

Stalking is very real and commonplace on Instagram. And if you’re following your ex-girlfriend’s updates just for the fun of it, there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s the point of this open social network – to follow the lives of others.

The good aspects of stalking

  1. Parents involvement

Watching your children’s activities on Insta through web viewers is a great way to get to know your teenager better or to warn them against unhelpful consequences. Of course, seeing young users on Instagram is no surprise. It is quite normal in 2021. After all, the social network is a source of inspiring and educational content. But parents have more peace of mind if they know where and what their child is doing.

  1. Normal interest 

I think you also follow the life of a famous public user or celebrity or just an ex-girlfriend without subscribing to them. You are only interested in their Stories or hot posts, but no more. It is normal, and this is the essence of networking-openness and permissiveness.

  1. Browse accounts that blocked you

No matter what the reason was for this user is blocking your account. It is now possible to keep track of updates and such accounts. I hope you just have a keen interest in someone you used to care about and nothing more.

  1. View other accounts without having your own 

Maybe you’ve deleted your acс because of the flood of information on Instagram, or perhaps you don’t want to register there at all, but there are friends and people of interest whose updates you don’t mind following. Web viewers are the best way out.

  1. No fake accounts

Let’s do without the fake accounts. With Instagram stalkers, we don’t need them because most platforms are anonymous (I know, sometimes anonymity is just necessary). The user whose updates you follow won’t suspect you of “snooping”.

What makes spying a bad thing? 

  1. Spying your Ex to get back at him

This kind of stalking is not desirable. The past is the past, and I don’t think an Ex deserves any kind of revenge. The best thing is to let the situation go and be indifferent to the person. Don’t you think so?

  1. Using fake accounts to share wrong information about a former acquaintance

It’s a kind of revenge, but a very cheap and bad one. I don’t think it’s worth your time at all. Instead of collecting incomprehensible information about a person, it would be better to spend time on yourself.

  1. You follow your competitors to make them worse

Following worthy competitors to be on a par with them and even better may still be a good option for stalking, but not using this kind of spying as an opportunity to make them worse. It is better to spend that time and effort on improving the uniqueness of your brand.

Instagram web viewers

I should point out straight away that the use of various stalking apps is better to avoid, as they are not entirely safe. They won’t be of much help, as the Instagram platform cares about its users and tries to prevent the release of apps that could steal user data. It is the right thing to do. But there are alternatives-using web-based platforms.

  1. Ingramer web viewer  

There is no need for registration and payments. The only thing is Internet access. This Ingramer tool works for any device usage, so use it from your pc or phone. 

How to use:

  • open the service via a browser using any device;
  • switch to the Insta desired profile;
  • copy the username and insert it into the input line of the service;
  • press on Search and enjoy the person’s content.
  1. Private Instagram viewer

The service also works online and is designed for viewing and saving user’s images.

How to use:

  • open the service;
  • type the desired username;
  • confirm the Insta profile;
  • pick out the things (Stories, for example) you want to stalk;
  • enjoy the shown content.
  1. Insta Stalker

The analogy of the service is almost the same as in the previous cases.

How to use:

  • again insert the username you desire to “spy”;
  • click on Search;
  • confirm the Insta profile;
  • pick out the things you are interested in and enjoy the appeared content.

How to identify a “stubborn viewer”

To find a competitor you suspect of “snooping” via Instagram or an Ex who is bothering you, here are some safe ways to do so.

  1. Stories

Check the list of people who have seen your Stories every time, and if you see an unfamiliar “follower” every time, there’s likely to be a stalker.

  1. Posts likes

There’s no such thing as extra likes. But if there’s a strange account that likes you all the time, maybe it’s your Ex?

  1. Posts comments

Again very strange to see constant comments from an unfamiliar account. Although a user doesn’t want to be seen, they are unlikely to choose to comment, but who knows?

Note: there are quite a few stalker-hunting apps out, but not all of them are safe or effective. You won’t find a stalker using apps; the only thing you will see is the most active followers, those who have blocked you or something along these lines but not a “picture of a real stalker”.

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