Watery Fictions Of Reality’s Dreams!

How Hip Hop Artist Nelly Demonstrates Man's Gentility and Sensitivity To the Absence Of Feminine Essence and Nurture, and the Painful Fiction Of Reality's Timing, In the Music Video, "Just A Dream!"

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If we are to venture to these mystical worlds of ancient timing, where love was explored in the tranquility of water, we observe a different connection between men and women. Water and land depicted women, differently. When the feminine teaches men the ecstasy of understanding their being in Earth’s waters and paradise, there is a great appreciation for her very Being. In this regard, woman is viewed as elevating men. Their movement and rhythmic patterns takes him to new worlds. Through her waters, he soars. In her paradise, he is cared for, protected, nourished, and loved. Through this natural state of woman, his energy is rejuvenated and replenished in a way, that he had never imagined. The current chains of exploitation are stripped away; liberated from being de-valued for only what he can give financially, and in the form of material possessions. Rather, there is another side of euphoria. This area of exploring the feminine world of fantasy; all the imaginary wonders and imagery, which has been concocted in the audacity of fiction. These sacred beauties remain hidden from the gaze of reality. Only the daring are given a glimpse into the fantasy of such wonders.

The world of Hip Hop has shown its own side of fantastical reality, with a feminine touch. Stories of man’s desire to explore her, further. Wishing to taste her natural essence. Simultaneously, experiencing the pains of regret in not having done it sooner. Taking the feminine essence of one’s true love for granted, only to experience the harsh consequences of it, in reality. In the music video, “Just A Dream,” by Hip Hop artist Nelly, one views this wonderland of magical-realism. An entrance into the feminine mystique, and its ability to take man into a deeper journey of love’s tales. What does love truly look like? How does it feel when it starts to pull away?


The texture of the video establishes a particular lens, concerning its portrayal of the natural feminine, and her essence to convey fantasy into reality. Surrealism plays a key role in the video, when it comes to highlighting the story of the song. We can articulate the capturing of urban romanticism. In the story, Nelly takes on the role of the orator. A man in love, who conveys the woman he has lost, in time’s reality. It seems that it is only the world of the invisible, where he is now able to see her. Taste her. Experiencing every sensory of her existence. She is nowhere to be found in the real world. Her love was not cherished or illuminated, in the way, desired. Leaving her to travel back to that mystical space of the feminine paradise. In order for him to observe her, fighting one last time for her love, Nelly’s character must retreat to that fantastical world. Its there where her womanhood frolics. In dreams he is able to live and experience his desires of reality. She is there. In dream’s fantasy.

The video’s surrealism, not only highlights the beauty of the fantastical paradise, but some of the painful experiences lived in reality. A giant ring turns slowly into the sky. A car standing still in the sky. A wooden house finds itself, too, being rigid in sky’s fantasy. All three of these objects were symbolic representations of what should have been for them. Marriage. A home. Adventures of mobility together. Fire burns all three, leaving viewers to realize that none of this manifested in reality. Perhaps, it is in the fantasy, where the problems of what’s real is shown. The character, as performed by Nelly, clearly did not realize his mistakes when his leading lady was with him in the real world. He has to come to the world of fantasy, to observe the pain and devastation caused in loving him. Only then is it more obvious. The visuals of burning, and destruction of what was sacred, illuminates the heartache. Now, he sees things more clearly.


One of the beautiful scenes of the video, is the opening. There they are. Sitting together in the car, which has been positioned to overlook the paradise of dreams. Imaginations direct viewers to envision a man having found his love in the fantasy. He knew where she ran to; comforting the scars of her Being. Man knew he would find her there, as she has led him here, before. Nevertheless, she welcomes his affections and desire to find her, even if it is temporary. Deep down, she knows she will let him go. Its just that her womanhood desires to touch him, one last time. And so, in this feminine tranquility and mystique, she allows him to feel her, as the two of them find closure in the sound of her waters.


The visuals of the video further highlights the poetry of the song. It is clearly a digital painting of time. Another intimate feature of the video is the final ending. There they are. Just the two of them. Cloaked in water’s blackness; in the spiritual nudity of truth. Clearly, water has guided their intimacy. He returns to this space, for one last moment. Hoping that it will re-unite them, permanently. Unfortunately, water flows them, apart. It is the linger of pain, which makes it so dramatic. That in the fantasy, the fears of reality, have come true. The hero thought he could secure her in the fantasy. Even in her paradise, she is not coming back to him. The shock. Was it not in the fantasy, where they met? Was it not in her mystique, where he thought he could heal the wounds, inflicted upon her?

One of the underlying aesthetics of the video is its tale of Black American love. One picturesque view of it, as there are many tales. The urban sector highlights its vigilance. Again, love, has been presented, here. Its magic occupies the fictional and universal worlds. This woman’s presence, gaze, and immersion into water’s depth, reveals her natural essence and connection to Earth’s planes. The dark masculine is seeking, and in search of, the dark feminine. There is poetry between them. He knows that she is part of him. Intertwined with him. Spiraled with his very existence. Its what makes the separation that much more painful and traumatic.

The vulnerability of Black American men’s identity in the Hip Hop world is revealed in this digital aesthetic. Their natural desire to be loved within blackened waters. The silent model in the video, and her inner stillness, is the maiden of this paradise. Of his own, cultural gardens. The male character follows her, as he knows that where she goes, natural treasures are abundant. In the spacing, his own secrets, desires, and fears are presented. Laid bare for her to see. His secret agreement of wishing to be nourished in this garden, that he has entered. He gets a taste. In fact, he has tasted her many times. Nevertheless, the fictional world is addressing the longings made invisible in reality. It is evident that it is in fiction, when the truth is revealed. Reality has forced the keeping up of appearances, no matter how faux they may be. Ironic, isn’t?

Watching the video, viewers examine the back and forth between reality and the magical paradise. In this reality, conveyed by the artist, there are subtle hints of that fictional world. Subtle symbols which have shown up. Giving certain pauses for man, and his intuition in having to retreat, somewhere. Real life is a lonely space for him. In reality, love is abundant. He sees it in the night club. The feminine presence is also in close proximity. In fact, he sees traces of his dark love, when driving through the city. Glitters of her. Yet, she is not there. Sparkles of others can never translate into the real thing. Its a harsh reality. Nevertheless, it is there. No matter how one tries to substitute for the real, thing!

Water has the power to keep the timing of love. Sustaining the rhythm of love, and its ability to expand and ascend. Yes, it is true! Water can heal, love! That is only if love is willing to be, healed. Sometimes, there are scars and wounds, too fresh, too deep, for water’s cleansing. One of the most intrinsic, mystical, and passionate dynamics, surrounding this video, is the eloquence of water. The waves and serenity of its rhythm conveys the emotions within the song. There is an uncertainty. And yet, love is willing to take that change. A pivotal moment in the video, is how the artist plunges into water’s depths with his long love. That plunge into darkened waters is a symbol of trust. Willing to immerse into the invisible, as it showcases undeniable surrender. Yet, he is not alone. Love’s embrace circles both of them together. A sacred bonding is at work. Even if its temporary, for initial memory, on how things, were. A entangling of intimacy, and repeating what took place, when she first took him into, her waters. He was pleasured and pleased. Elevated to a level of self, unknown to him. This form of masculinity, he had never experienced, prior to. And yet, here he was, in her paradise. Awakening and feeling a euphoria, of what it means for man to be cleansed from life’s pains, struggles, and misinformation, in how to truly navigate with and through, her. It was in water, where she had first given him this blessing. And yet, he did not realize this in reality’s timing.


That final touch feels surreal. How could it be that they are drifting apart? After all, did they not come into darkened waters, so that this bond could be saved? Isn’t that the eloquence of blackened waters? Doesn’t the blackened mystique force us to return to the beginning, in order to make sense of the present? I guess there were different plans. Perhaps, she took him to the waters for reflection on when, and how, he got off track. He had to hold her in memory of those beginning waters, in order to see his mistakes, when he initially left watery planes. It was that final touch, in mystery’s haven, where he observes reality’s conclusion. He will never get to love her again. The pain of that release is the final lesson. Man will never forget the consequences of leaving love, uncherished. Especially, when having been blessed with a legendary love of womanhood. The woman who shared with you the secrets of her fantastical paradise. Fading away of her image, fantasy and reality have now merged into one.

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Its amazing what the world of dreams can do! For some reason, its in dreams, where we are able to find ourselves. Stepping back to observe the truth of our realities. Even if they are uncomfortable to examine. The fact is that we return to these worlds of fantasy, when in need of healing. Venturing into fantasy, even when having to let real love, go! In Nelly’s video of “Just A Dream,” there is a painful awakening of what happens to man, when he does not appreciate or value the feminine mystique of his one, true love. Becoming blinded in reality’s fog, and reminded, only when leaving that domain. Sometimes the reminder comes too late. Even with a final farewell, there is still that essence in having at least experienced such a love. The thing about love is how its memory lives on in our fantasy. It means that we can always return to that magical world, when needing to find that love story, which escaped us in our dreams. Making our personal love dreams, the lost realities, we seek.

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For more information on Hip Hop artist, Nelly, you can go to the following link:. https://www.nelly.net/

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