Watering Dreams For Freedom’s Delight!

The Legacy Of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Demonstrations Of Silent Strength and Well-Being, and Her Power In Growing Dreams! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

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She was King’s strength. It was her Being, which pushed the teachings and struggles of his legacy, after his assassination. It was her love that continued to propel the dream for current, and future, generations of Black American children. Men may have dreams. Yet, it is the women, who keep them in fruition. Water continues the blooming of dreams for the garden.

There are women, in every culture, whose power is so magnetic, a magnitude of wealth, that it moves in silence. Initially, when observing it, people mistake it for weakness. In actuality, its those truly weak individuals, who are always trying to test this form of strength. Trapped in ignorance, they think strength only takes the form of grand theatrics and physical showcases of might. Failing to understand that the foundation of strength is rooted in silence. Its the ability for a person to properly channel their emotions, in the face of chaos, despair, heartache, and suffering. The ability to keep sanity as a center, while ensuring that the work gets done. That family is kept together. That visions do not lose their way!

https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/coretta-scott-king-1102.php; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark)

The recent celebration of Coretta Scott King’s birthday was more than a traditional celebration. At least in my particular glance. She was clearly a Being of water! Her movements and elegant patterns highlighted this power. To many such power was invisible. Yet, failure by the masses to understand it does not mean that it was non-existent. Those thinking such, think very little. What should be understood is that there are many people who see very little. Its why they miss so much.

https://www.crfashionbook.com/celebrity/g26860027/words-to-live-by-coretta-scott-king/; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark)

In my reflections of the recent celebration of the Mexican holiday, Cinco De Mayo, I had learned something new about Mrs. King. She had transitioned to the Heavens, from a space of water. Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist, singer, women’s rights activist, anti-apartheid activist, and numerous other things, was in Rosarito, Mexico when she passed. I had decided to take a mini online research trip to this place. Its known as a tourist destination. Adjacent to Baja, California, a place of escape and adventure for US tourists, and other international Expats, interested in finding tranquility’s haven. Then, there is the water.

How magnanimous it is that Mrs. Coretta Scott King was released through that same power, which had sustained those strenuous times. The very same energy, allowing her to navigate the hostilities of Deep South racism, carried her Spirit into Heaven’s own watery planes. What is it about Mexico (and especially this particular area), which made her travel here? A place where she would take her final breath. Why here? How did this particular space connect with the very essence and Spirit of Mrs. Coretta Scott King? In prior times, had she visited this space, before? These questions continue to linger within the context of my vision.

Delving further into the legacy of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, no one can deny the versatility of her repertoire. Singer. Author. Wife. Mother. Advocate. Was it her immersion into the world of music, which led her into Mexican waters? Clearly, that has to be one of the mysterious pieces of the puzzle. Perhaps it was the sound of the waves, that brought her there. The melodies, having been syncopated in such a way; making one feel that water was created to give Earth, her music. That water is music’s way of entertaining herself, of healing herself, and of keeping in contact with the Universal realm of artistry. Water’s voice cleanses the minds of curious Spirits, who are nearby to hear the wonders. Its salacious! Its Divine. Its Love!

And could that have been the reason as to why Mrs. King traveled there? Whether she was aware of her subconscious or not. Did she feel the energies of her late husband? Were there scents of his presence, lingering on? And, did he want to whisper to her, one last time in Earthly waters, before calling her to join him in the Heavenly ones? Love is truly a mysterious thing. Experiencing that love during a time of injustice brings out a special bond. A sacred bond, even when life is no longer living.

(Source: www.pininterest.com; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Freedom is never free. In fact, its never easy to acquire. Freedom is fought for, struggled through, and earned. A huge price is paid. Unless a person is involved in such movements, no one can really understand what its like to walk side-by-side with someone in a liberation struggle. What was it like for Mrs. Coretta Scott King to endure bomb scares, late night phone call threats for the harm of her children? The hours of loneliness, and agony, in waiting for her husband’s return, as she looked after the household and protected her children? What were her coping strategies in dealing with the surveillance of her husband and family by governmental forces, who used every means they could to force the destruction of her marriage? Hearing of her husband’s imprisonment, church bombings, and the silent agony of being married to a legendary Civil Rights leader.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coretta_Scott_King; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark)

These are the unspoken things many people are unaware of. They see the pictures of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King together, walking hand-in-hand, in a prose of victory. Yet, very few can even imagine, or endure, the level of mental and emotional strength it took for Mrs. Coretta Scott King to navigate the strain and intensity of being. . .married to the movement.

There were tears she shed, and unspeakable emotional pains, that are unknown to the public. The world consistently speaks about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Prize Winner. Orator. The list goes on. And yet, the silent strength of Mrs. Coretta Scott King remains, unspoken. Many people throw out the name of Dr. King and speak about his legacy. Yet, how many were willing to walk down a path of unease with him? When the glamour of fame fizzles away, and reality kicks in, how many dared to dig a new path with him, for liberation? Evenmoreso, how many would stay in a marriage, which required periods of unease and discomfort, for the liberation of a people?

When the glamour faded, she was there. When the dreamer was murdered, she watered the dream. There is nothing else left to be said because a Gardener’s work is never done.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coretta_Scott_King; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark)

After Dr. King’s own transition, it was Mrs. King’s persistence and courage, which kept his name in rainbow’s illumination. 🌈 The loneliness she must have felt and experienced, in having to take her husband’s placing, while being mother. Nevertheless, she continued to water. Watering King, women’s rights, the anti-apartheid movement, and other struggles for freedom. Watering them into bloom.

Perhaps, this is why the Universe directed her journey to Rosarito, Mexico. After watering others, it was time for her to observe the magnitude of her impact. The visuals of beach water were symbolic of the many dreams, of water’s fruition. The greatness of her power was the size of oceans. This would be the proof of her legacy. And, before she was to transition into spiritual waters, it was important for her to witness this, on Earth.

Hearing the whispering music of oceans, I imagine the final thoughts of Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Did she feel the aura of her husband drawing near? Did his touch glace her through ocean winds? Were symbols bypassing her, letting her know a purpose had been fulfilled? And during her final breath, did the gentility of husband’s Spirit comfort her?

https://www.britannica.com/biography/Coretta-Scott-King; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark)

When watering dreams in the way, and magnitude of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, we are sure that a bounty harvest will come into play. The phenomenon of Coretta Scott King is that she watered generations. Even in the midst of emotional discomfort, she watered. During the watchful gazes of hypocrites, naysayers, individuals sacrificing nothing, and gossip, she watered. In the face of character assassination, she watered. During moments when a widow’s pain was too much to bare, she watered. When a person continues to water gardens, Ladies and Gentlemen, there is nothing that can be done to detach their name from glory. Nothing. To have transitioned surrounded by a space of water, was a physical painting for what awaited Coretta Scott King in the promised Land. The Heavenly beaches were calling her presence. And singing her name when she arrived there, would be her beloved. Coming to take her in hand. Showing her the gardens he had been preparing for her all along, until she arrived. And upon her return, would they water them, together.

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