Waaberi’s Dance, In Coupling For Love!

How Somalian Group, WAABERI, Continues To Spread Love and Wellness For Somalia, In the Coupling Of Harmony's Dance! #Somalia

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There are certain dances, which remind the world of interchangeable harmony between man and woman. Its a balance between the masculine and the feminine, and it is an intrinsic dynamic between expressions of these energies in Universal aesthetics. Its wonderful to view when it comes to the spacing of Universal delight and harmony. One of the most harmonical atmospheres for human existence is when there is balance between masculine and feminine energy principles. And there are intriguing performances, which it comes to be witnessed on Earth’s domain. Such presentations come through the artistry of culture. Dance and music is one of such observations. When people align dance in the Universal way, there are observations, reflecting that. Such dances are intricate, and detail the alignment between human beings in the art of dance. They demonstrate the arena of being intertwined with the steps, beats, and rhythms with other human beings. Its Soul searching, beautiful, and pleasing.

When a culture of people perform a particular dance, intertwining their movements with each other, in such a way that they become one, there is a power being observed. Its one of the most nutritious attributes, which can be produced by human creativity. Some of the most intrinsic elements of harmonical dances is how they require a people to be for the greater good of the community. Universal healing is unselfish. There are greater gains when moving through the energies of balance. There are invisible patterns, designs, and dynamics, which come to life, when they are being performed. When dance is rooted in Universal display of intertwining, wellness moves through such havens Furthermore, one also comes to witness the riches of Universal aesthetics, and the phenomenon for humanity to perform them on Earth. Such a wonder is taken for granted. Yet, despite this reality, its wonder continues to glitter, regardless if it is being noticed, by human existence.

When intricate partnerships of dance exist between men and women, numerous attributes arise through the partnerships of movement. One of those is respect. Another is recognition. And then, there is the desire to perform this dance for the wellness of community. On a greater note, those performing the dances are given the opportunity to experience the wellness of healing, with others participating with them. When in dance performance, a person comes to view themselves, as on a journey with others. One is in the comforts of journeying with humanity. In a terse amount of words, a person is never alone in this journey.

Venturing back to the land of Somalia, we are presented with a certain dance by performance group, Waaberi. This particular coupling is one of two. They are paired in the design of man and woman. Again, the masculine and feminine energy principles are brought into the arena of moving through different dynamics. Lots of love and room in healing 💕💕 pains of the past, and any imbalances, which have occurred between men and women.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In the initial performance of this dance, the women begin their song. The men repeat, in echo-like sentiments, the voices of the women. Clearly, there is affirmation of one’s Mother Tongue and Mother image. The two men have decided to partake with women in such courtship and bonding. What is also of interest within this video and dance, is the selection of attire. The two Somali women have selected to dress in traditional dress of their culture, while the men are going for the more modern twist. That’s fine. It goes to highlight the symbolic representation of dress, and the depth it carries within dance. If we want to assess this further, we could describe this particular journey as mirroring the inter-harmony between the past and present. It is another lesson in time, and one’s ability to intertwine two distant periods of time, through the artistry of dance, herself.

Another interesting take is how the dance begins with in sync movements between two women. There is an intricacy, between them. Shortly after, the men make their way towards them. Closing one’s eyes to imagine, a person could come to understand the power of the feminine, and how her very movements, alone, have the power to call forth men, birthed from their existence. The pattern of coupling is soon aligned, within a line. The dance moves, between men and women complement each other. This sacred image of two, Somali men clapping their women on, indicates how pleasing and healthy the dance is to these Somali men and masculinity.

Singing in his Somali tongue, one man colored with scents of yellow comes out to perform. You may not understand the language. However, viewers have the opportunity to become enchanted by the story he has to tell. Expressive, while continuing in the swaying rhythm of others behind him, he is eager in blessing the space with his voice-his authentic sound. And then. . . And then. . .She comes along! His feminine counterpart joins him, and it is a invitation he naturally receives. As she sings, he decorates her spacing with dance. Remaining close to her, and even spinning in one take. He has celebrated her presence, as it has elevated him. Ah! That’s how its supposed to be. Feminine energy is naturally inclined in allowing others to take flight. That is one of her powers for the well-being of community, and the perseverance of her people. It makes perfect sense. If man wants to experience his own flight, he must find comfort with it in his own cultural representation of the feminine. That’s a blessing, in its own right. Insecurities are shattered, and the epitome of masculinity (within serenity) is achieved.

Together, they return back into the line, with another coupling. And repetition with the feminine continues. Its another arena of articulation, where dancing in oneness mandates a return to foundation. Such ensures that you will be in sync, and in step with fellow dancers.

Another man of the dance coupling takes center stage. He wears an active, yet calming, aura of red decor. He decorates the space in a manner, that is in fruition, invigorating, and reflecting of Somali movements and dance styles. Getting on bended knee, he dances excitedly and vigorously. He comes to experience the excitement within his own healing. Of course, he can’t do it by himself. There is a radiance in one’s own timing; in one’s ability to move with his feminine counterpart. However they move, they remain together. In fact, it is natural in how they come up together, and experience this segment of the song and dance. Of course, they have their own way of bridging through this particular journey. They have their own style. And, that’s alright. Couplings are not meant to be the same. Yet, as long as they return back to the very same placing-that same foundation-they will ways remain in sync with other couplings.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Our yellow-scented persona makes another centered entry into the performance. And his feminine compliment returns to join him. Its another symbolic mystique in the dynamics of masculine and feminine coupling. Wherever he goes, she will be around. Just as magical as ever. Nevertheless, he continues to move through intricate beats of the atmosphere. They are loving, kind, and compassionate in their engagement with it each. Fun. Flirtatious. Genuine. Nurturing. Loving. There is adventure when the feminine and masculine come together in Universal rhythm and play. The truth of the matter is how glorious it is. Dance, and these particular dances, are of celebration.

Towards the end of the dance, this team of Somali coupling realign themselves back with each other. There is repetition among the echo. The women begin and the men follow. You can observe the serenity in their voices. Furthermore, each of these people have the power to move throughout the rhythms of the day. Another phenomenal attribute is how they come to close in together, in a circular phasing. When demonstration of circles are performed in any dance, reflections of Heaven’s delight become illuminated. There is a revelation into how Earth’s artistry abounds. When such couplings of the masculine and feminine principles enclose themselves in the way of the Circle, there is a silent affirmation for humanity to have returned to that very foundation. They were given permission to perform imaginations into one cultural interpretation of how the Earth would dance, if she would.

A final theme to be described for this article is the presence of vegetation. Mother Earth is vigilant, and as abundant as ever. The dance does not need a stage, as nature has provided the decor. A great level of nurture and awareness is to be made. There is something invisible (and visible), where the Earth is allowed to be nurtured, through human creativity. She has given so much to humanity. Dancing and singing within her midst is one of the greatest forms of appreciation, that can be given to her. No doubt about that! Propelling healthy sounds, and rhythms imitating her spacing, back to her, is one way for humanity to send healthy images, for the ever growing of her vegetation. Twists turns, and rhythmic patters of the masculine and feminine channels the energies for the growing of Earth’s treasures. It is a source of love, and should not be taken for granted.

A dance from Waaberi is another reflection of love for Somali people. Expressions of romantic love and poetry, between Somali women and men, affirm there being such imagery in Somali. There is the presentation of gender-based violence within Somali communities. We talk about female, genital mutilation and patriarchy within Somali communities. However, we also have Waaberi. We have these healthy images between Somali men and women. We have love and holistic demonstrations of respect between men and women of these communities. Dance and power have the power for such. The legacy of Waaberi is how they have subconsciously placed healing between genders, as a platform for Somalia’s restoration. They did not have to speak it. On the contrary, they simply performed it. War and atrocities causes splitting and fragments within nations and communities. It can be detrimental to masculine and feminine bonding, should it not be properly cared for. Culture always cares for this-even if the midst of imbalance.

So, in these current times, when auras feel uncertain, remember that harmonical dance. Remember its essence of love, and how it creates beauty for those working to channel it, in the midst of Earth’s sculpting. Remember this image-this joyful image for Somalian landscapes. An image that will not be presented in the media. Let it radiate in your Spirit, and shine through the depths of one’s imagination. Fill it with the nutrition of its liking, so that man and woman, intertwine, and dance, again!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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