Visions of Wellness: Healing Lessons To Be Learned From Paula Froelich’s Recent Trip To Rwanda!

A Chat With New York Times Best-Selling Author, Paula Froelich and How A Recent Trip To Rwanda Provides Insight Into Our Own Visions Of Wellness!

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When we examine the role of healing, there must be vision. What does healing look like? What are the images of healing? Hmmm. . .a fascinating question, don’t you think? Its something that we have never really sat to think about. And, yet, its such an important question. Going into a further lens, how does Mother Nature present us with natural images of healing? Watching, observing, and immersing with nature as a teacher in what it means to heal, thyself. Its not always a psychiatrist, a counselor, or even a spa, where our healing comes from. Just observing, partaking in, and enjoying Earth’s wonders, is healing enough. That after destruction, being ravaged, and having one’s womb raped, how does Earth re-bloom herself, again? Most importantly, how does Mother Earth use humanity in the re-building process?

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Looking at the nation of Rwanda, one bares witness to the performance of hope. A nation that overcame the impossible. A country that will continue to grow and elevate herself, with all of the aspirations, goals, and hopes for their future. It is part of the healing process. A process, where forgiveness had been tested. Not only did it past the test, but it erased it. So, where did Rwanda go from there? They crafted the reality of the Rwanda, they wanted to see. Erasing the bloodied tapestry of a live dream, which haunted the future reality of a nation. Nevertheless, a new craft of visual artistry had been selected. Not only had it been selected, but it would be part of the allure of peace. Peace would be alluring. Peace would be the new reality for Rwanda. And, it would be peace, which ensures that the nation rises to greater heights than imagined. Yet, in order to see peace, there must be. . .vision.

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

So, one Leading Travel Dame, takes us on a journey of vision, through Rwanda- with her personal lens. Yet, in her professional practice in using travel, writing, editing, and adventure as a source of rejuvenation and re-vitalization, how have her eyes witnessed the phenomenon of nature’s healing lessons? What are the different colors, shapes, vegetations, and designs that nature uses to illustrate the performance of healing? And, what other life forms does she include? The use of interior design and humanity’s fascination with exploration, plays a position in her methodologies of healing. Are we pressed to capture this, while replicating that same aura in our homes? Well, our Beloved,

Paula Froelich. . .

(Source: Twitter, @Pfro)

CLEARLY has magical eyes. And in her recent trip to Rwanda, our minds become titillated with those healing visions of Rwandan landscapes!

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: What were some of the most serene and colorful spaces, that you experienced in the Singita?

Paula Froelich: The room was surreal. You could sit in bed and see three volcanoes… or outside on the private terrace before a roaring fire and watch the stars.

Lauren Kaye Clark: In a previous interview with you, you mentioned the local, Rwandan population and the stories they told.  Do you remember in particular stories, that captured you the most?  Kindly share this with us.

Paula Froelich: I can’t mention names – the stories were told in confidence, but … they were harrowing. Horrible stories – about families being murdered by neighbors and friends, rapes  by gangs, and just horrific things… sometimes it’s easy to forget what we humans are capable of. These stories will always stay with me.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How would you describe spaces such as SingitaVolcanoes National Park, as a symbol of hope, which sustained the nation of Rwanda?

Paula Froelich: Right now tourism is 60 percent of Rwanda’s economy. And it has had a major impact – the personal GDP is now 824 a year, up from $600 in 2012 and it rises every year – mainly because of people’s desire to see the gorillas (and chimpanzees in the south).

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: What was the essence of feeling your own humanity being re-invigorated and re-stored in this nature?  How did you feel before going in and how did you feel after leaving Rwanda?

Paula Froelich: I didn’t know what to expect, frankly. I think I expected an entire country of PTSD (rightfully so considering the war and genocide) – but I found a country full of people committed to a better life and unity.

Lauren Kaye Clark: What are the treasures that the world can learn from Rwanda?

Paula Froelich: First and foremost: how to move on after unimaginable devastation. How easy it was to fall into such a horrible, fragmented state, and how a commitment to move forward as a unit – and forgo tribal separatist identities – a country can be rebuilt. I think right now, the world could learn from Rwanda. Secondly – how preserving our natural treasures and conservation can build the economy and hoist everyone up for the long term. Yet, another lesson the world could use right now.

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Earth’s vegetation, and domains, serve as a living, breathing testimony to the power of healing. The possibilities of getting better. The art of getting. . .well. Because healing is an art! There are a myriad of creative facets to bringing therapy to our minds, bodies, and Spirits. Healing is not just the practice of feeling better. Its also the wellness of seeing better. Often, its what our visions want, which makes our realities, come into fruition. Part of creating beautiful, fruitful visions, is to immerse in spaces of that same creativity. No matter how far they may be. Capturing the beautiful images of life’s treasures, and allowing them to nourish your eyes. Believe it or not, its our eyes, which stimulates the nutrition of our mental and holistic health. What we feed them determines what we envision to create. It determines how we view, and what we want for our current and future spaces. Wellness often begins with vision. What do you DESIRE to see?

(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye)
(Photograph By Paula Froelich; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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