Vasilya Fattakhova’s Red-Colored Tales, For A Truthful Love!

How The Late, Vocal, Music Maiden-VASILYA FATTAKHOVA-Illuminated The Healing Power Of Red-Colored Women, In Their Display Of A Truthful, Essence!

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One of the most austere attributes surrounding love, is that moment of healing. Love is exacerbated and its passion seems to be more intense when there is a fight or quarrel between two lovers. It’s as if a couple has to be broken in order to understand just how intertwined and, in love, they truly are. Love becomes a reward, when it is healed. That’s just the way it is. Arguments, fights, and disagreements have the power to strengthen a love, after it has been fragmented; after it has been broken. There are different remedies when getting to that point. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to make amends. Of course, that is if the love is, real! When things are moved and propelled into a level of healing, things become more proficient and nutritious. Soon, you begin to understand why love exists. True love has the power to reconnect no matter how many times it has been fragmented, twisted, separated, or made distant. There is something grand and holistic about the very artistry of moving back into the loving process. Moving from being in that aura of chaos, to replenishing that love is a euphoric essence. Quite honestly, it makes love that much more meaningful. Things happen to feel amazing! Things happen to feel, just right! In fact, love, begins to feel just right!

In previous article writings, we have conversed about the woman in red, or the red-spirited woman. There is something intrinsic, as it pertains to those red women, who have the power to navigate through the darkened hue of Universal mysteries; while bringing that story to light’s viewing. Nevertheless, that is the power and beauty of such rouge-colored women. They have that aura to navigate through life’s harsh realities, in order to move through different terrains. One of the blessings of our spiritually, decorated maidens in red, is that they are moved towards presenting us the very essence of truth. That’s what makes things rather intriguing. For some strange reason, our red-colored dames are willing to go to the very depths of the story, in order to gather that truth. They are legendary in going into some of the most dangerous spaces, in order to bring forth that truth. Such women are the keys in navigating through the dangers, or discomforts, surrounding truth’s and healing’s revelation.

In the nation of Russia, there is one intriguing dame, who gave us that opportunity to navigate, and move through those Russian love stories of healing, and truth, unveiled. Not only did she physically embody the rouge-colored feminine, but there is a particular song which illuminates the responsibility of our rouge-spirited dame. The song is in Russian, and for the specifics of this article, the title will not be translated into English. Nevertheless, the video of its artistry has been attached, and such will be analyzed in its display of one journey for the rouge-colored dame. For this article, the particular, Russian rouge-colored (and Spirited) maiden is none other than. . .

Vasilya Fattakhova; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In examining the cover photograph for this article, viewers are awakened to the radiance of the rouge-woman. She wears the mystery of black, is cradled by blackness, and is metaphorically depicted in having gone through that darkened journey. Whether the photographer understood this or not, is up for interpretation. Nevertheless, what is evident, is that it matches her musical persona and purpose for navigating this Earth. Of course, she is a representation for Russian gardens, and the rouge-colored maiden’s navigation of it. Initially, it may be discomforting. Nevertheless, healing is rewarded at the end.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a particular video, for love’s healing. Situated in the context of nature, Vasilya Fattakhova performs the role of the storyteller, and witness to truth’s awakening. They are two lovers, whose love is being put to the test. For those non-Russian speakers, the literal interpretation of the lyrics may not be understood. Nevertheless, the visuals are touching. Not only are they touching, but they are subtle highlights into the necessary ugliness, which must go through its particular navigation. The fights. The Arguments. The uncertainties of walking away; wondering if it is, the end. Not understanding if one has reached their final breaking point. Is it the last straw? Has this love gone as far as it could reach? The even more painful question-has the flame of love burn out? When a person has fallen so deeply in love, such a thought is one of the most painful questions, which can be meditated upon. Furthermore, its very aura is one, which goes avoided. After all, who wants to think about the possibility of having to end one of the most passionate love stories, that a person has ever experienced? It’s one of the very definitions and epitomes of fear. Nevertheless, one day that question has to be explored. So, let the exploration, begin!

The video begins with her wearing of red-a bright coloration of red, in fact. Our beloved storyteller is positioned within the forest; one of the havens, where truth seems to be positioned. As with any musical storyteller, her voice keeps the story, alive; overflowing into its final completion. The hero is driving in his car. Evidently, he is in search of something. His facial expressions convey of this. He is looking for something, or someone, at that. He is worried. Thoughts frantically run through his mind. And then, the photo appears. Ah! That is why he is driving around. He is looking for her; desperately and defiantly seeking, her. And he will not stop until she appears in his visuals. Even the breaking down of a car is not enough to end his search. Yes! Love keeps going, and propels us to do the same.

Our hero is forced to walk. Nevertheless, there is a meditation to the very nature of walking. A walk (no matter its rhythm) gives us the opportunity to reflect; replaying the memories of what went wrong. And, so we observe. There was an argument. It must have been intense, for she had left. Looking through the blinders, our dearest, red-maiden observes everything. She is with them, through that entire journey. It’s another symbolic movement, as it pertains to those red-Spirited women. For even when we do not see them, they are always there. Playing their role in invisible backgrounds, they ensure the vigilance of each situation. After all, truth must be savored and stored. They make the invisible copies of its very existence; presenting them to us, in case we are tempted to deny it.

The red-Spirited maiden also maintains her presence in nature’s haven. For it is essential to maintain that balance between the reality and spiritual essence. After the argument, he sees the photograph. It is just the two of them. A capture of time as their Beings are intertwined in peace’s dance and comfort. That’s where he wishes to be, with her, again. That’s the level for passion, and rationale, for why he is even with her. Why he even fell in love!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

He yearns for that taste. And naturally, he pursues her. He desires her, and will follow her, wherever (and whenever) he sees fit. It is another lesson. For if ever love should run away, it is his duty, to pursue it. Leaving the house, he is in pursuit of her. Looking around, her traces are no where to be found. And so, he must go afar, to bring her, near.

It’s amazing how he treks across nature, in finding the one he loves. For nature is the natural replica, and haven of woman. He must go there, in order to see her. For in Earth’s bosom, the love will be re-kindled. It will be found all over again. Of course, that connects to the authentic love; not those who pretend to, love. Ah! Another secret of our red-colored maiden.

Sitting in nature’s comfort, he is resting. It almost appears that he is losing hope. Where is she? Has he lost her? And, can she be found? After all, did he not obey the laws of feminine mystique and nurture? Did he not seek her in the comforts of womanhood? He treks on. Climbing over every rock and part of the hill, that he can find. It is a difficult task. Nevertheless, love forces us to carry on. Sing on, rouge-colored maiden! Sing on!

He reaches the top of the mountain. Finally, it is over. Who is that feminine form standing in the distance? Could it be her? Did she know that he would follow her there? Perhaps, it was a test. How far would he go to secure, and safeguard, her love? How far? Slowly walking to her, she stands still. The wind is blowing through her hair, as such a woman is facing towards the distance. Her arms are crossed, and secretly, she feels his presence. Of course, she knows his love is strong. Therefore, she cannot resist the urge to embrace him; even if she wanted to. Reflections of time’s journey plays upon his memory. Finally, he calls her name. She recognizes his voice. Hearing that familiar sound, she turns towards his presence. Did love win after all? Her image is then intertwined with the positioning of Valsiya Fattakhova, in woods’ comfort. I guess love wins, this time around. And it’s dipped in red, is love’s coloring, of truth!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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