Understanding the concept of Virtual Healthcare & Pharmacy delivery

Virtual Healthcare is the process of delivering healthcare through digital technology. It has brought quality and timely medical help to the patients’ homes and offices. Be it a service like Toronto pharmacy delivery or online consultation with the medical professional; everything gets done from the convenience of one’s home. The virtual healthcare industry was operational much […]

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Virtual Healthcare is the process of delivering healthcare through digital technology. It has brought quality and timely medical help to the patients’ homes and offices. Be it a service like Toronto pharmacy delivery or online consultation with the medical professional; everything gets done from the convenience of one’s home.

The virtual healthcare industry was operational much before the pandemic. Due to the pandemic though, the virtual healthcare system became the primary method for non-critical patients requiring medical care. It was the first point of consultation for any illness, ranging from a common cold to mental health or even substance abuse. It allowed many patients to stay home and prevented needless hospitalizations.

The whole virtual healthcare system revamped itself and made itself invaluable during the pandemic and continues to be widely used. The entire concept of online pharmacies and telemedicine, consisting of Pharmacists, Doctors, and Healthcare providers, adapted to a new medium of treatment to provide their services. It helped bring quality medical care to those in need at a time when stepping out of the house was dangerous and challenging for both young and old, especially for patients with chronic conditions.

Online -Pharmacy and Medication Delivery

  1. Online- pharmacies and Medication Delivery -Apps have proved to be invaluable. Pharmacy delivery -apps in Toronto and across Canada help easy access to medicines for the patients. The patients don’t have to step out or seek the help of others to get their medications refilled.
  1. Online pharmacies and Medication delivery apps can supply certified and genuine medicines at a discounted price. This is because their overhead costs are low. This is a huge benefit for patients.
  2. Certain medical conditions may need specialized medication; such medicines may not be available at the local pharmacies. These apps ensure that these medicines are sourced and delivered to the patient. 
  3. Pharmacy delivery Toronto apps are available 24/7, which help people get their drugs and continue their treatment plan at all times. An online- pharmacy allows the patient to upload the prescription issued by a Certified Practitioner or Physician. 
  4. Studies have shown that if medications are readily available, the chances of missing chronic medication are significantly less. And that is what pharmacy delivery -apps does for patients. A patient can set up a monthly prescription that sends a reminder for refilling for the month. If a patient needs a prescription for a medicine, the Apps- also helps book online- consultation with doctors at their convenience.
  5. The apps are straightforward to operate and user-friendly. They also have various payment options available, which make them very convenient to use.


Telemedicine has been around for a while now in the world of healthcare. It has made the interaction between healthcare professionals and patients easy through a computer, tablet, or phone-assisted platforms and reduced outpatient visits required in any illness. Telemedicine has helped increase the outreach of quality Healthcare to rural and remote areas.

Telemedicine in Canada made the process of providing medical care and facilities for non-critical patients easier during the pandemic limiting physical contact.

Process of Online -Consultation:

The process of booking an online- consultation with a doctor is simplified through the app. The patient needs to create an account and log into the -app. The preference of doctors, with their availability and credentials, is accessible. One can pick up a convenient time slot to confirm one’s appointment. On the confirmation of appointment, the physician reaches patient through the app itself thus providing a seamless experience or in other cases are provided with a -link for the patient to use to connect with the healthcare provider.

Benefits of Virtual Healthcare:

  1.     Prompt and Quick Service: Telemedicine and online -pharmacies are a boon to patients with acute and chronic conditions. The Telemedicine and Pharmacy- apps allow the patients or the caregivers to promptly set up an appointment with the Healthcare professionals and get the medicines delivered on the same day. This ensures no lapse in treatment time for the patient.
  2.     Genuine and Cost-effective: Telemedicine helps reduce outpatient visits saving on travel time, transportation, and accommodation costs. The patients and bystanders do not need to take time off from work as the doctor’s appointments are available at their time and convenience. The delivery of the prescribed medicines is prompt. The patient gets certified and authentic medicines, as the regulatory bodies have approved them. It is also cost-effective as the -drugs are available at a discounted rate in most cases.
  3.     Regular and Timely follow-ups: The app can notify the patient when the follow-up visit to the doctor is due and send a reminder for the refill of medicine. This ensures that there is no lapse or gap in the medicine availability or follow-up appointments. The patient is more likely to stop the treatment due to non-availability. In certain conditions, this may lead to complications and sometimes even prove fatal. A monthly schedule to refill the medicine is done by the -app, ensuring that the patient has to help handy at all times.
  4. Easy Access to Specialists: Telemedicine has facilitated the outreach of specialized medical care to everyone who needs it. Patients had to travel long distances to avail of specialists, investing a lot of time and money. Telemedicine also allows the participation of the primary healthcare provider, facilitating regular follow-up of the required medical protocol. Online- pharmacies are now supplying medicines, both over-the-counter and prescription- drugs, to treat all diseases, provided the prescription is valid. Besides, they are a one-stop-shop for all special needs such as health care devices and monitoring equipment.

The Virtual Healthcare system and Toronto pharmacy delivery is here to stay. It has benefited many patients in Toronto and across Canada, and globally by providing quality healthcare and services at a reasonable cost in the comfort of their homes. It has become an integral part of the Healthcare industry and is one of the best options that allow for quality medical Healthcare to reach the final consumers in the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has increased the use of such options which are here to stay and available for everyone in the post pandemic world.

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