“Understand Your Water” with Penny Bauder & Grant Page

First and foremost, it’s imperative for the younger generation to truly understand their water. They need to be educated on what’s safe and unsafe to drink, and what the water quality is from their local municipality or private well. I had the pleasure to interview Grant Page. Grant is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of […]

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First and foremost, it’s imperative for the younger generation to truly understand their water. They need to be educated on what’s safe and unsafe to drink, and what the water quality is from their local municipality or private well.

I had the pleasure to interview Grant Page. Grant is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Magna Imperio Systems (MIS) Corp., as well as the Founder & President of The Page Family Foundation Inc., whose missions are to enable sustainable solutions to solve the world’s water crisis through the development and implementation of innovative technology and services. Grant has ambitiously taken on the task of solving the world’s water crisis in the interest of billions of people who struggle without access to clean, safe drinking water.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us what brought you to this specific career path.

Ihave always had a love for science and experimenting. Growing up, my initial passion was to invent a safer and more environmentally friendly way to electroplate. However, one day while I was busy experimenting, something interesting happened. I found that when I processed two dissimilar alloys through saltwater, it removed all the salt. I couldn’t believe that I stumbled upon a new finding that efficiently desalinated water. After discovering this in high school, I went on to attend the Naval Academy as a Mechanical Engineer with a focus on Chemistry. I knew this discovery would intrigue them just as much as it had intrigued me, so I requested their approval to move forward with the project. After a senior officer decided to believe in me, he provided me with an opportunity to prove myself at the Naval Research labs in Washington DC. After proving his belief true, the real hard work began to create multiple working prototypes.

What is the mission of your company? What problems are you aiming to solve?

When I received approval from the Naval Academy to proceed with my research, I was in the midst of my summer tour. After visiting some of the most impoverished regions of the world and seeing the devastation lack of water causes, it started to dawn on me that my invention could make a greater impact than I initially realized. My experience working with surface warfare community also opened my eyes in realizing how inefficient the reverse osmosis systems on the ships were. They would often break down, and use quite a bit of gas, causing them to be extremely expensive to run and maintain. All of these factors led the creation of Magna Imperio Systems (MI Systems) with the mission to solve the global water crisis.

Can you tell our readers about the initiatives you’re taking to address climate change or sustainability?

Through innovative technology, MI Systems is becoming a global water solutions provider. We’re not only providing cleaner water, but we’re doing so by using less energy, resulting in less costs to run the operation. Our economical approach includes a system that’s sustainable and minimizes the use of consumable parts or additional chemicals. Our goal was to provide a desalination and refining system that is robust with minimal maintenance requirements. By using 50–60 percent less energy than competing technologies and delivering up to 99+ percent clean water recovery, we’ve found a solution to aid in the dire state of the water crisis.

How would you articulate how a business can become more profitable by being more sustainable and more environmentally conscious?

Some companies like to touch on how they’re helping the environment, but most are conservative about purchasing the right equipment or implementing capital expenditures to really make an impact. Investing in better equipment, similar to what MI Systems provides, might cost a little more up front, but in the long run saves money. Finding the right machinery to improve sustainability while keeping production the same is key to not only becoming more profitable down the road, but to keep the business aligned with their environmental efforts. MI Systems is actually making dramatic waves in improving the environment, whereas some other companies are more focused on financial gain.

What are five things parents should do to inspire the next generation to become engaged in sustainability and the environmental movement?

This is a great question. First and foremost, it’s imperative for the younger generation to truly understand their water. They need to be educated on what’s safe and unsafe to drink, and what the water quality is from their local municipality or private well.

Secondly, is for young Americans to educate themselves, as well as their community on the water crisis on a global level. Most people in developed countries don’t grasp how dire the issue is, so reading up on the state of the world as a whole is very important.

The third task would be to get involved — start campaigning, writing to congress, utilizing social media as a positive platform to voice their issues.

I also recommend getting involved with non-profits, whether it’s a local charter or something more nationally based, any organization that is working diligently on numerous fronts to raise awareness is a great asset.

Lastly, keep going. Students protesting, voicing their concerns, looking up to climate leaders, don’t let your age stop you from having a platform and working towards a change.

What are five things you wish someone told you before you started?

There are thousands! That’s the excitement in taking a chance on something big — the risk is high, but so is the reward. A few that come to mind for me are:

  1. I wish I knew to better prepare myself for the lack of awareness in the industry. When I first started MI Systems, I was sure my product would be a massive success. But at first it wasn’t. Even though our operational expenses were low, and performance was high, businesses were apprehensive to initially work with us because our technology was so advanced, and most were comfortable with the status quo.
  2. I wish I would have known how complex water really is. I understood the science of course, but what I didn’t understand were the intricacies of its makeup and the particulars that each specific industry or market demanded.
  3. It would’ve been beneficial to know how incestual the market is. Since there isn’t a wide variety of hardware out there, a lot of companies are selling the same thing, so competition is greater than compared to other industries.
  4. I wish I would have had better guidance on who to let get involved with the company. When you’re starting a business, it’s exciting when people want to invest and become part of the core, but I wish I was more concise about who I partnered with.
  5. The last thing I wish I knew was the important of surrounding myself with the right attorneys and accountants. The best technology or the best ideas won’t flourish if you don’t have the proper representation and protection. Everyone out there has a personal agenda, and 99 percent of the time they will not align with yours.

Is there a person who you are grateful for that helped your company achieve success?

Absolutely. First and foremost, my Chief Operating Officer, Chad Unrau. Chad was an investor and advisor that came on board when MI Systems was first starting. Today, he essentially runs the business after leading the effort to bring our technology to market.

One of our investors, Dan Hoffler, is another imperative part of our family. He’s a fantastic mentor and is passionate about the mission of our company. He stood by my side when others with their own personal agendas did not.

My CFO and current server on the Board of Directors, Troy Toner, represents the second largest holdings in the company through his multi-family office. He has been crucial in helping with customers, investments, corporate governance, and overall operations of the company.

Last but not least, our board and corporate secretary Justin Salon. He has done an outstanding job helping guide the board and the company regarding legal matters and putting our company first.

Because of these four incredible people, I know we’ll be successful, we’ll help solve the earth’s global crisis and MI Systems will be protected and placed in good hands.

If you could inspire a movement to bring change to the world, what would it be?

I would inspire people everywhere to give as much as they could give.

For me, I was able and willing to serve my country. I wanted to give back to the people around me and protect for the greater good. People who are successful and have the financial means, need to step up and give back — whether it’s their time or through donations, we all need to do our part to bring change to the world. People find the time to do the things they want to do, not what they need to do.

In addition, I would help continue to bring awareness to the dire water crisis we are facing. Thankfully, the water crisis is being covered more through documentaries, news segments, story lines — but there needs to be more. I started a nonprofit last year called The Page Family Foundation and in a year’s time, we gave water to over one million people in eight different countries. After doing an in-depth analysis on the top ten water nonprofits, I found that it took most of them multiple years to do what we did in one. I plan to continue this movement so future generations are protected. We can beat this together!

What is your favorite life lesson quote?

“Success is where preparation meats opportunity. If you are not prepared, the opportunity may come and go right in front of your eyes,” -Mark Page

What is the best way for people to follow you on social media?


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