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I'm trying!!

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Speaking from my perspective; the great thing about life is that we have a lot of options. And, the tough part about life is that we have a lot of options. In fact, we’re a product of our environment and the knowledge we acquire along the way.

This knowledge better determines the options that we have in life. Sure, it can get rather confusing. I hear all the time; “Oh, I didn’t know I could do that?” “Oh wow, that’s a thing. Who knew?”

In knowing that we have these options it’s then figuring out how exactly do we action what it is we want to be doing?

You may ask: What are my options? How do I get started? And am I going to be any good at it? 

So many questions … in fact, too many questions that get in the way of you probably taking the next steps toward what it is that you want. Hey, and you may not even know what it is that you want, until you ….

And here it is … one of the most powerful words in the English language; Try.

That fabulous word that has us flip a switch in our head. Turn our thoughts around. And has us optimistically saying to ourselves; “Ok, I’ll try it!”

It’s truly incredible discovering what we’re capable of when our brains actually work with us, rather than against us. When our imagination, curiosity, and willingness to create the best lives for ourselves are realized when we TRY.

What does try actually mean then? 


Verb: To make an attempt or effort to do something.

Noun: an effort to accomplish something; an attempt.

Rather than just think about trying, what’s the next step? How do you make it happen?

Depending upon what it is that you want to do, requires you to do some exploring. First clearly define; What is it that you want to do? Why? Who’s it for? (It could be just for you). Who do you need to talk to that’s already doing what you want to try? Maybe you need to acquire new skills – maybe it requires you taking a course? 

Interestingly, I’ve always found that when I’m interested in something my eyes are wide open. I see what’s out there, explore the latest and greatest, cross-reference ideas to see if I can leverage what I want to be doing. I’m always seeing how I can add my magic to it. That one thing that is uniquely, me.

By the way, we ALL have at least one thing that is uniquely us. Never fight it. Work with it. And make it work for you. 

For some reason as we’re looking around in life and we see people succeeding (whatever ‘succeeding’ means to you) we forget how long it actually took for that person to reach that level of success. The time, energy and effort it took to make it happen.

Too often people refer to this as; “the sacrifices I made to achieve my goals.” I’m not of that same mindset. I believe it’s a choice. It becomes your lifestyle. And it moves in phases.

Certainly, you’re making decisions a lot of the time to not do something (that could be fun) in order to focus on what you’re creating. And yet …

“Can [insert name here] come out to play?” on a sunny day when you could be hanging out with friends and yet no, you’re at home diving into your ‘thing.’ That may (temporarily) bum you out. Sure. It’s only natural. But a sacrifice? I don’t think so. If you weren’t into what you were doing, you’d probably take off with your friends.

I’m just saying that the word; sacrifice is to appease others, not you. It’s another word for feeling ‘guilt.’ It’s really saying; “I know I wasn’t there for you, or missed a lot of events, but really I was happily focused on what I wanted to accomplish.”

Here I am, already talking about you feeling guilty about trying something new when you haven’t even started yet!! Hey, I just don’t want it to be (part of) the reason or excuse that you give yourself for NOT trying something.

All this to say; give yourself permission to TRY what it is that you think would bring you more energy, excitement and joy into your life.

Try it. (I bet) you’ll like it!

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