Tuesday Musical 🎵🎶🎵🎶 Spotlight: Joe Dassin

Seeing One's Existence In Another, In The Song-"Et Si Tu N'existais Pas," By JOE DASSIN!

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One of the most enchanting abilities, relating to the power of music, is its ability to travel. Carrying music with us from place to place-from nation to nation is phenomenal and intriguing. It’s vast in its ability to expand and reach the ears of countless listeners. Music has that power and stability. A person can be of a different nationality (and ethnicity), and still find a way to experience the persona of a theme or level of respect, in relation to music. That’s the beauty, joy, and spiritual intunement of its essence. Music knows no limits or boundaries. It blesses the minds, bodies, hearts, and listeners of those, who come in contact with its sound. Evenmore, there is a particular way of adjusting to a sound, which is unfamiliar.

If we did not have music, how would we exist how would we live and survive in the manner, that we are accustomed to? How would we be? Life would not only be dull and unsatisfying, but it would be boring. How would we live? Now, that’s an empowering and enlightening, in its own accord. How would we come to find the treasures and pleasures, which navigates as medicine in our journey for this place, called life? How would it be? Life would be miserable. It would be unbarable, toxic, suffocating, and lost in a wave of chaos. People have never truly stopped to think about the power of music and how it serves to keep us alive-emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. What does it do? How does it feel when we hear the sound of music? What is our experience in how it exist?

When navigating through an enchanting place, how does the power of music reign throughout every single component of our lives? So much is necessary in how we navigate through this concept. What does it mean for our wellness and power? Life is precious, when decorated with Heaven’s treasures and blessings! Life is grand! That’s just how powerful it truly is.

The writing of a song, which details the treasures of existing is phenomenal! When it comes to love, and acknowledging of a person, how does the existence of another grant us with fulfillment and stability? What does it mean to acknowledge that someone’s existence is beneficial to our own? And should that person cease to exist, what does it mean to realize that if that person doesn’t exist, then a part of you goes missing, as well? That’s when you have truly discovered the power of true intimacy! That’s when you know just how deeply intertwined you are in the existence of another. C’est la vie! Should another person feel the same, then you know there is an iconic match. It is greatly phenomenal and ideal, when two people come to realize, how their entire existence is tied up and intertwined with another. That moment of recognition is like a spark! The glitter and magic becomes recognizable and aware for all to see.

From Brooklyn, and eventually landing in French Polynesia, one particular voice created the right words, when it came to viewing the existence into another. The artistic world had been immersed within his very Spirit, and his familial heritage. His mother-Beatrice Launer-was a violinist, and his father-Jules Dassin was a film director. Furthermore, he had recorded his work through the tongues of Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, German, and English. Should you understand the very nature of his life-the turmoils and pains-then you can observe how it can be intermixed with the song, “Et Si Tu N’existais Pas.” Traveling and performing throughout Europe, he carried his stories with him. His name is none other than. . .

Joe Dassin

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Dassin;Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0202087/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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