Trouble at the Border

I walked to the LAX International Airport.

I had spent the weekend at an airport hotel and could not get to the airport from there. So I walked. The protesters were thick and peaceful.

It was crazy, cool, fun, exhilarating and very, very strange. The protest had finished, but there were thousands trying to get out of the airport area and of course the thousands trying to get in.

My friend had left the hotel a couple of hours earlier and could not get in. She sat in the shuttle for over an hour before she got out and ran. She did catch her flight.

We thought by now, a few hours later that the traffic would be clearing. Not so much. I was exhilarated to be part of a movement FOR — I’m not standing “against” anything or anyone — except hurtful policies, but I am FOR equality, equal rights, human rights, people loving people, I’m all for immigrants who enter our country legally and move through the process. Our country was founded as immigrants, we are all, most of us, immigrants if we go back far enough.

As I was awaiting my flight, there were people upset and not happy. One couple I spoke to had to spend over 2 hours on the tarmac waiting because of the inconvenience and were frustrated about their own time. For me, the inconvenience was only to opportunity to walk with thousands, instead of being delivered right to the doorway.

Here’s what I was thinking about though. We are currently having trouble at our borders. Or we did yesterday at least. Without going political, instead staying entirely metaphorical and metaphysical trouble at the borders is a good thing.

The first time I heard the statement “trouble at the border”, I was in a program learning how to coach, back in 2000 or so. The border is the border between where you are and where you want to be. There has to be movement to change. Something has to change in order to experience changes.

Trouble at the border shows up in this coaching context as fear, anxiety, reason, distraction, drifting, shrinking or other what we might call negative experiences.

The reason we have trouble at this border is that in order to grow, to move into a new idea, goal, vision or dream, we have to let go of what is. It is expansion and there is a part of us that does not want to grow or change. This part rears its head and causes us trouble.

But, it’s not really trouble, it’s simple the opportunity to grow, to choose again, to stand in your burning desire for change, to stand in the commitment to your dreams and goals.

Trouble at the border is a good thing because it means you’re getting close! Keep going! You can do it and it will be so worth the struggle!

Today, with my clients I celebrate trouble at the border because it indicates growth is at hand. If you weren’t growing and expanding, there would be no trouble. If you are distracted, disturbed or discouraged take heart, you are almost there. Keep pushing, keep moving. Take action today. Perhaps your action is to be quiet, or to get help, or to remember your dream. If you’d like help, I’m here for you!

Originally published at on January 30, 2017.

Originally published at

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