Trophies That Walk, Don’t Stand For Long!

How Jamaican Dance Hall and Reggae Artist, HoodCelebrityy, Explores The Phenomenon Of Women, Who Present and Perform Natural Beauty, and Female Praise, In Her Song, "Walking Trophy!"

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Its not every day that you hear a woman complementing another woman. In a society, where women are trained to be competitors among each other, the idea for women to randomly compliment women they don’t know, is sometimes viewed as “odd,” or questioned. For another woman to observe the naturalness, or realness, of other women means that she is truly in tuned with the feminine. Not only is she connected with another woman’s natural presence, but it is clear that she is aware of her very own. Therefore, self-love is also a form of observing the beauty and balance in other women.

One of the auspicious attributes of the feminine’s recognition of other women is that it is found everywhere. No matter the demographic, you have those dames who are not shy in illuminating the aesthetics of other feminine Beings. Let’s keep in mind, that not every woman is given such praise. And, its not solely based on beauty. There is a particular aura, regarding certain women, who have a much deeper connection to the feminine. In fact, it is based on having a more Earthly approach. There is an intrinsic awareness concerning a woman, and how she is able to highlight the naturalness of womanhood.

When we examine, and look further into the work of Jamaican-born, Bronx reared, Hood Celebrityy, and her song/video “Walking Trophy,” viewers and listeners are given a glimpse into this world. What is divine and heavenly, regarding this entire video and song, is how it takes place in one urban sector. It recognizes the Jamaican, feminine presence there-within that particular spacing. The lyrics in the song are endearing. Their softness and gentility, through the Jamaican way, illuminates how beauty is supposed to be natural, elegant, and graceful. Yes! It requires work. However, it should not be conducted in a method, where it is forced, strenuous, and artificial.

Gal yuh know seh yuh pretty from yuh born Walk out gal, yuh nah try hard Dem gyal dem nuh pretty inna real life You pretty pon di’ Gram an yuh pretty inna real life Yuh body look good set right, set right

What remains exceedingly powerful, concerning this phrasing (and especially, “. . .yuh pretty inna real life” are the terms, “real life.” How does this translate into the essentials of beauty? Jamaican, Dancehall artist makes it very obvious. Real beauty is something, that cannot be adjusted or falsified. In fact, it doesn’t even belong in the very essence or artistry of beauty. Through this very lyric alone, the artist makes it very clear that a woman’s true beauty, is something, which cannot be worn. Anything outside of a woman’s natural attraction is not beautiful. Giving a clear message that women have been lied to. Evidently, there is a monopoly which has taken place over the realm of beauty. These “select few,” who have altered the lens of beauty, are given a platform to present to women what beauty should look like. Often, the lens is grotesque and distorted, subconsciously causing women to devalue the very natural allure of their very womanhood.

Another significant lyric in the song relates to how women cover their beauty with something that is artificial. Make-up becomes the falsifying of beauty, as opposed to enhancing what is already, natural.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

“Pon a real some gal yuh nuh si dem when dem wake up Cause’ dem ugly without make-up (swear it) Face ova beat and cake up”

The lyrics mentioned above, in the eloquence of Jamaican patois, point to the performance of too many women, in “wearing beauty.” Of course, the artist, HoodCelebrity, has her take on this methodology of beauty enhancement. So, allow me to give mine. It is very apparent, within these lyrics, that women who cover up their appearance with make-up, have not worked on their natural beauty. Clearly, they have failed to work on utilizing the sources of Mother Nature, in bringing illumination to their physical appearances. Whether its exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, having your daily water rituals, taking the proper vitamins, or whatever, it may be, there are natural ways for women to work on their natural beauty. In fact, make-up should not be used as a cover. It should be applied, to enhance the natural work and aesthetic, that a woman has done in order to enrich her beauty. And, it can be done, the natural way!

Observing the visuals of the video, “Walking Trophy,” by Hood Celebrity, there are particular themes and scenes, highlighting the naturalness of a woman. The most obvious being this dance hall artist’s connection to a particular soiling of Earth’s spacing. That being the nation of Jamaica. The most obvious display of such is, of course, her being decorated with a Jamaican flag, in the very background. She wears the color, red, which is that of courage, and, clearly, those red-spirited women, who go forth in the spirit of bold adventure. The colors of the flag are very Earthly. Green being the obvious, and the most Earth-centered.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Another Earth-centered moment in the video, regarding maintaining one’s, natural beauty is the ability, the storyteller’s (HoodCelebrity) entry into a Jamaican restaurant. The naturalness of the culinary is made evident. Its what we eat, and how she partakes in engulfing Earth’s vegetation, which enhances a woman’s natural glow. That glow and sparkle conveyed about in this video is reflective in yellow’s sunshine of the Jamaican flag. Furthermore, there is a unique allure pertaining to moving within that Earthly realm. Its holistic and nutritious. In fact, it is the foundation for women to understand their natural beauty, in alignment with Earth’s spacing.

What makes the video and song, “Walking Trophy,” even more intrinsic with the landscapes is how it highlights the phenomenon of the natural element having the power to exist outside of a paradise or landscapes of lush greenery. Even within the “big city” urban sector, there is still a way for woman’s connection to her natural aura, to thrive! In fact, as highlighted in the video, when a woman intertwines the natural aesthetic with the urban, a wondrous culture, arises. Earthly dwellings have the power to soften hardened spaces of the urban sector. Lastly, the video also makes it clear, into the subtle presence of Black American footprints and lingering surroundings within the spacing. Certain Black American cultural trends as particular styles of motor bike riding culture, and the wearing of grills (gold teeth), are also displayed in the video. A peculiar people, who carried their Deep Southern Roots with them to the urban sector. For an island-born, Jamaican flower, to explore this very spacing addresses an underlying story between the two Jamaican and Black American cultures.; Edited By Lauren K. Clark

The very name HoodCelebrity illuminates the reality that celebration indeed takes place in spacing, where it is considered not to exist within the mainstream gaze. Miraculously, it does! In fact, it is hood spacing, where some of the most intricate cultures, music, and storytelling is birthed. Universal creativity is not denied to the location of human genius, due to lack of finances, or spaces, which have been marginalized. The very same applies to femininity, the audacity for womanhood to glow in her natural, wherever she may be. Whatever land and urban scapes she occupies! In order for women to truly experience the rewards and abundance of her natural mystique, there is an experience of her natural self, which requires work. Its the type of work, that utilizes natural remedies in order to experience an Earthly shine. Glowing naturally for the world to know that true beauty begins with a love for nature, within, and shines outside, for a glamorous appeal, that only a 🏆 trophy will bare!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

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