Top 3 Messaging Apps for Chatting with Strangers

One of the most popular ways to chat with people you don’t know is through messaging apps. Some of these apps are more geared towards chatting with strangers than others, and some have better features for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the top three messaging apps that are great for chatting with […]

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One of the most popular ways to chat with people you don’t know is through messaging apps. Some of these apps are more geared towards chatting with strangers than others, and some have better features for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the top three messaging apps that are great for chatting with people you don’t know: Kik, WhatsApp and Snapchat. We will go over the pros and cons of each one so that you can make a decision about which one is best for your needs!

What is a messaging app and how does it work?

Messaging apps are just like texting, but they also allow you to share photos and videos. All three of the messaging apps that we will be discussing in this article have a search function which allows users to find other people by username or phone number. When someone sends you a message on one of these platforms it goes directly into your chat inbox. The three apps that we will be discussing are all free to install and use, so if you want to give them a try it won’t cost you a dime!


Snapchat has a different set of features than traditional messenger apps like Kik and WhatsApp. For instance, Snapchat is intended to be used in the moment. This means that you can send a “snap” to someone, but it will only be available for them to see for up to ten seconds. Additionally, snaps are deleted from Snapchat’s servers after they have been opened by their intended recipient. Entire chat conversations will be removed automatically from both your and your friend’s messages unless you tap on each message to save it which can be very tedious. Snapchat is therefore better suited for shorter conversations and sharing spontaneous moments in forms of videos and pictures.

The search feature for finding friends on Snapchat is very limited, but you can easily find strangers by adding random usernames to your contacts or sharing your username with other users so they can add you as a friend using the share option. However, there are third party services that can help you find friends on Snapchat. These services are not affiliated with the app itself, but they may be helpful for finding people who use Snapchat in your area or sharing interests that you have.


  • Snapchat’s best feature is that messages disappear after the intended recipient has read them, which can be an exciting way to open conversations with strangers if you are trying to get their attention. If someone sends a snap of themselves doing something fun or silly, they probably won’t mind receiving snaps from strangers who are interested in finding out more about them.
  • Snapchat requires less commitment than other apps in that you can just send a snap and it will eventually be gone forever. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you on Snapchat they can just ignore your snaps without feeling pressured.
  • You don’t have to share any personal information or phone number with other users, which is great for those who are worried about safety.


  • Unfortunately, Snapchat does not provide a feature for finding friends. The search function on this platform only allows users to find other contacts by username or phone number, which means that if you’re looking for someone who lives in your town and also has a personal snapchat account, it’s going to be tough to track them down. You will have to resort to using third party services that keep lists of usernames.
  • Snapchat is not a practical texting tool. Even though you can save messages, it is very cumbersome because each message needs to be individually saved. It’s much easier to use Kik or WhatsApp if you want to send text messages.


Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps available. It’s also unique in that it doesn’t require phone numbers – you just connect with people anonymously by finding their Kik usernames. The app has over 200 million registered users and is growing quickly.

Something that really separates Kik from the other messenger apps is that it lets users create public group chats that anyone can join from just searching. Group chats are a great way to make new friends with similar interests. However, like with Snapchat, the easiest way to find new friends is to use a site that lists kik usernames.


  • Kik provides anonymity, which means that strangers can easily start conversations with you without having to worry about finding your personal details.
  • The app is quick and responsive and has several other fun features.
  • Kik is also great for finding friends because group chats can easily be formed around common interests and hobbies, so finding people who share similar passions should not be difficult.
  • And lastly, finding new chat partners via third parties is definitely an option since you can easily share your username publicly without revealing your identity.


  • Unfortunately finding friends on Kik is difficult because there are no search tools to help you find other people. You can only connect with others by finding their username, which means that it’s likely going to be hard for strangers who don’t already know each other to find one another, but this is where KikFriendz comes into play.


KikFriendz is a site that lists kik usernames for people who wish to share them publicly. It’s essentially just an online directory of Kik users that are looking to chat with strangers, but its popularity has given it great visibility and finding friends on this platform should not be difficult. In fact, KikFriendz is the easiest way to find friends on Kik as you can connect with strangers online without having to worry about giving out your personal details. You don’t have to give anyone your name or number, all that’s required of you is a Kik username which means finding friends on Kik is as easy as finding a username online.


Similar to Kik, WhatsApp is a much more traditional messaging app than Snapchat in the sense that there are no disappearing messages or temporary photos. All your chats on WhatsApp will be saved for as long as you want them to stay unless you delete them yourself manually. The chat screen looks exactly like an iMessage conversation with bubbles and is intended as a replacement for traditional texting. With that said, WhatsApp does use your phone number instead of a username, which means that you have to hand over your digits to every stranger that you want to chat with.


  • If you don’t like the idea of finding friends anonymously, WhatsApp is a good option because it offers real phone numbers as contacts. You can still use Kik or Snapchat if you need anonymity but having your own number means that finding other users isn’t too difficult.
  • WhatsApp has a massive user base, with over one billion active users worldwide as of January 2017. Which means that nearly everyone has it and it is a sure way to get in touch with friends.


  • Since WhatsApp uses real numbers instead of usernames, every stranger has access to your full name and phone number. This is a huge privacy risk as strangers can easily track you down with your contact info, so it’s safer to use Kik or Snapchat if this kind of security is important to you.


All of these messaging apps for chatting with strangers offer their own advantages and disadvantages. WhatsApp is a great option because it offers real phone numbers as contacts, but Kik’s anonymity may be more appealing to those who want to find friends without providing personal information. Snapchat is the best choice if you’re looking for temporary photos or disappearing messages that will only last for a short period. Kik is also appropriate for finding new friends online due to its increased ability in finding others through third party sites like

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