Top 8 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

Marketing made a massive shift in 2020, and we saw a lot of creative ways marketers used to promote businesses. But what’s working in 2021? Do the old-school tricks still work, or is everything going to be new? Let me break the ice for you; here are the top 8 marketing trends for 2021 that […]

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Marketing made a massive shift in 2020, and we saw a lot of creative ways marketers used to promote businesses. But what’s working in 2021? Do the old-school tricks still work, or is everything going to be new? Let me break the ice for you; here are the top 8 marketing trends for 2021 that marketers need to invest their time in. 

  • Video content
  • Podcasting
  • Chatbots
  • Online chats and webinars
  • Influencer marketing
  • Messenger marketing 
  • Voice search
  • Content Marketing & Long-Form Content

Let’s discuss each of these marketing trends.

Video Marketing 

There is no doubt video marketing tops the list, and people want more and more video content. According to, 92% of the marketers prefer this domain, and it has grown 78% from the year 2015. 

Video space is an excellent medium for marketers to share creative, attractive, and versatile content. People love using video channels and prefer information over video as they are easier to absorb with sound and visuals. 


Being a marketer, if you have not yet invested in marketing on podcast platforms or through a podcast, you better do it right now. The audio industry is taking over content marketing, and people are more interested in listening to the content than reading it. 

The podcast medium has become popular, with over 55% of users listening to podcasts every day alone in the United States of America. Digital Gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk consistently ask users to shift to Podcasts, and the results have been excellent. 

The video and audio industries have made a massive impact in the year 2020, and they have been consistently rising in 2021. 


With such a hit on marketing, businesses, and online and offline industries in 2020, marketers decide to improve the user support experience by implementing chatbots. 

A lot of people these days prefer chats over calls. If your customer representative is not responding within 15-20 seconds, the users will bounce back, which is a threat to the business. More than 40% of the companies in 2020 have adopted chatbots on their website to improve productivity. As a marketer, it is essential to understand how chatbots will replace the future of customer support. So, promote your chatbot services or use a chatbot on your website to make the users stay. 

Chatbots can describe your product and solve emergency questions or product-related technical problems instantly that will likely keep your customer from buying the product. They are a great complementary tool for all kinds of online stores and can be added to Shopify, WooCommerce or almost any other platform out there.

Online chats and webinars

In 2020, the whole of the world shifted to digital scheming, and we experienced the creative marketing trends over memes and social media. But how did educational institutes or formal businesses conduct marketing? That’s right, online chats and webinars. 

If you are a formal business, implement a one-to-one chat system on your website in 2021. Users now prefer getting their queries solved through chat systems rather than addressing an office. One-to-one online chat systems can help you get business deals while having a full-fledged convincing conversation on multiple platforms.

Moreover, you can create different reports using a report maker and share them via chats. It will make your work more data-driven and less time-consuming. In 2021, if you want to increase your business effectively, use time efficiently than before. 

Educational institutions and freelancers can promote their knowledge from platforms like teachable or udemy and get their tasks done. More and more businesses start building online membership websites which are often accompanied by video courses and live webinars. 

It is also more beneficial in 2021 as students are primarily dependent on the internet for knowledge due to full-time online classes. You can get a good shot there. 

Influencer Marketing

If anything has changed drastically from 2019 to 2021 is the number of influencers on social media platforms. Users have spent most of their time watching people do crazy stuff on Tiktok and Instagram, and they are loyal to their influencers. 

Marketers have an excellent opportunity to promote their products with influencer marketing in 2021; people keep up with trends and spend most of their time on Instagram and TikTok. We analyzed some of the statistics and found Instagram and TikTok to be the most used apps in 2020, and they are so addictive and budget-friendly that you should not miss the chance of promotions. 

The best tactic is to promote your products in a video format through influencer marketing as the video is more watched than the explore section. If you are a good marketer, you might have noticed a significant UI change on Instagram with Reels placed in a position which the users most click, and now in the recent UI change, the reels section is placed at the “Post a new photo” section as Instagram is promoting more video content. Get the right influencer with the target audience you are looking for and shoot your chance before it is too late. 

Messenger Marketing

If you see those banner ads below your chats in messenger and still ignoring them, you are missing out on the underrated marketing scheme. But how does showing ads in chat apps like messenger is a good option? Because people love to have a conversation with others when thought of it psychologically. 

Facebook has an option to show Ads in Messenger, and if you do it right, you can see a significant shift in your marketing. Suppose you are a food delivery service, marketing the ad below chats will tempt the users to order a food item though they are not hungry. 

WhatsApp is changing its privacy policies and sharing data with Facebook. This can be a good sign that you will soon be able to promote ads on WhatsApp chats and get more leads.

Another way to go about with message marketing is to take it offline. SMS marketing is on the rise due to facts such as text messages have a 98% open rate and they do not have any potential security threat as well. 

Voice search

We have already discussed how audio is turning into one of the important marketing trends through Podcasts. But voice searches are not to be missed out. 

Ever since Apple, Amazon, and Google launched voice search services, marketing saw a shift in search patterns. People can do an easy search with their voice commands rather than googling them, but voice marketing is not easy. 

Amazon Alexa is an online tool that can be used to analyze the voice search metrics and optimize accordingly. As a marketer, invest in building your voice search content before other marketers dominate the platform. 

Content Marketing & Long-Form Content

Are S.E.O and SEM dead in 2021? Content Marketing is not dying anytime soon, but it is getting more competitive. Google brought some massive changes in 2020, and the whole of the world experienced the Google Core Update. In 2021, Google expects more from indexers, and the search is not limited to articles; you need to market your content for snippet positions, write according to user search intent, and satisfy Google’s indexing requirements. 

As a marketer, you need to change or update your S.E.O and SEM tactics and work more on Google’s vision. One of the quickest updates I would love to give to all the marketers is to work on page speed time and readability on various devices as the number of users is more mobile than desktop. 

SEM needs to realize the keyword search in 2021; user searches are now more specific and not generalized. So, promote your services for the right product and invest in the right keywords. 

Some of the marketers believe “Long-Form Content is dead,” and this is not true. Long-form content is still efficient in 2021, but only if you do it in the right way. Not all users get to a specific solution, and you can create marketing space around the long-form content and get more leads and promote more products. 

Final Words

2021 demands more creative marketing and the above-listed trends are right now the hottest channels to promote your business. Moreover, Video Marketing will last for longer, and it is better to be occupied before it gets saturated.

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