Top 5 Next-gen Advanced Tech to Tickle Your Senses

5 various technologies for using them in a great way in an exponential manner

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5 Next-gen Advanced Tech

In recent times, the various technologies are advancing in a great way in an exponential manner. The Software development company and other technology related companies are also growing rapidly without any hindrance due to its vast acceptance. Hence, the investors are putting their step forward and investing huge amounts in the innovative activities in order to obtain greater outcomes. In addition to the logical reasoning, the mathematical processes are also being implemented to procure an intellectual method called AI or Artificial Intelligence, which is bringing revolution in the world of science and technology. In this article, we will come across 5 most innovative and dynamic technologies that will surely make you wonder about its functionality and outcomes. Let’s have a look at those innovations:

1. Artificial Intelligence or AI in Healthcare: On the basis of the latest reports and analysis, it has been proved that AI is capturing the sector of Healthcare in an immense way with its ease of usage and extreme benefits. The healthcare industry is seeing a new light with the onset of this technology as if offers well connected and valid information. All the verification of the documents can be done electronically, which leaves no chance of any mistake. Along with it, the AI chatbots are capable to answer all the queries of the patients accurately 24X7. To add to the convenience, the virtual assistant and the app helps the patients as well as the physicians in an accurate manner. To aid the AI, machine learning is rapidly replacing the security passwords, making the gadgets user-friendly. The cyber security is also seeing a new boost, which has diminished the errors of a huge data workflow. The prosthetic limbs have failed to depict any advancement in the past years. Hence, it has been replaced with bionic hands that claim to be one of the most exciting innovations in medical science.

2. Conversational Computing: Having a computer by your side to help you with the mathematical analysis and complex computation is great. But, won’t it be charismatic to own a computer that can also interact in an intelligent manner? Yes, the concept might sound unrealistic but the scientists and researchers have been able to develop a highly successful conversational computing that can easily setup a human-computer interaction, either through text or voice. Previously, the voice and accent recognition were tougher; however, with the advent of the artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the process has become highly adaptable and seamless. The chatbots is taking over the customer service industry with its ease of operation and fantastic technical support. It is capable of establishing a firm bridge of communication between the clients and the employees of a particular organization, making it a valuable option for any customer-centric organization. The digital assistants are also becoming popular in the mobile devices due to the fun factor and highly convenient usage.

3. Mind Control: Interacting with computers and mobile gadgets are now a very accepted technology worldwide. However, the researchers have given the concept a twist and have introduced the latest addition in the form of mind control. Human brains act in a very funny way in dynamic circumstances. People say emotion comes from the heart, which is a myth. Emotions in every form come from the brain, which releases a distinct signal whenever there is a change in the feeling. A technology named electroencephalography or EEG has made it possible to record those signals. This technology has vast scopes and numerous companies are hoping to see a drastic change in the field of interacting computing in the coming years. To give this technology a boost, a few of the scientists are planning to work on a certain kind of chips that can be implanted on the skull for reading the brain activity. To sum up the set of points, this is a technology to look out for, which has the capability see the world in a new way.

4. The Flying Car: Traffic is a major concern if you are living in a metropolitan city. The numbers of vehicles are increasing in a great way with every passing day, which is enhancing the problem further. How about having your personal helicopter while travelling to office? It might sound bizarre, but people are working to materialize this concept. The flying car in Harry Potter series will no longer be a dream. This technology is taking shape to reduce the pressure of land traffic, making it convenient for the people to reach office or any other destination in time. These are highly flexible vehicles that have the capability to carry a single person and follow the mechanism of a helicopter. Though the price tag is on the higher side, the advantages it offers can easily nullify the hole created in your pocket. However, after the implementation of this technology, the administration might need to take care of the air traffic along with the road.

5. The Quantum Computer: You might be familiar with the term quantum physics but the quantum computer might sound unfamiliar. It is a computing system that uses the logic of quantum-mechanics in order to apply operations on data. The binary digital electronic computers are based on the transistors and demands data which is encoded into binary digits like 0 or 1. In contrast to the common digital computing, the quantum computer utilizes the quantum bit or qubits in order to analyze 0 and 1 at the same time. With this computing system, any kind of complex encryption can be decoded making the system highly powerful. Though it has unlimited scopes for the latest technologies, these are highly difficult to build. But the investors are giving a strong backup to complete the building process in a fruitful manner. It is anticipated that with the onset of this computer, the drug discovery, financial markets, traffic problems, etc. can be streamlined effectively.


The aforementioned technologies are just the first step to a new beginning. With the extremely advanced technologies and innovative ideas, the world will definitely become a better place to live in

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