Top 5 Apps that promise you a better life.

Live better life

Since technology is taking over everything. Then, why not use technology to have a healthier life? 

Technology has lately been talked about very often on how it violates our private time and how it’s been the reason why people are suffering with so much stress daily. But why look at the bad when we can find the good in it. In the last few years, App has brought a revolutionary change in almost all aspects of life. Yes, there is a range of Apps that pledges on working for your happiness!

So let’s find out a few of these apps and take better care of each other:

1. Headspace: Headspace pretty much stands tall to their name, and has developed content on everything for the wellbeing of the space in your head. This app, which is available for all of us for free on both android and iOS carries a set of meditation videos and series of facts and question. It also keeps a track on the number of meditation videos you have heard and the ones which are remaining.

2. Live Happy: Had a bad day? Then believe me Live Happy is going to be your favorite guardian angel. They host a range of activities to boost up your mood and all of them have been proved to be great measures to lighten up your mood on tough days. This app does not involve any costs but is found only on Apple store.

3. Mindshift: So to all the youngsters and teenagers, who have been dealing with a lot of anxiety of late, Mindshift is here to help! It educates you about anxiety, its various levels and introduces you to some great ways to tackle it. It’s easy to use interface and the cause to help people with anxiety disorder is helping a large bunch of people. You can find it for free on both iOS and android.

4. My Mood tracker: This app free for all the iOS users isn’t yet available on android is of a great help when you want to know the pattern of your mood swings. It also picks up on other few things like your sleep pattern, exercise and a few other things. However, it isn’t as well developed as the others it’s still been of a great help to many.

5. Dream-On: How fascinating does it sound when I say that an app can read your sleeping patterns and develop some serious results out of it? Well, Dream on has made that possible – it holds a range of ‘soundscape’ which you can play when you sleep at night and it is believed to affect the way you dream or what you dream. Well sleeping will be fun with Dream-On. It is currently only available for iOS users but for free.

These apps are doing their bit to contribute to the well being of the society. If you have an idea but not enough funds – Online App makers like AppsEazy can help you develop an app for free. So what’s the wait worth for? Come let’s join hands to make this world a healthier place! If you have funds and want to convert your dream into reality then contact to this mobile app development company .

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