Tired of the job?Ways to get the best and stay happy

What to do when you find yourself in a poor working environment.

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Often times, people find themselves in a poor working environment or an organization that does not encourage employee growth and motivation. Expectations on the job are cut short; neither can you leave the job because you do not have a job opening yet. This can be frustrating considering either the effort you put in the job, your skills, educational attainments or even your degree of experience.

Dissatisfaction on the job results to psychological, social and health hazard.

An employee needs to be at his/ her best. An excellent outcome and performance depends on your enthusiasm.

What do you do?

Polish your existing skills and improve your employability capacity.

Ask yourself: if I were to be an employer, would I choose someone like me? Employers and recruiters want the best talents. Technology remodels and improves daily, so should you! You need to rebrand yourself into becoming a better person.

Why do you think it is necessary to update applications on our devices? It is not because the application won’t work, but because we want to embrace improved features and speed of the application. This should apply to your job.

Gain Professional skills, Knowledge and Ability; while on the job

No Knowledge is a waste. In a competitive job market, you need an edge over the next candidate/colleague. You can take online classes that cost less or nothing. Learning new skills show how you value yourself. It also challenges and compels you to deserve better. For example; Skillshare is good for Creatives, LinkedIn learning for Career Development, Duolingo for language learners, Edx for general courses etc.

Talk to your Boss.

Most times, Employers and Supervisors do not know if you are dispassionate on the job. Do not be afraid to speak with your boss. First, you need to be prepared in speech and countenance. You do not want to give them a wrong impression of your dissatisfaction. Frame your concern in terms of the value you bring to the company and not on your personal desires. Do not give a WHOLE impression of salary increase, but other motivational factors like personal growth, recognition, promotion, appraisal, or the work itself. It is not advisable to give most of this factors at the same time. Pick one or two necessary concern. One good advantage of this, is that all this factors encircle each other.

Or, get a new job!

Most times, Salary negotiation, promotion and advancement do not work out as we perceive. Employers tend to give a small raise, or told you aren’t due for promotion yet etc. Researchers say that taking a bold step to getting a new job increases enthusiasm and positivity. Begin to submit an updated C.V and tell people you are available for a job opportunity. This of course, should be confidential.

Grow your media and Professional network

One effective network to improving your career is through LinkedIn. Create an account if you do not have one. If you do, edit your profile to sell yourself into an opportunity. Recruiters view profiles to perceive individual talents. The LinkedIn forum helps to groom individuals into professionals and also balance your emotional intelligence. Follow related Influencers who regularly post interesting and innovative information on the forum. Interact with related professionals and grow your network. You never know who can launch you into a big debut!


It is important to be clear on why you are doing what you do. Concentrate on this path. Remember, a thorough plan of your goal should be known to create a robust vision of the future. Focus helps to improve your professional life and births optimism.

All work and no play

Try to delve into recreational activities, participate in voluntary clubs etc. When you include yourself in activities outside the walls of work, it reduces the tension built up over time. Working too much or feeling sad about your existing job can be bad for one’s health. You need to relax and also create time for family, friends and the society. Do not be surprised that you think and strategize excellently, when you take your mind off from work.

Above all, anticipate, hope for the best and most importantly, be Happy while you are at these processes. The drive to get an improved life at work depends on your attitude. A positive attitude is the staying power.

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