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Let’s create a healthy routine together In a world that may feel like it’s against you right now, staying healthy can appear almost impossible. Change and uncertainty make it easy to get discouraged or find comfort in unhealthy habits. Let’s perk up your outlook on life with a healthy routine to keep your mind and […]

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Let’s create a healthy routine together

In a world that may feel like it’s against you right now, staying healthy can appear almost impossible. Change and uncertainty make it easy to get discouraged or find comfort in unhealthy habits.

Let’s perk up your outlook on life with a healthy routine to keep your mind and body at its best. Take advantage of this time, and these tips, to create a new, healthy routine!

First things first—you can’t change every aspect of your life all at once. You’ll burn out, and then nothing will change. These tips are designed to be slowly incorporated into your daily routine. Some come from ideas I’ve found online, tried myself, and they’ve made their way into my own routine—so, yep, they’re tried, tested, and true.  

A Great Morning Routine

A great morning routine is a positive way to kickstart your mental and emotional health, as well as boost your productivity for the day.

Start each day with something as simple as writing in a journal and having a cup of coffee. Or take baby steps by avoiding the snooze button, stretching under the covers, crawling out of bed, and making a delicious breakfast. When I wake up, I grab my journal and write down three things I’m grateful for every day—it’s definitely made a positive shift in my attitude toward each day’s challenges.

Everyone’s best morning routine is going to be different, so take time to create the one that’s right for you.

A Sunny Disposition

Working from home keeps me indoors and away from the sun. But that doesn’t mean I want to miss out on its glorious vitamin D. I make it a point to run to the mailbox for that package pick up (you know, the one I most assuredly didn’t need). Clearly a jaunt to the mailbox isn’t enough vitamin D for me. So, I always take my vitamins with my morning cup of coffee. At the moment, they include a vitamin D supplement—obviously—something for digestive health, and a scoop of collagen.

Sunscreen, check!—gotta protect that skin, right?

Get That Heart Pumping and Body Movin’

It may surprise you, but exercise can be fun!—and the benefits are great, too.  Get your body moving to improve your mental health and mood, strengthen your bones and muscles, and help you sleep.

Take your workout inside or out. Speed it up, or slow it down. Whether it’s a walk around the block or a mediation session, your mind and body will be happy you did something. If you don’t know where to start, there’s a wealth of online resources to find and try different workouts to learn what’s fun and effective for you.

It’s hard for me to muster the motivation to work out right now—I’d much rather sit on the couch and watch another episode. So, each night after dinner, I’ve started to go for a walk. It’s amazing how much better I feel after I get moving. And a gorgeous sunset can truly heal the soul.

Turn on YouTube for a fun variety of at-home workouts—everything from kickboxing to salsa dancing to a nice moment of mindfulness.

A Healthy Diet for A Happy You

A healthy diet = healthy skin, hair, nails, mind, and body. But rather than throwing out everything bad at once, it’s much easier to phase out unhealthy choices over time. Each week (or month, go at your own pace) pick one bad eating habit and replace it with a healthy snack or treat. Say goodbye to the salty chips and hello to jicama and hummus.

Enjoy more fruits and veggies. Eat sugar and processed foods in moderation—when I crave something sweet, I eat a bowl of strawberries. And don’t forget to drink your water. Your body needs about two liters of water each day, though that may differ slightly from person to person. Make it easy and convenient by purchasing a larger water bottle you only have to fill two to three times a day. I know it sounds like a lot, but your skin and memory will thank you.

Quench cola cravings by swapping soda for a flavored sparkling water instead.

Swipe Less, Snooze More

Snoozing seven-to-nine hours a night is the perfect amount of sleep for a healthy adult. Set a time to go to bed every night to ensure you get enough sleep. And put down the phone at least a half hour before bed to let your brain wind down and prep you for good night’s rest.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Just a Few More Things

You’re establishing a healthy routine, not a diet and exercise plan. Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong way to shift your routine to include healthy habits. Meet your goals the way that makes the most sense to you, and tailor your day to best meet your unique needs. Mix new tips in slowly and consistently, listen to how your body responds, and make changes—this is a fluid transformation.

And reward yourself! Don’t be discouraged if everything doesn’t go as planned, or if you slip up. Rest days are okay, and so is a treat. Try writing down how you feel each day you accomplish all of your goals, and you’ll be inspired to do more.

I’m ready to get my motivation back. Are you? Let’s push restart on our current routine and start fresh in 3…2…1… Go!

About the Writer

Jessica Jarman is a PR specialist in Salt Lake City, UT. When she has free time, you can find her at the gym, the golf course, or in bed reading a good book.


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