A photo blanket is a rectangular-shaped piece of fabric images, pictures, or designs often bounded on the edges. They can be used as a blanket or decorative ancient times, photo blankets were made of thick cloth portraying people, objects, and symbols to tell a story or reveal a historical occasion or phenomena. A photo […]

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A photo blanket is a rectangular-shaped piece of fabric images, pictures, or designs often bounded on the edges. They can be used as a blanket or decorative ancient times, photo blankets were made of thick cloth portraying people, objects, and symbols to tell a story or reveal a historical occasion or phenomena. A photo blanket has a great historical background from ancient times up to modern times. There has been a great evolution that has greatly increased the quality and the designs of the photo blankets ranging from the materials used to the art and creativity. In the past people/communities used photo blankets as a form of communication through storytelling, honoring the dead, and also a well-respected form of communication. In ancient times people used to dye and batik technique to create patterns and pictures. Therefore, throughout history, photo blankets have been a great and major fundamental way of communication, decoration, tradition, and forms of gifting and celebration. In modern days photo blankets can be customized and also increase the use of computers and other technological forms for advancement. People now customize the photos to depict an event, favorite celebrity, favorite logo, or favorite football player or club.

A custom photo blanket can be a good gift to someone as a sign of love and care. They come in different sizes; baby, throw and queen

A custom photo blanket will keep thousands of memories as they usually depict the event. There are several easy steps to make a custom photo blanket.

     How to make a custom photo blanket.

Select your blanket type and size.

You can choose to use a software or any other that pleases you. In the first step, you select the material of the blanket that you want to customize. There are four distinct material option that will enable you to customize the blanket with exact personal stipulations and preferences. Example of these materials include;

·            Smooth fleece. It is popular in delivering pictures of incredible quality with a robust finish

·            Cozy fleece. It provides for a soft and lightweight blanket that is ideal for snuggling up regardless of the weather

·            Sherpa. Has fantastic features. A front side that exhibits photos blended with a soft Sherpa fleece backing on the opposite side.

·            Woven image. This option features images transferred directly onto the 100% cotton blanket.

Regardless of the material or size you chose, you can be sure that the quality of the blanket will be satisfying and fulfilling.

Select your favorite photo

The second step is to select your photo. Be keen to select a picture that depicts the event or carry a special memory. You can as well as select a few photos that you would like your custom blanket to display. To maintain the uniqueness of the blanket, be careful with the choice of your photos that will express your desired sentiment.

Upload your photo

Whatever software you’re using to customize your photo blanket, upload the selected photos for editing. For example, using, you can upload your photos from your own saved pictures on your computer or upload them from social media such as Facebook accounts. College. Com allows you to transfer selected photos directly to the user-intuitive creation template.

Pick your favorite design

There different designs for various occasions that you can choose from. Just pick the one that excites you or matches with the event or the person to be gifted

Arrange your photos.

In this step, creativity will be crucial. Arrange your photos onto the desired design. The nature and beauty of the custom photo blanket will largely depend on your creativity. Make the best arrangement of the photos that will give an exciting feeling and quality custom photo blanket. Ensure the arrangement and design matches the event

After designing and arranging your photos well, you can enjoy the custom blanket whether you’re keeping it for yourself or gifting it to a loved one.

Custom photo blankets can be used on various occasions, representations of history, and forms of communications, honoring people or ways to keep some memories.

Uses of custom photo blankets

Celebrate occasions and events

Custom photo blankets can be ideal for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and also inaugurations. The custom photo blankets can be good presents to friends doing such events for the milestone achievement. They can also be great presentations of the favorite memories during such events. There are also events such as burials where you can make custom photos to honor the departed and depict the best memories with them while they still were alive.

Honoring your pets

If you love value pets, a custom photo blanket can be the best way to express your feelings for your cute pets. In case they succumb sooner than you expected, a photo blanket can be the best way to honor your pet. In some cases, while going far from your pet may be for vacations or jobs contracted far from your pet, a photo blanket can be an ideal way to remind you of your favorite pet.


If you are out of an idea to gift your friend, relative, or wife/husband, a custom photo blanket has got endless ideas of gifts. You can create a photo blanket that highlights all your favorites memories and times you spent together and use it as a gift. You can be sure of the appreciation and acceptance of the generous gift. It’s natural for human beings to love gifts that will remind them of their favorite memories and time they happily spent. A photo blanket is an amazing-size-fits-all gift for nearly any occasion or the person you wish to gift. A custom photo blanket is easy to design for any meaningful present and it all depends on your creativity.


In conclusion, a custom photo blanket makes memories and occasions interesting. It’s good to note that there are three types of photo blankets, a woven photo blanket, which is made on digital software that scans a picture, creates patterns, and then creates a blanket using different colored yarns. We also have a knitted photo blanket that knits the yarns together after scanning and creating the patterns. Lastly, there is a dyed photo blanket which is the latest one. It prints dye onto fabric from a digital image. This implies that there is continuous development and progress of the photo blanket.

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