Tick, Tock — THRIVE!

Good sleep matters.

Although always extremely inspired by our beloved, Arianna Huffington, I hadn’t, until recently, connected the dots on a commonality we share — our intimate relationship with sleep deprivation and its dire consequences, which have the potential to plague pretty much every aspect one’s life.
Creative souls, and the grinders whose energies are boundless and timeless, often find their imaginations springing to life during the late hours of the night and in the wee hours of the morning — the time when many are sound asleep in their beds, as we know we should be too.
We are logically astute enough to recognize and understand the correlation between sleep and rejuvenation. We know that the short and long term benefits of developing healthy sleeping patterns only proves to positively serve us, and yet, as creators and grinders we instead opt to do the dance with the inevitable so as to capitalize on the creative spark that flows through us; plowing through our to-do lists and tirelessly choosing to meet our deadlines. We do all this despite what the clock — and our bodies — tells us — literally and figuratively speaking.

Admittedly, and not always the wisest decision to continuously choose for myself, I have many a time elected creativity and crossed off lists over rest and recalibration. Have I rolled the dice on this more times than perhaps I should have? YES! Has this cognitively impaired me in other areas of my life? YES! Has a cumulative lack of sleep in exchange for around the clock ‘doing’ played a role in my experienced bouts of vertigo and perpetual fatigue throughout the years? Undoubtedly, it has. Has choosing to pull too many all-nighters and burning the candle at both ends, played trickery on my memory and wreaked havoc on my motor skills, and altered my moods and genuine disposition at times? Without question, it most certainly has.

Have I been hypocritical in my self-care advice to fellow peers and colleagues who have equally fallen into the same insomniac rut as I have and for the same reasons as me? A resounding, YES!, on that one too.
Has Arianna’s extreme and unfortunate incident and example of what can happen to any one of us and at any given time — resonated with me and given me pause for thought and provide me with the timely need for self-assessment? ABSOLUTELY!
I have received and embraced the lesson and the intended message, and acknowledge it for what I now know needs to change in my own life. The work will get done. The to-do lists will get tackled. The deadlines will be met. The creative juices will continue to flow, but only if we are healthy enough, ‘awakened’ enough, and still physically around to see it manifest and come to actual fruition. This is, of course, dependent upon each of us in how we may decide to choose differently for ourselves — today!
Thank you, Arianna for gifting me with this much needed and long overdue wake up call.
Love, light, gratitude and well-wishes to you our friend. Only good dreams! #LivingFearlessly

Originally published at medium.com

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