This Sleep Kit Is Designed To Get You Away From Your Phone Before Bed

Is this the future of sleep tech?

Courtesy of Unsplah 

You know by now that scrolling through your phone before bed is far from a healthy pre-sleep routine, but designer Lena Saleh wants to do more to help make sure your nightly activities are more conducive to a good night’s rest. She told architecture and design website De Zeen that she created a ‘sleep kit’ full of objects designed specifically to keep your eyes off your phone before bed.

“The loss of ritual that has arisen due to technology is alarming. I wondered how I could recreate this ritual of ‘winding down’ to promote our sleep hygiene and habits,” Saleh told De Zeen.”My goal was to recreate a modern ritual that acts as a gentle nudge to sleepers to promote positive habits and routines.”

One item in the kit is called the Breath Lux Light, designed to lead users through a relaxing breathing exercise using a soft amber light at night and stimulating blue light in the morning.

Regardless of whether this sleep kit is up your alley, creating a healthy pre-bed routine is essential for good sleep, and keeping your phone out of your bedroom is a great place to start.

Read more about the kit on De Zeen.

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