This Is My Reality…

I created this life for myself

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I’ve made all of my money online for the last year…

My name is Eddie Smith.

This is what my reality looks like.

I sit here at my desk in front of my iMac and work.

I learn new things.

I meet new people.

I document my journey of life.

This is the reality that I created.

It’s sometimes hard for me to comprehend what exactly has happened over the last year.

I come from very simple and humble roots.

I’m from a poor family in the Pacific Northwest and the idea of making money online was as far fetched as being online..I remember it was a big deal using or owning a personal computer.

I used to get into trouble, fight a lot and put myself into compromising situations.

I would self-sabotage, rebound and self-sabotage again.

I would live a life that I hated and settled for.

This was my reality..

It was one that I didn’t know how to escape or what the first step was.

Little did I know that the first step would be hitting rock bottom.

What’s funny is that I didn’t know what rock bottom was.

One morning I had woken up and got ready for work, got my daughter ready and put her in her carseat to take her to daycare. I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment at the time and I had barely anything in it.

All I had was my bed, her crib, her toys, her food.

I didn’t have much food or anything for myself I would mostly eat at the bar I worked at after my regular job or go to the store to buy something that day to cook.

I was the definition of getting by.

I wasn’t making any money online at this time. I didn’t even own a laptop.

I had an iPhone 5C. Later I would get a refurbished Macbook 2007 edition.

It was then that I walked downstairs and my car was gone.

It had been repossessed.

I was shocked.

I didn’t know what to do.

I called my daughters Nana and told her what happened. Disbelief still in my voice.

I would eventually go and move in with my exes gram.

I was actually going backward in life.

How was I to call myself a man? A father? It was miserable.

I would live there for a little over a year.

In that year I would get a new better paying job, hit rock bottom again and quit my new job.

I would learn how to run a profitable Social Media Marketing Agency, hate it and fire all of my clients.

I would learn about Facebook Ads and E-Commerce. Hate it and quit doing it.

I would learn about ClickFunnels and Autoresponders and love it.

I would learn every way that did and didn’t work and what I did and didn’t like.

Most importantly I would discover who I was. I would learn more about myself than ever before.

I would discover my purpose and have the most success I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I would go on to make more money in 90 days than I used to make in an entire year at my previous job.

Thankfully I never gave up. I hired a couple of coaches. I worked my ass off.

What led to most growth & success in my life this year?

👉 Hiring coaches and investing in my growth.

👉 Learn how to use ClickFunnels effectively.

👉 Focus on my purpose and “Why”.

👉 Sacrificing my old life for the life I knew I deserved.

Anyone can create success. Anyone can create their dream life.

I’ve went through the pits of hell and came out the other end a new person.

I had no clue how to make money online.

If I can go from nothing and no where to living my dream life so can you.

Never give up and never lose faith.

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