Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Blog? Think Again…

8 reasons EVERY business should be blogging

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Perhaps you’ve heard the argument before: your business or organization should have a blog. You’ve thought about it but decided that this doesn’t pertain to you. Maybe you think it’s not relevant to your local business, or your clients don’t care, or no one will read it? I get it. There’s enough to worry about when you’re running a business or leading a company. Some times, getting a website up and running is a massive feat in itself. You don’t want to even think about adding a whole new digital element or marketing plan on top of everything else. Unfortunately, this means you’re likely missing out on the larger piece of the pie. The vast majority of businesses and organizations will all greatly benefit from having a blog, for a variety of reasons. Blogging will also inevitably help you target potential clients and grow your organization or business.

If you’ve dismissed the whole blog and social media aspect in the past, take a minute to read these 8 reasons why your business should definitely be blogging.
It might just change your business.

8 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog

  1. It makes you an authority.
    Whether you’re a local winery, a graphic designer, a not-for-profit organization, a realtor, or a small hotel, there will always be much to talk to about and teach others. Having a blog and posting regularly positions you as an authority on the topics you’re writing about. People will see you as knowledgeable in the field (which you are), and when searching for key terms, your website and blog will be one of the first to appear in online search engines. A blog sets you apart.
  2. It will fuel SEO.
    Google will also see you as more of an authority and will hence give your website precedence over others in Google searches. This can be vital to many businesses! I know of a local landscaping company in particular that was fairly new to the game, but due to a rocking’ website and blog, placed as one of the first three landscaping companies in Google searches. They’ve managed to scale their businesses exponentially, in large part due to their online presence.
  3. Your blog is the centre of your social media.
    Having blog content automatically gives you relevant content to share on social media. Post your articles to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and on Medium. Create Pin images and add relevant topics to Pinterest. It all leads back to the blog.
  4. Free marketing.
    Blogs are so important when it comes to marketing. Writing regular posts allows others see you as an expert in the field, and as such, you’re likely to not only gain more clients or customers, but you might be interviewed by journalists as experts in the industry. Who doesn’t love free PR?
  5. It gives your company a voice.
    No longer just a static website, your business is constantly evolving and speaking to others. People love seeing that you really know what you’re talking about and that you care about your audience and future clients.
  6. Create a community.
    Piggybacking on the previous post, having a blog and online social media presence lets you create a community in your industry. People will look to your organization or business for information, and others in your local area or industry worldwide will connect with you to learn more. Never underestimate the power of an online community. It is how many businesses and people have grown their brand.
  7. It gives you insight about your audience or clients.
    When you have a blog, you’re better able to get a feel for what your audience is after due to analyzing analytical information. Which posts did the best? What are people most interested in? Where do they go after reading this particular post? This information will help you understand exactly what it is your clients are looking for and will probably give you many “aha!” lightbulb moments.
  8. Connect with others.
    Having a blog already sets you apart from competitors. It will also let you create connections with others that are more personable. People love feeling that a a business has that personal element, which seems to be lacking in many of today’s industries. It also be fun to connect with others in the community. Having these connections can only help your organization in the long run.

Are you ready to get blogging? Get in touch today so we can set up a free call or meeting to go over your blogging and online needs.

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