These 5 Simple Questions Will Help You Find Peace

How you can be your own life coach.

After three businesses and a lifetime of travel, here’s what I know to be true; unresolved personal issues are way more important than eating broccoli, there’s way more to healthy living than green smoothies and it’s really hard to ride a motorcycle and eat an ice-cream at the same time.

As a health, wellness and lifestyle coach I’m very aware that sometimes, the people who most need the help are the very same people that don’t have access to it.

So what’s the solution?

Coach yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions, they’re designed to empower and encourage you to have an inner dialogue with yourself about what’s right for you and by experimenting you’ll expand your vision for yourself.

Ask yourself.

1: What’s the one thing I should be doing that I know I’m not doing right now?

The disconnect between knowing what we should do and actually doing what we know we should do is very real. Do you need to start exercising? Do you need to change your eating habits? Is there an area of your personal life that needs attention? Do you need to make space for self care? Find that one thing and start doing it.

2: Do I speak, think and act intentionally?

On a day to day basis, do your thoughts and words align with what you want for yourself? If you find yourself killing all your dreams and goals with doubt, the aim here is to move away from doubt and into expectation by choosing which thoughts to focus on.

3: When was the last time I felt truly inspired?

Whether it’s an hour in an unfamiliar coffee shop, a quick weekend away or a six month trip around the world — a temporary change of environment will give you the time and space you need to re-connect with your passion and sense of purpose, you’ll regain your focus, nourish your mind and take back control of your time.

4: Am I going to the right place to get my health sorted?

Try these two alternatives to the doctors office. First stop, your kitchen to cook up some home made meals, proper digestions starts here. Second stop, your local farmers market to pick up some root veg. The alternative to feeling tired but wired is to get grounded — think steaming hot root veg soup and crusty bread.

5: What do I think my next step should be?

Fancy quitting your job, moving to Italy and opening up an ice cream shop? Want to book yourself on that holiday you’ve been dreaming of for years? Set yourself small actionable steps to help you on your way.

For health and wellness coaching with a sidekick of adventure travel click on the link below.

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