This is a call for all those who are tired of contributing to the battle and want to build MOSAIC's of Piece.

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WE CAN DO THIS. we really can.
we can turn the world 
back into a place we are proud to live in,
but we cannot do it by blaming others
and by talking over each other.

we have experienced tragedies
people are going to schools 
and shooting innocent, harmless kids
or they are just taking aim 
and firing away into large crowds of people.
while we stand fighting each other
talking over each other
about what we believe is necessary to stop this.
it is so important that people are expressing their opinions
the only problem is 

we need to listen to what each other has to say
and come together.
we no longer have the luxury of blaming others
of standing on the sidelines and fighting each other,
the time for taking sides is over.
we must come together and find centre.

THE MOSAIC we are building is filled with tension
the connecting points are where we disagree.
this is what has to change
we are a nation now of disconnection
and the only way to reconnect 
is to find places where we share commonality.
it is time to put down the swords,
and plants seeds of unity.
it is no longer ok to engaged in the luxury of hate.

this is a call for all those who are tired 
of contributing to the battle
and want to build MOSAIC’s of Piece.
it is time to create solution tanks, 
MOSAIC listening cirlces
for my daughter who is developmentally delayed taught me
when she tried to say something and i don’t get it
she says it louder
if i still don’t understand, she tantrums
and if i still don’t understand, 
she tries to rip my shirt or bite me.
she is an uncensored version of all of us.
isn’t this what we all do.

we say something
then say it louder
then tantrum
and then destroy.

the solution is to LISTEN
we need to listen to each other
and really hear what people are saying
and if all of us are heard, imagine what is possible
information creates solutions
being heard create peace.

who is ready?
let find a way together to do this.
“you can do things i cannot
and i can do things you cannot
together we can do great things”
let’s let these words of mother theresa resonate within us.

what now becomes possible?
please share your thoughts here!

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