The Wonderful New World

Here's how a borderless, extreme poverty free World looks like, for those who wonder why not

The New World of Fiction States, in construction

It has taken me 16 years to be precise to come up with the design of The New World depicted above. Like the vision of the New Indies in the imagination of Christopher Columbus, here is not only how I imagine the future on Earth, but how I anticipate it based on the ability to project and therefore inherently predict that I learned studying financial economics at Universidad Carlos III and financial engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. Many may wonder why the current World is stuck in the current statu quo with the current World order and an apparently unwilling to change political and corporate establishment. The reason is simple: it is running an obsolete operating system based on politics, the democracy of the nation state and corporate capitalism based on public corporations, stock markets and international mobility/tax minimization.

Nation-states? I’d say they are no longer efficient, that they no longer matter, except for a few instances such as Brazil or China with large populations speaking a same language and sharing a same culture and a market economy large enough to take advantage of economies of scale. My native Spain is a nation of nationalities, with four historial nationalities (nacionalidades historicas) recognized in the 1978 constitution: Catalunya, Euskadi (Basque Country), Galicia and Andalusia, the latter the least obvious. The World will remain a World of nationalities but not of nation-states, oftentimes small and inefficient. Nationalities are equivalent to ethnicities. Take for instance the small republic of Albania where I have lived for the past three years, it is both a nation and a nationality. Albanians are a small, homogeneous ethnic group with their own culture and language, as such their nationality will not only perpetuate but also thrive. However it is absurd that such small republic, one of Europe’s poorest remains today a nation-state running its own currency, its own Ministries and even large network of Embassies, with a President and a Prime Minister. The Administration in Albania is mastodontic suffering from atrophia, it is like having a body with a head ten sizes what it should be. The same applies in the Balkans to Macedonia and Kosovo, to Serbia and Montenegro, but nationalities, not nations, maintain the hatred of centuries past and are as a result unable to cooperate. Spain in the meantime has to let the Catalans go and emancipate -as I will explain in a subsequent piece- and become the England of Reypublica, influencing but not imposing. The Catalans are fed up with Castilian intrusion and expansionism, I am not surprised.

The New World has thus far 31 Fiction States. As I defined on The Huffington Post in 2016:

A Fiction State is the aggregation and integration of at least two nation-states embracing a philosophy of maximum integration in the shortest time interval. As such it belongs in the realm of the imaginary and is only a long-term possible future -eventually the very best- among the many possible.

Integration must be maximum in the shortest time available. It must be maximum because any other possibility would be similar to wasting resources, and as it is quintessential today there is no room for waste so long as billions remain hungry, uneducated, lacking water, sanitation, healthcare and education. Nation-states can as a result be grouped according to certain criteria, for instance:

  1. Group nation-states in the same geography;
  2. Group nation-states sharing the same language, culture and eventually religion;
  3. Group nation-states that can benefit from pooling resources, from federalization;
  4. Group nation-states that can embrace a Travel Union;
  5. Group nation-states that represent in Prof. Robert A. Mundell‘s theory an Optimum Currency Area, nation-states which can as a result embrace a common currency;
  6. Do all of the above so long as the inhabitants of the participating nation-states can be convinced of the benefits of the integration process.

In 2013 I explained “Why I Embrace Integration” warning the audience that:

Integration does oftentimes not happen because certain agents and players (the intermediaries) oppose and sometimes impose their presence through legislation or the use of force. Certain intermediaries are still necessary today, but perhaps a majority is not. The intermediary oftentimes holds a competitive advantage which justifies its very own existence. An intermediary can become a parasite.

Tell Spaniards to give up Catalunya and they won’t, explain to them that by letting the Catalans emancipate Spain will become the leading nationality of Reypublica and they will listen to you because Castilians are above all explorers and conquerers. The historical rivalry of nations must come to an end. We all, in actuality rather our ancestors, have fought infernal eternal wars, conquering, being conquered, comming atrocities, suffering from them. The vendetta cannot perpetuate forever. Society has to mature and mature forward in a manner according to the urgency of the time. The exceptional The Economist illustrator Claudio Munoz wonderfully explains the process of confrontation, reconciliation between nation-states in his now acclaimed Fiction-State illustrations:

Portugal, Spain and now Catalunya will unite in a new Fiction State called Reypublica

World Integration will not happen overnight. Fiction States represent an extremely powerful vehicle to accelerate regional integration, precisely through a vehicle called the narrative paradigm. Take for instance the three coastal nations of Guinea-Conakry, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa, among the World’s poorest and hungriest no matter what their political establishments want the rest of us to believe, falling in their own trap of complacency, bias, misery and bad self awareness. These three coastal nations could united forces and build up a federation of three nation-states, two languages and one single administrative capital, spending less in bureacracy and overlapping administrations, and more in education and healthcare. I will soon introduce Liberia’s new leadership and an invitation for All Liberians to join The Liberia Presidential Team.

Universities merge to become more competitive and scale up in the international University Rankings, for instance CentraleSupelec in France. Companies merge for exactly the same reason in order to satisfy the appetite of hungry investors who demand more profit and an increasing stock price. Nation-States do not marry because of barriers of entry that, honestly speaking, are today rather subjective and ideological, not objective or pragmatic.

My father has always emphasized he is a realist and a pragmatic. At 42 years old I am still an idealist, although I radically embrace pragmatism. Countries are politically run by oftentimes incompetent Members of Parliament a majority of whom are lawyers, Members of Parliament who are also called Legislators, in what Catalan Writer Xavier Roig denominates “The Dictatorship of Incompetence“. I am an engineer and a social scientist, I have been trained to find solutions to the World’s greatest social problems, not to legislate useless Laws that will rarely transform into positive action.

Albania’s University system is Europe’s worst: this is a fact according to the only available Ranking of Universities. Yet a New Law was passed in 2013 aimed at improving the University System. Nothing has changed in 5 years. Similarly the current international political system run by the United Nations approves in a myriad of summits resolutions that remain on paper and have no binding outcomes. The problem of the United Nations, in the aftermath of Kofi Annan’s death, is that it is a system run by ex-politicians. Ex-politicians originate from the political party, the World’s most corrupt and inefficient kind of organization where nepotism reigns, where client networks thrive, there kleptocracy easily grows and caciques dominate and predominate. Many ex-politicians from Spain with dubious analytical skills have come to play key roles in the United Nations, to my astonishment and that of my U.S. and U.K. trained myriad of friends and classmates.

Do not tell me it cannot be done. I avoid individuals who do not challenge the current statu quo. The real question is what next?. Well here’s an emerging proposal for the curious mind. And if you not only believe a New World is possible but would like to join the effort I encourage you to join one of the 200 Presidential Teams I am putting together. If you have stellar credentials including a Master’s degree from a prestigious University do not hesitate to connect with me via Linkedin.

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