The Wealth Of, Mother: Trinh Con Song 🇻🇳

Re-defining The Wealth Of Mother and the Restoring Of Humanity For, Anew! A Look At The Late TRINH CONG SON and His Recording Of, "Gia Tai Cua Me!" 🇻🇳

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Riches. Wealth. More abundance. Every culture, nation, and person has their own definition of wealth and abundance. Every generation, and age group, has their particular definition of “wealth.” And, so the question remains, what is true wealth? Is it something that you can always take with you when you transition, onward? What is the true definition of, wealth?

You will find that wealth (and riches) are often connected to material things. Money. Currency. Fashions. Designs. Residential spacing. Land. Natural resources. The list continues to go on. Yet, another question remains. How does this accumulation of wealth correlates to happiness? How does it sustain the level of happiness? What good are worldly riches, if they do not support the humanity of others? What good are material definitions of wealth if they do not nourish the lives of others; while contributing to the overall, human experience?

Would you like to know a little secret? Here it goes. Wealth means nothing if it is not for the amplification of life’s abundance. It means absolutely nothing! Wealth and worldly riches should come with an understanding of providing balance to the human experience. It should elevate, and awaken. Such is one of the feminine forms of nurture and awareness. When the natural aura of Mother is involved, there comes a sense of abundance. Wealth is depicted differently in the context of the natural world. When Mother is involved, things look so much, different. They really do. Through Mother, wealth is connected with the sustaining (and re-cycling) of life. It is based on moving through a greater level of existing. Furthermore, it’s about ascending to a higher state of, Being.

Still moving through the waters of Vietnam, and we come to move into a higher chamber. The song is entitled, “Gia T’ai Cua Me.” Translation: “Mother’s Wealth.” And the wealth of Mother is a beauty, indeed. Her wealth makes an individual feel, alive! Mother’s grants one the promise of feeling, restored. There is life, which is cultivated and spread throughout the land. Wherever there is life, just know that Mother is, around. Explore the world and one will find traces of Mother, there. For, she caters to the need of human existence. She tends to the need, for wanting to experience a sense of purpose of one’s journey. Mother sees all. Plus, she caters to the very fascination and existence of life. Mother is wealth, herself. She re-defines how, and what life should be. Perhaps, it’s time to return to Mother’s definition of wealth. Humanity seems to be more at peace, when they are connected to, her.

On another level, there is a particular state of Being, which is undeniable. The level of freedom is surreal. Through this eye, wealth becomes a tool for healing. Wealth (in holistic forms) is centered around getting humanity to rise above. They are to rise to a higher frequency. Even more, there are different ways of instilling one into a greater awakening. The revelations soon come to demonstrate this different world of wealth. It is a world, where human existence is valued. It’s a dimension, where the self is moved into a higher reckoning, and relationship, with others. One begins to envision oneself intertwined with people from all walks of life; from around the globe. 🌎 Sooner or later, a shift begins to take place. Wealth is seen as an elevation of the human Spirit; not a destroyer of it.

One of the most enchanting phenomenons of Mother is her intertwining with the precious nature of continuing the life cycle. Even when Mother is gone, she will find a way to re-birth her image. It could be through other human beings, involved. Mother has the power of sending people from, afar, to assist the journey, when she is no longer, there. This is the awakening and prophecy of Mother. When things go wrong, she will always sustain. That’s just how she is.

The wealth of Mother is a manifestation, and elevation of Earth’s alignment with Heaven. She moves and guides through different elements. Those wealthy elements are re-cycled, re-nourished, and restored. Through it all, Mother brings forth the lessons of holistic systems of wealth and the sacred individuals, sent here to restore the wealth, anew.

Trinh Con Song
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