The Watering Of Love: Serge Gainsbourg #France 🇫🇷

A Look At The Late SERGE GAINSBOURG, and the Flowing Into Love's Healing, In The Song, "L'eau a la bouche!"

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There is so much hesitancy when people are introduced to the very meaning of love; the power of love. Why do we do this? As human beings, why are we dedicated to cheating ourselves out of love’s timing? Is it fear? Is it reflection on the past? Is it possibly the thought that love is “outdated” and can’t be real, anymore? Let’s not forget that some people have lost hope in love. Heartbrokeness and pain has caused so many people to feel that anything resembling the very essence of love is just a farce. If only they could truly understand the power of being open to the naturalness of love. True love (authentic love) will always come at the right time. It is generous. True. Gentle. Nourishing. Loving. And restorative. Yet, when you have been hurt so many times, you come to a point where you yearn to run away from love.

Still in French landscapes, her paradises, and waters. The song plays on. Allons. Allons. That’s how it goes. There are many people out there, who would rather walk away from love. In fact, they would rather pretend it is not even there. Even when true love is standing right in front of them-waving to them-they had rather pretend it isn’t there. The sad reality is that they had rather believe the lie than to connect with the truth. Shockingly, some people are not even evolved themselves in that manner. They refuse to, or are scared in doing so.

And so, we come across the song. It is entitled “L’eau a la bouche.” In English it is entitled, “Mouth Watering.” Oh, yes. There is something extremely mouth watering about the very nature of love. Take note to the use of the term, water. 💧 For water is one of the elements of love. It is a gift from Heaven and that of the Most High. Water is delightful in every portion of the way. Furthermore, is has a unique power in getting us to believe in her again, when it comes our way.

Ecoute ma voix, ecoute ma priere

Hear my voice, hear my prayer

Ecoute mon coeur qui bat, laisse-toi faire

Listen to my beating heart, let it go

Je t’en prie ne sois pas farouche

Please do be shy

Quand me vient l’eau a la bouche

When it comes to my mouth water

Je te veux confiante, je te sens captive

I want you confident, I feel you captive

Throughout these lyrics, one comes to hear the plea for one to recognize the desire for a man to love a woman. It’s in the atmosphere. One feels this need-more and more. For, it is necessary. Acknowledging that one desires love from a person (the seeker) is an act of self care and holistic wellness, in itself. Proclaiming one’s love for someone is a contribution to the very nature of humanity. It is needed. For proclamations lead to declarations, which manifests into actualizations.

The beauty and intimacy of this declaration is that the man senses that she is living in an emotional cage. She is imprisoned. Nevertheless, he desires to get her out of this entrapment. And, it all starts with an act of love. Love is the case of it all.

Je te veux docile, je te sens craintive

I want you confident, I feel you captive

Je t’en prie, ne sois pas farouche

Please don’t be shy

Quand me vient l’eau a la bouche

When it comes to my mouth water

Laisse-toi au gre du courant

Let yourself go with the flow

Porter dans le lit du torrent

Porter in the torrent bed

Et dans le mien

And, in mine

Si tu veux bien

If you agree

Quittons la rive

Let’s leave the shore

Partons a la derive

Let’s go, adrift

Through each and every one of these lyrics, his main desire is to see her within her healing stages. Afterall, he wants her in a space of nurture and comfort. What does it mean to transition from a place of pain to one of love and nurture and restoration? On a higher level, how does it even feel? Well, it feels nutritious and Heavenly. Perhaps, those are the two words to best describe it. Yes. That’s exactly it. It’s about the purging of energies, which no longer serve us. Therefore, as it relates to the blessing of love’s Divine, when a certain love enters into our spacing, just know that there are ways of moving through these very dynamics. For love cannot blossom if it is not embraced. One must be open to love, in order to receive a cleansing from it.

Therefore, as we come to explore further layers into the song, let’s celebrate the initial step, taken. For starters, it’s about the power of moving through a higher level of momentum. A man has come to convey to a woman, that he is in love with her. In fact, he reads her desire for love more than she does. Recognizing that a person is deserving of love is one of the ecstasies of love, my Darlings! Open up. Awaken. Experience the healing euphoria of it all! ❤💙💜💖💗

Serge Gainsbourg
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