The Transformative Power of a Satisfied Workforce

In any industry across the globe, businesses of all sizes continuously strive to achieve financial success, global impact, a positive reputation, and overall forward movement. Through the implementation of various incentives, policies, and goals across all facets of operation, companies strive to continuously gain positive results on an immediate, and long-term basis. In customer service […]

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In any industry across the globe, businesses of all sizes continuously strive to achieve financial success, global impact, a positive reputation, and overall forward movement. Through the implementation of various incentives, policies, and goals across all facets of operation, companies strive to continuously gain positive results on an immediate, and long-term basis. In customer service and hospitality industries, these goals are combined with the forward-facing need to maintain positive consumer experiences at all times, a feat only accomplished through a continued commitment to positive communication efforts. Within this plethora of operational tasks needed to ensure the long-term success of any business, people are ultimately at the epicenter of the success of a company. From the individuals who physically manufacture a product, to customer service specialists who ensure consistent customer satisfaction, and the management teams who oversee performance, the power of people propels business.

            As the COO and Co-Founder of NICE Global, an extensive nearshore business solutions provider based in Jamaica, I have garnered extensive first hand insight regarding the direct correlation between prioritizing the long-term needs of employees, and subsequent business success. Through the creation of an employee centric corporate culture, the fostering of internal talent, and the ongoing dedication to overall employee satisfaction, NICE Global successfully provides all employees with a career they can be proud of, which leads to stellar ongoing performance. In my experience, I can confidently support the notion that appropriately setting up employees for success equates to a mutually beneficial outcome for the employee, as well as for the business.

Implement Extensive Initial Training

For many employees entering a new field, lack of initial training can lead to feeling unprepared to tackle any issues, and increased anxiety related to lack of knowledge pertaining to the job’s expectations. Though the notion of allowing employees to learn “on the job” may render a positive outcome in limited examples, the vast majority of employees feel most confident independently attempting tasks if they have received thorough training, oversight, and confidence-boosting leadership intervention. Thus, initial training is crucial toward the development of confident, self-assured employees who are ready to tackle any arising issue.

Particularly proud of my company’s training module, I encourage all business owners to adapt a highly organized initial onboarding period. Within the NICE Global model, all new employees receive highly specialized onboarding training, and cannot advance to the act of independently communicating with our customer base without proving comprehension in the basics of operations, knowledge, and tactics utilized within the position. With many tasks at NICE Global being customer-facing, such as customer service support for various brands, our employees must be confident in speaking with consumers, as they are the first line of communication between the brand, and the customer. Thus, prior to taking any live calls, our customer service representatives shadow seasoned peers, listen to previously recorded telephone conversations, and enact various training examples with other staff.

When our staffers are deemed ready to perform live customer-facing tasks, they are paired with tenured staff members, who provide consistent feedback, until perfection and confidence are achieved. Finally, our fully trained staff members are ready to independently complete tasks, confident in their extensive knowledge, insight, and expectations. Not only do these tactics allow new employees to feel armed with the knowledge needed to initially succeed within their position, but the thorough investment into their success allows new employees to feel valued by the company.

Training Never Stops

As is the case for new employees, tenured employees must continue to receive ongoing industry specific training to remain abreast of any changes in policy and procedure, but to also feel consistently valued as an integral part of the team. By investing in ongoing professional development, companies showcase dedication to the success of employees, allowing employees to feel as though they have the full support of leadership to excel, grow, and develop broader skills. For NICE Global, we implement this consideration in many ways.

Through our “Train the Trainer” program, we incentivize seasoned employees to learn the nuances of other roles through an interdisciplinary training program. By cross-training highly skilled employees within other areas of the company, leaders have the ability to gain new perspectives regarding the ways in which each department contributes to the overall success of daily operations, parlaying a level of respect for each cog of the proverbial wheel. Additionally, learning about various parts of the company is an excellent way to allow employees to feel involved, and ready to speak upon various topics related to the company with pertinent insight, authority, and involvement.

At NICE Global, I have spearheaded our bespoke Four Points Pledge program, which provides all employees with extensive onboarding, followed by continuous training focused on independent launch, continued results, and long-term optimization. Through ongoing training sessions, frequent check-ins with peers and executive staff, and data-backed measurements for success, we provide long-term employees with the tools needed to foster ongoing successes, along with advancement opportunities relient on ongoing internal training and support.

Set Feasible Metrics

            By providing concise expectations in terms of performance, employers can successfully avoid any initial miscommunication regarding standards, expected job tasks, desired outcomes, and metrics for measuring these factors. Without this standardization and concise communication, employees are often left feeling unsure of their specific duties, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, disruption of workflow, and even Imposter Syndrome.

            Thus, at NICE Global, we eliminate this possibility by providing all employees with concise scope of work statements and expectations, as well as the metrics and data tools needed to self-monitor progress. Additionally, we provide an internal system that allows employees to gain knowledge regarding any job-related concerns in real-time, and to be autonomously in charge of their own professional trajectory. By understanding specific expectations, employees can effectively implement bespoke systems to achieve certain goals, maintain appropriate action, and feel successful on a daily basis.

Continuously Monitor Satisfaction and Performance

Within many less organized business structures, consistently poorly performing employees may not understand the reasoning for their ultimate termination. Without continued proper feedback, these employees do not have an opportunity to rectify any shortcomings, and can feel blindsighted by their termination, adding to a potentially negative company reputation following seemingly “random” terminations. Thus, in order to maintain a proactive environment bolstered by constant communication, professional performance must be monitored on a continuous basis. Not only does consistent professional feedback allow employees to understand the standards they are being held to, but it allows them to develop any needed tweaks as a result of proactive and transparent communication with direct supervisors.

In my experience, I have found that ongoing performance monitoring leads to long-term success, often bolstering the self-esteem and confidence of skilled team members by providing tangible proof of a job well done, while suggesting minor pivots to streamline processes. Within the operational structure at NICE Global, customer service results are monitored in real-time, and analytics are created to showcase employee statistics, as well as suggest any areas of needed improvement. Upon garnering this useful data, Analysts can provide agents with bespoke recommendations, rather than vague ideas that may not apply to their individual situations.

            Invest in Self-Betterment

            By promoting primarily from within, many companies incentivize employees to seek self-betterment opportunities, including education, practical training, and even internal internship programs related to coveted positions. Many employers even assist talented employees with absorbing educational costs, further proving their dedication to helping exceptional employees thrive within the corporate structure. Such investments into personnel self-betterment are pivotal toward maintaining a satisfied workforce, and maintaining an employee-centric corporate culture that fosters growth, development, and confidence.

            I founded NICE Global with the mission to create a corporate culture that values the employee, and promotes self-growth for the betterment of the individual, as well as the company. With talented and well-educated staffers, I surmised that my company could benefit from the desire to be surrounded by motivated individuals who want to garner leadership positions. Thus, at NICE Global, we provide extensive educational opportunities for employees who want to learn new trades, and support all staff members through an internal corporate structure that promotes our talented staffers from within.

            Provide Lifestyle Perks

            In order for employees to want to excel within a position, and stay with a particular company on a long-term basis, conditions tertiary to the actual job must align with their ongoing needs. Work safety and comfort are crucial toward maintaining satisfaction on behalf of employees, and lifestyle perks and benefits are key to a positive work/life balance. Thus, by providing well-balanced conditions, as well as key lifestyle perks that equate to a meaningful impact on everyday life, companies can ensure overall happiness of employees, who will want to grow alongside the company.

            In our case, NICE Global takes employee safety and comfort very seriously, providing a state-of-the-art facility surrounded 24/7 by internal and external security measures. With comfortable in-house amenities, the physical space is conducive to a pleasant experience. Additionally, we provide free access to a shuttle bus for employees, complimentary lunches, and even free employee healthcare, all lifestyle perks that equate to a well balanced existence appreciated by the staff. As our company continues to grow, our focus on employee satisfaction continued to grow alongside the business, with a continued desire to maintain a competitive and positive corporate culture that attracts long-term skilled employees.

            Through the implementation of various tactics, as well as an employee centric business model, NICE Global is able to retain long-term employees, which cuts down on operational costs related to onboarding new employees, provides tenured employees with vast advancement opportunities, generates an ongoing positive company reputation that leads to a desire to work for the company, and creates positive performance on behalf of satisfied employees. By investing in the people who are integral to daily business success, we are investing in the future of the company. The transformative power of a satisfied workforce is the backbone of long-term company success, growth, and further development.

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