The Time I Couldn’t Believe I Was Dreaming

What is seen in the light is not always what contrast the dark.

This piece is simply a piece, a fraction of the whole, the infinitude of small dots that creates the letter which become words. As always we must think in metaphors, to know what is really being said and what is not being said. But to guide your thinking, this is no ordinary light and no ordinary darkness. As those who venture in this darkness are not lost, and those who are seen within this light are not found either. So what is at stake here, is whether in the dark or the light, what is ever seen if the eyes construe the dark from the light and the light from the dark.

There was a time not so long ago, I could hardly remember when, where I was sleeping but I was not yet dreaming. And so, I was unsure whether it was in my dream I was sleeping, or in my sleep I was dreaming.

But a strange tale unfolded, you see, as a result of this paradox. And it is for this reason I had to doubt my senses, as they hardly told me the truth of anything.

Before me was a darkness like no other, black as black can be, and within this blackness there existed a being that radiated and omitted a color. Now I do not know how it did this, but it did it. And for so long I questioned from where the being came from but there was no resolve, but that it floated in and out of existence. And inasmuch as I looked upon the being, I never doubted why it was the only thing I could see. And it was for this reason, I left the being in search of the light. Because I did not like that this being of light, did not reveal what was in the darkness and only revealed itself among the darkness. As if to suggest, that it was the light but it was not The Light, because it’s light did not reveal any of the darkness rather it was it’s own light.

This being was within the darkness, but it was the only thing that could be seen in the darkness as this darkness was the darkest shade of black.

Anyways as the story would unfold, I saw an image in the darkness but in the darkness there was only blackness. And in this darkness there was no me, but rather I too was of the darkness, and the darkness and myself were one.

In this dream I searched for the light, never realizing perhaps the light was in front of me. A light that does not reveal the darkness, because the darkness is not the light.

You see my eyes, however perceptive they are, dared to search for the light in the darkness, and so further into the darkness I led myself, never realizing what is in the dark there can never be a light.

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