The Technology Origins of Comprehensive Wellness

If ever there was a time and place in which the ability to easily tap into wellness was critical, today’s world is indeed at that critical juncture. The maze of apps offering finger-tip solutions for exercise, or yoga, or meditation, or interval training, can be overwhelming to a consumer trying to manage the complexity of today’s COVID-19 world. A simpler, more comprehensive and welcoming approach is needed. Enter Verv’s All-in-One app for wellness.

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STEM entrepreneur, CEO and founder Luba Pashkovskaya describes her global company Verv’s latest, all-in-one fitness app as a Netflix for health and wellness and certainly a solution for our times.

The Verv All-In-One app is built on four pillars which Pashkovskaya describes as essential: effective sleep, balanced nutrition, aerobic activity and mindful health. 

   The app is designed to be comprehensive yet user-friendly, providing individuals with what they need and want when they need and want it – all in one place and at their fingertips, just like a certain ubiquitous cascade entertainment service.  The perfection of this comprehensive approach has been years in development and creation and has developed along with consumers’ understanding of their needs and preferences.

“In 2010, people thought about mobile fitness apps as optional non-essential tools for tracking their activities,” Pashkovskaya said. “Ten years later, in 2020, people want their technology to work for them. Today, when people install a mobile fitness app, they mostly expect a complex, fully personalized guidance client, that could become the core of their lifestyle and fitness routine.”

So, what is the Verv app experience?  Let’s find out:

The App Experience

The fitness app opens with an extended meet-and-greet questionnaire, allowing the programming to customize the intensity, duration and goals for the individual user.

The app is a coach, cheerleader and workout partner, all rolled into one. The coach offers instructions on proper form and when to change up your activity, the cheerleader recognizes benchmarks and plateaus and the workout partner reminds you and encourages you to keep moving forward. As the user progresses, the app adapts.  It has a clean interface and seems relatively easy to customize and begin using.

Pashkovskaya also noted they worked extensively to learn how to work with people’s motivations and how to make the product personalized and secure. To ensure performance and accuracy, the Verv team partners with proven experts in running, fitness, nutrition, meditations and overall health and all program and content is checked very carefully. 

She also shared that, while Verv is a global company, the team pays a great deal of attention to customization for local markets and cultures. Verv works to deliver a deep understanding of wellness that resonates with the culture of people across different parts of the world.

The COVID-19 Crisis:  Rising to the Challenge

In 2020, the social isolation triggered by the coronavirus COVID-19 was a significant test of the benefits of an integrated mobile health and wellness app. By using the VERV app on mobile devices, the technology was configured to gather a wide variety of very precise user data, including sleep patterns, daily physical activity and dietary specifics and other cues that users may miss in regular gym or training sessions.

“Very often, we don’t even pay attention to small signals such as changes in sleep or activity levels,” Pashkovskaya said. “When you work with a trainer, you may not even mention a poor night’s sleep, because you don’t think about it. But a mobile app knows and adjusts the training and the schedule so you’re able to recover and get back on track.”

Wellness for All:  Complimentary Program

To help people get through this global health crisis while givin them a chance to experience the benefits of an integrated approach to wellness, Verv offers a 7-day free trial version of their app as well as a free “Stay-at-Home” kit that interested users can download here: 

Readers should note this is available as an iOS download only; an Android version will be available later in 2020.

In closing, using an integrated app such as Verv may mean you can step up your wellness and just as easily as using a certain popular digital cascade entertainment service.

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