The Surprising Thing that Gets in The Way of Gratitude and Your Higher Self

Gratitude is the foundation from which you can achieve a state of pure joy, health, and happiness, the pathway to higher consciousness and peace of mind.

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I’m going to stream consciousness about Gratitude today with the intention that if you are reading this at any point in time in your life, it is for a reason. Perhaps somehow you were guided to do so in the process of reaching your highest being.

Does thinking of gratitude get in the way of gratitude itself? If so, what should we practice instead?

Gratitude is a fruit, a perfume, a sort of music or sound, if you will, that doesn’t need to be forced. It is the by-product of experience, to be experienced in the moment. Focusing on Gratitude defeats the purpose of being grateful because, in a sense, being grateful would be, “I am grateful for this, or I am grateful for that.”

However, Gratitude in its truest form doesn’t have attachments to it. This is why looking for Gratitude is completely missing the point. Instead, ask yourself, “How can I seek the higher path with every breath that I take, every step that I take? Can I seek the higher path with humility? Can I show gratitude to this tree, to this ant, to this flower, to this other person who’s breathing next to me? Can I embrace the true gift of just being, without seeking, looking, wanting, needing?”

Indeed, the whole point is really knowing which part of the self is looking for Gratitude. Is it the true higher self? Or is it the ego that feels compelled to grab on to something? If it’s the latter, there is no freedom in that. There is no letting go in that. There is no love in that place. It’s all ego, after all. No peace.

If I would guide someone to find Gratitude, I would suggest that rather than looking for it, you must come in silence and ask these questions: “Who am I?” “At this moment, right now, am I aware of myself?” “What does my higher self want me to do?”

Think of it like breathing, for example. Do you have to think about it before you take the next breath? Of course not! The experience of breathing happens naturally without force. It’s simply a natural state of being.

When I work with someone, I take them back to the womb. I take them back to their inner child. I take them back to revisit that place of innocence, that pure joy, and that fact of just being with no attachment. That very feeling is an experience that expands upon self-love. It is a process of expansion that brings forth the highest vibration on this planet. It is an expression of our higher self.

Gratitude has a healing ripple within us, and also takes consciousness of its own as it stretches beyond us in the world.

So it’s essential to go back to the questions of “Who am I?” and “What does my higher self want me to do?” Go back to the intention: “Why am I grateful?” “Why do I want to be grateful?” “Is it because it’s a condition, or is it because I want to be attached to that feeling?”

Then, as you become more and more present, you will awaken at the seat of Gratitude, which is the seat of the soul at the heart center. If you can connect to the essence of the moment, Gratitude will be revealed gracefully, and to hold that place of Gratitude is to be so present that everything, everyone, and every breath connects to that very pure essence.

Gratitude is the fruit that is being revealed at the seat of the soul. And when you find yourself there, it’s because it manifests itself without you thinking about it. Essentially, it’s an expression of yourself, as well as a celebration of life.

This is why I treat everyone the same, regardless if they are millionaires or homeless. I see humanity and I learn from everyone. That, to me, is a form of Gratitude without looking for Gratitude. It’s an experience at the highest form of living—being present and at one with all things and all beings.

Gratitude and that place of expression also induce creativity and intuition, which I teach. This is important because it’s holy and it’s a place of grace.

In summary, I would say that Gratitude leads to grace and grace leads to love, which, in turn, leads to light. This is the very essence of who you are at the core of your own higher self.

Gratitude is the foundation from which you can achieve a state of pure joy, health, and happiness.

We’re not supposed to look for Gratitude. 

Instead, we are asked to see with our true eye, the divinity gaze. With a grateful heart, it will ignite and restore our faith among us.

Gratitude is a pathway to higher consciousness and peace of mind.

Live in the moment, my friend. Be grateful.

I send you love and light always. For the highest good.
– Juju

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