The Struggles of an Extraordinary Coach

And the one thing your clients really need to be powerful

I’m going to get really open with you about what has been my biggest struggle in my business until I realized the deeper truth.

I LOVE — and I mean, absolutely LOOOVE — supporting people in creating their dreams and living their missions on this planet. There is truly nothing more satisfying to me than connecting with someone on that deep, soul level and helping them see and feel and KNOW who they are and why they’re here. And then, actually supporting them in achieving that vision.

But. . . I do struggle with one thing in particular –

I have a tendency to give away the farm, so to speak.

I’ll never forget when one of my clients said in the middle of our session one day –

“Annie — you’re an extraordinary coach. The space you hold for people is powerful and magical beyond measure. But you give SO much to your clients that they don’t need you after just a couple of sessions.”

That floored me! And it actually made me hide for a while. I stopped being that extraordinary coach, trying hard to dial things back so that I didn’t give so much all the time. I shared less and in sharing less, I shared less from my heart. Less of my truth.

And then I realized something. . .

I don’t want my clients to NEED me. I don’t want them to be reliant on my strategies and intuition to help them move forward. Instead, I want to empower them to be fully led by their own intuition. Fully tapped into what strategies will work best for them and their business and their visions.

I don’t want them to need me. I want them to know without a doubt that they are loved. That they are supported. And held. That they are heard. That they are understood and that they are always safe.

It’s totally ok if they only need a few sessions before they’ve got what they need.

I want my clients to know their own power. To be so committed to themselves and their greatness, that there is no other way to be. I want to witness their greatness and be the mirror that reflects it back to them in the moments when they’ve forgotten.

I want them to feel so filled, so loved, so held, so heard and supported and understood, that they come back for the next session because they know that at every step, magic awaits.

I want them to feel so loved and supported that they come back to the next session because they know that collaboration and connection, that infinite love and support, are always there for them.

I want them to receive what they need and see them fly when they’re ready to soar. And whether that moment is days or weeks or years away, I want my clients to know I’m always here for whatever is next.

Listen — love and support is the one thing we all require to fulfill our missions on this planet and create something meaningful. We are not meant to do it all alone.

So yes, I give the farm away. . . because I know that when people feel truly loved and supported, they go out and share that love with the world in their own unique way.

And that, my friends, is my real mission on this planet. I know without a doubt that love dissolves anything that is not loving and that love is the light that will lead to peace. ❤️

Ready for the next step?

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