The psychological impact of the pandemic as illustrated by Eric J Dalius

The lockdown imposed due to the epidemic is a brand new addition to human life. The epidemic has brought about far-reaching changes to the lifestyle of human beings. Many studies got conducted throughout the world regarding the impact of COVID-19 on social life. These studies focus on the various dimensions of human life and the parallel implications […]

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The lockdown imposed due to the epidemic is a brand new addition to human life. The epidemic has brought about far-reaching changes to the lifestyle of human beings. Many studies got conducted throughout the world regarding the impact of COVID-19 on social life. These studies focus on the various dimensions of human life and the parallel implications caused. The multiple factors involved the physical, mental, emotional aspects of human life. Of all these areas, the psychological dimension is the most important one.

According to Eric J Dalius, one cannot avoid human health’s psychological scope at any cost. However, research on a large scale reveals that people are not comfortable talking about mental health. The number of reports related to physical illness is high as compared to mental illness.

The psychological effect which is caused by the spread of the pandemic needs more attention. Almost all age groups have been affected mentally by the various restrictions imposed by authorities. Every feeling or rather an emotion needs detailed analysis. The interplay of these emotions has a direct impact on the physical health of an individual.

Some psychological dimensions of the pandemic

  • The real face of loneliness: according to learned individuals, man is a social animal. Human beings cannot live in isolation. They can only survive through interaction with others in society. The interrelation between man and community is something that gets reiterated in various studies. Many philosophers have time and again focused on the importance of a cooperative relationship between men and the larger society. Due to the global pandemic, people are confined to their homes there has been a distance created between man and the outer world. The space that gets created has resulted in a feeling of loneliness that is very common. It is this feeling of loneliness that is responsible for lowered communication skills as well as skills related to decision-making.

According to EJ Daliusif the feeling of loneliness continues for more than 15 to 20 days, then it may lead to depression. The effect of loneliness on the human body is just like smoking cigarettes. You should make every possible effort to stay away from negative thoughts and lonely feelings by engaging yourself in productive activities. So be careful to check out the early signs and get medical help immediately.

  • The impact on productivity: with offices and workplaces shut down; people got compelled to work from home. Some consider ita boon; however, for others, it is not easy for them. One thing that should get noted is that the work from the home regime has eliminated the time involved in traveling and thus has increased productivity. The increase in productivity adds to the mental relief of a vulnerable person. You have to stay at home and take care of your office activities without traveling, which maycause mental bliss.
  • However, two things play an essential role in this situation. They are distraction and coordination. There are several distractions at home in the form of television, children playing around, outside noise, etc. These distractions can interrupt your work and decrease productivity. Secondly, coordination has also taken the face of the digital world. You can virtually coordinate your office activities via the digital platform. Hence Eric Dalius has tried to highlight the positive effect of COVID-19 on the productivity of an individual.
  • Anxiety and fear: pandemic has resulted in uncertain times. The fear of anxiety and fear has become common among individuals. You may blame it for playing with the wellness of yourself as well as your loved ones. The feelings can stay tolerated to an extent. However, if these become overwhelming, they can affect your quality of life and functionality. It can become counterproductive. Information overload can become one of such reasons for anxiety. With so much happening in the outside world, each and everyone gets exposed to information overload. Often misinformation can cause fear in an individual. The second reason for fear and anxiety can be due to job security issues.

The past few months have revealed a paramount increase in the loss of jobs all across the world. With so many people losing their source of livelihood, you can be worried about your job security. It can be a cause of worry in your mind. What should you do? You must have a discussion with your company regarding their policies shortly. Studies have revealed that open talks with higher authority can relieve your mental stress and anxiety.

Another reason that can be a cause of fear is the general trend of stocking up essential provisions. This feeling of panic has resulted in the stocking of crucial conditions that people need daily. Many people rushing to the market for getting hold of essentials have resulted in anxiety for many.

  • The problem of insomnia: one of the effects of COVID-19 can take the form of insomnia. Since you are stuck indoors, your sleep may be affected directly. The human body has all circadian rhythm, which is said to be the body clock. It is this system that maintains the sleep-wake schedule. If this system is disturbed, then it can affect your ability to sleep. 

To overcome this disorder, you maypractice yoga daily. Yoga can help to relax your nerves, which can have a positive effect on the circadian rhythm. Apart from these simple exercises, itcan also help you to overcome the tension and distress. 

You can establish from the above-given points that mental health is of paramount importance for the overall well being. Effect of COVID-19 on psychological health can get abated by simple exercises like yoga, listening to music, staying positive, etc. It is essential to have a favorable view of life to overcome the uncertain situations.

The stress and frustration that is created by the pandemic is something common to almost all human beings. However, everyone has to cope with the problem and get back to everyday life or the new normal without getting worked up.

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