The Present is a Portal

Stepping through a portal to a magical world is as simple as being present in this moment

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I was meditating yesterday and had a beautiful experience leading to the insight, a deeper level of knowing, that the present is a portal.

A portal to intuition, to wisdom, to communication with the other side, with our own internal guidance, to the truth. I asked for guidance, for clarity, for intuition, for my next steps. My dad and grandmother came to me right away with their beautiful blue eyes and made it very clear that this was the answer. All of the answers are in this portal of the present. They were putting their hands on my face and repeating it over and over so that they were sure I received the message. It is very important, there is nothing else.

I have known this throughout my life, much of the reading and spiritual texts over the years have explained this message, and I get it, but it hit me in the most amazing way during that experience with my dad and grandmother.

I am, as we all are, in my head thinking a lot. I do my best to notice it and shift it, as well as coming into the present moment, but it’s not always easy to catch. When I am able to notice it and shift it into a simple awareness of what is happening right now, I am then able to connect to my inner wisdom. Shifting the focus to my breath, or the feeling of my feet in my shoes, or gazing at something beautiful in my surroundings give me access to the portal that is the present.

What do I mean by a portal? At any moment, there are multiple realities available depending on our frequency, intention, and awareness. There can be a mundane, boring, flat, material world reality at the same time as an anxious, frustrated, stressed reality, at the same time as an excited, happy, inspired, motivated reality….Of course we all say we want to be in the last one, but do we really? Wouldn’t we all be practicing being in the present, connected to this blissful beautiful state if we really cared that much about our reality?

We are all surrounded, protected and connected constantly by an ever loving source and flow of beauty, wisdom, bliss and love. We came from this source and will return to it after we leave our human form. There are multiple guides, angels and beings surrounding each one of us, here to remind us of our truth, why we chose to come to earth school and what our real purpose and potential is in our future.

The present moment is the only way to tap into the portal of universal love, truth, wisdom and guidance from our guides and the universe in general. It cannot be found in a tool, or a thought pattern, or even by reading this or other spiritual guide books. These things can give us a hint or whisper of the beginnings of this internal truth, but the only true source for anyone is deep inside, accessible only in the beauty and stillness of the present.

How often are we truly connected to the magic of this portal? Constantly, we just delude ourselves with fearful thoughts that create a feeling of disconnection from it. We get caught up in the illusion of problems when really, there are no problems in the portal of the present moment.

All is well. All is always so well. We chose this life before we came here. It is all here for our good and those around us. All is always happening in divine timing. How could there ever be anything to worry about if we truly understood this?

Everything that is happening is here for our soul’s evolution. To evolve our consciousness to the point where we don’t forget that we are in an illusion. To really sink into the faith and trust in this only occurs when we allow ourselves to get out of the thinking mind and into the portal of the present.

I know it sounds simple. And I know mindfulness practices, and being in the present have been talked about for many years. But in truth, that’s because it is the answer to really feeling joyful and free and to remember that there is so much more than what we can see.

Our soul is in charge, and it is leading us towards true authentic power. Stepping through the portal of the present allows our soul and our personality to more fully merge, allowing our true essence to be brought forth into the world. Through the present we are able to be aware of the subtle shifts of energy and awareness that lead us in every moment more closely to our destiny.

Being able to pay attention to what is happening inside of our bodies, energetically and intuitively is the key in living a life true to the purpose you came here for. Wisdom comes through the small subtle shifts inside, and the openness to hear, feel, and trust these signs allows us to consciously evolve as well as allow more guidance to come through.

For example, asking ourselves a question, and then sitting quietly in the moment can allow us to listen to the guidance our inner being gives us. Asking ourselves even small questions, like where to go for dinner and paying attention to any images, feelings, etc.. can help give us the clue on what decision to make. If we ask about a certain restaurant and our body feels cold and anxious, and we have a vision of something we don’t like to eat, for example that is probably not as good a choice for us that evening as one that makes our body feel warm, relaxed, excited and we have a vision of our favorite meal.

This guidance may seem too simple, but the answers to life really are simple. We all get too involved in our thinking minds which can make decision making much more complicated than it really needs to be. The truth is, asking, then being still in order to go through the portal of the present moment is where the real answers are.

The portal is where our intuition lies. Divine guidance is always there in this lovely present moment portal. Just waiting patiently and lovingly for us to get out of our heads and remember this. We all forget, all the time, it’s pretty funny actually. It’s so easy to get caught up in the old paradigm of fear, depression, anger and frustration rather than releasing and leaving all of that on the other side of the portal.

The portal to a magical and peaceful place. The portal to the faith and trust that we are always divinely guided, and so loved by the universe we can’t even imagine the magnitude. The portal to unconditional love for ourselves and all of humanity because we deeply understand that we are connected and are all one.

I’m going to be hanging out in this portal as much as possible, and it’s going to be real fun, I hope you join me!

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