The Present, A Priceless Gift Of Love

Embrace the present fully with love and gratitude.

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If you wake up tomorrow, would it be with joy or sorrow? Will you be looking back at yesterday with regrets? Wondering why did I worry and fret about tomorrow, a day that may never become a reality, while ignoring the present found in today? The present that should be appreciated by me.


If you wake up tomorrow, will you be happy that you spent yesterday consumed in misery from the pain of the past? Reliving in agony your opportunities lost, while squandering precious moments to be found in the present of today? Have you forgotten that the past is history and there’s nothing you can do in the present to change that reality? Instead take from it what you can build on and throw the rest away, and get on with enjoying and living in the present today.


If you wake up tomorrow, will you do so with joy, full of contentment that you were fully engaged in the present? Marveling and humbled at how blessed you truly are, to live in the present. Feeling such peace with thoughts of assurance that today is for living in love and not dying in fear. Thanking The Good Lord, for giving you another chance to be your B.E.S.T. today?


If you wake up tomorrow, and realized, that yesterday was your last day, that you squandered away in the pain of your past and worries of the future?  Missing the opportunities for growth and love in the present?  The many occasions to embrace fully the gift given to you in love and losing precious time to spend with loved ones and friends.  For yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guaranteed, and today is the present, a precious gift from The Lord to be fully cherished and shared.


If you wake up tomorrow by the miracle of rebirth , what would you change to make today your BEST?  I woke up tomorrow, grateful indeed that The Good Lord had chosen to give me a reprieve.  A chance to forgive, a chance to make amends, a chance to show mercy, and a chance to share love with those closest to me.  I woke up tomorrow, excited to be free, free to show full compassion, acceptance, respect, and empathy.


Grateful indeed, that God was patient and merciful with me.  Humbled and honored that God had chosen me.  Showing me the truth, the truth that without love, I had always had nothing indeed.  For fear is an illusion, never fulfilling my fundamental needs and always leaves me feeling empty within. Fear was the product of my own choice, to be caught in my own net of needs, emotions, and thoughts; completely forgetting that my needs can only be met when I let go of fear and fully surrender to LOVE.

When you wake up tomorrow, do so with love, embracing fully the present, it is a priceless gift from above!

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