A comparison between subconscious mind and the artificial intelligence

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Subconscious  mind is widely  considered by many as the most powerful part of our brain  that is capable of doing multiple tasks at a time.  And that ability of the subconscious mind can challenge  the artificial intelligence of our times.  Let us explore into the depths of the comparative study of subconscious  mind and the artificial intelligence. We have 2 modes of artificial intelligence. A computational proceedure having 1.Top-down organization 2.Bottom-up organization. The Top down org works on a well defined and clearly understood fixed computational proceedures which provide clear cut solutions to some problems at hand. Euclids Algorithm is an excellent example. It has been used in areas in which data and operational rules are clearly delineated and of very well-defined computational kind, such as in solving mathematical problems, chess playing computer systems, medical diagnosis and for medical procedures. Bottom up org unlike the previous learns and improve its performance according to its experience. This algorithm is subjected to continual modification as it has memory unlike the Up down org, which makes them to modify it activities like humans and perhaps even even better than a skilled human being. They are used in recognition of sound and faces, prospecting mineral deposits under earth. It keeps improving in its tactics and behaviour like humans! Even though it is well understood that Up down performs better than a human and Bottom up can perform as humans! Indeed, electronic circuits works a million times faster than the firing of the neurons in the brain, The rate of firing is 1,000,000,000 per second in transistor which makes it superior than brain neurons which fires only at the rate of 10000 per second, moreover they have immense precision and accuracy that is in no way shared by humans! But the only thing that makes our brain superior than machines is in the subconcious part(mind) of human brain which are more competent than machines! A transistor in machine can have only 3 or 4 connections between each transistor which is associated with memory rather than computational processing. But a neuron in our brain can have synaptic connections in more than 80,000 which makes it behaves like a quantum computer which works on the basis of quantum superposition of information. We have only One Awareness and one mind and one brain which makes it share different properties and abilities based on the set of neurons which gets activated in brain through human consciousness. This is achieved through a unified and synchronous activity of a single mind, brain and consciousness. For example, the conscious part of our brain which is the cerebrum has around 70000000000 neurons which makes it superior in number of neurons than cerebellum (the subconscious part or mind of human brain) which has only 30000000000 neurons. But Conscious brain has only a very few synapses which make it impossible to do things very quickly whereas the subconscious brain has the largest number of synapses that makes you to quickly do things without any effort or your coscious awareness being disrupted. For example when you learn driving, you find it difficult to drive it smoothly instead you makes a lot of errors and mistakes because of lack of number of synapses which makes you work like the world first generation computers. But over time, you will start to drive it smoothly without even being aware that you are driving! You only recognizes that you drived only when you reaches your home mean while you would have done many things like phone calling, finding contacts from phone, talking with your friends in car, looking through rear glass and side glass to enjoy the view outside, if you are more experienced you would have driven the car without your hands on the stearing! You become like this because your subconscious part of your brain has took the driving which has more synapses in cerebellum that makes you to work like quantum computer which can do multiple tasks at the same time due to the multiple possibilities of different quantum states and super position of subatomic particles in all the quantum states. As the information is delivered to all the other neurons at the same time making all other neurons to carry out the functions that are required to drive without affecting your consciousness, you never feels or knows that you are driving. The purkinje cells in the cerebellum has more than 80,000 synapses unlike the transistors in machine which have only 4 connections and the conscious brain which has a few connections.Cerebellum thus carries out the duty for perfection of motor control. Initially your driving was difficult as your conscious mind or the conscious part of brain aka cerebrum carried out driving, as it had less synapses it was difficult for you to drive but over time, these experiences are transfered to the subconscious mind or subconscious neurons in your brain in the form of electrical or chemical signals or through neuroplasticity! Brain has to shift these newly learnt informations to your subconscious mind or the subconscious part of brain, if it didnt you will never ever learn driving or even be able to be master new things or even be able to perfectify new things you learned in life thus making you incapable to live a smooth life and can even make you handicapped by making it difficult for you to succesfully achieve all those primary stages of childhood development like walking, writing, reading, learning and can even make you incapable to live like others! You would be that same baby of your mother who is still striving to survive if you dnt had that subconscious part of brain! It is the large number of synapses in the brain that carries out the acitivity of all subconscious activities of our daily life that you do automatically and effortlessly in your life. Thats called brain autopiloting in neuroscience and thats indeed a blessing! That makes you perform and even competetively to the machines we created! Yes we are Humans, the most amazing beings and they are machines our marvellous creations. Subconscious part of our brain indeed can challenge  the smartest artificial intelligence of today.  

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