The Power Of Rejoice: Rika Zarai

The Healing Sound Of Water's Rejoicing, In Water Performances Of High Praise! RIKA ZARAI and Her 1973 Performance Of "Hava Nagila!"

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The infatuation concerning the gift of praise is that it performs the mystique of celebration! When people come to celebrate, they are in the very business of happiness! Yes! It feels so good. Nevertheless, it is greater than our very band of delight. In fact, it’s a measure of delivering restoration to ourselves and the Universe; ever grateful for what has been done. Changes have been made in our lives. A sense of deliverance is manifested in our Soul. That’s what rejoicing is all about. Moreso, it’s about freedom. Feeling the blessings and liberation of moving through a healthier, and happier, period in our lives. That’s a blessing, in its own right!

And so, we come to move through a period of rejoice! Rejoicing through each and every step. Heaven knows how pain is a reminder for why we rejoice. In fact, it’s the pain, which grants us gratitude; the reason for rejoicing. Yes! It feels so good! Halleluyah, in the granting of High Praise! Memory has a way for reminding us of the pain. Yes! Going down a trip of memory lane, we remember how we had to scrape and crawl. We remember the lingering of treachery, abuse, and misery! We recollect it all! Therefore, when we come our renewed, and restored, we make a vow to always remember! Never forgetting how we got here! Always remembering how the Creator carried us through! Now, that’s real!

Particular songs of rejoicing are connected to certain lands! They are and have been connected to them for a reason. For the rational, behind rejoicing, correlates to the particular story of a people, and their culture! They remember the stories. They remember how things were. They remember the attacks against their very existence. And yet, they stayed persistent-through and through! It wasn’t easy. The pain and sacrifices were not easy, but Baby it was worth it! Surviving was worth it! Overcoming is the aftermath of the celebration!

When bringing in the very domain of water, one happens to observe just how fascinating, Heavenly, and majestic water performances can truly be! For starters, singer (or playing an instrument near the water), is one of the highlights and praise. Just imagine what it means for water and praises. How does that correlate to the Creator and Heaven’s artistry? Well, music is a natural silk. Spreading one’s voice across the very terrain, a wave of stillness moves through. The music continues to move. Nevertheless, the stillness resides within the those, who have come to hear performances, by the water. What does that mean? It means different things. It means that the voice, or musical instrument, is poised to vibrate into the hearts and minds of anyone in need of healing. That’s what music is all about! Performances are about healing, memory, and the artistry of spreading musical pleasantries, throughout the world. Such is the very reason, for the very existence of music!

For the recording of one songbird, it is near the water, where she sings the blessings of rejoicing. Not only are such blessings filled with spiritual richness, but it is another way of thanking the Creator for another day. Gratitude is the attitude, when it comes to the very reas on for rejoicing! After all, there is nothing more to it! It’s in our very Spirit! It moves through life’s Spiritual treasures. Lastly, her 1973 performance of the song, “Hava Nagila” positions her form as a precious, water maiden. Blessing her land, she comes to proclaim the promises of the Most High, and the blessings for that land! “Hava Nagila!” “Hava Nagila!” The joyfulness of rejoicing, in praise!

Rika Zarai

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