The Paradox of Well-Being

Feel empowered to define your own wellness needs.

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We currently live in an overworked society where the obsession with productivity has caused the average adult conversation that starts with “how are you?” to end with “feeling tired.” The sensation of feeling burnt out has become the norm and being subject to pricey wellness fixes has become the trend. The paradox here is that these fixes are thoughtfully positioned to people as “you need this in order to live and thrive” when wellness is readily available in your power.

The $4.2 trillion wellness industry has strategically manipulated the average person into thinking he or she needs a lavish product, expensive spa treatment, or fancy yoga retreat to fix their anxiety, insomnia, technology addiction, or depression. Most of these products and treatments are pitched to appeal to a sense of lack or absence in our self-care routines. While these negative symptoms shouldn’t be ignored, the solution shouldn’t require breaking open your piggy bank to splurge.

As a consumer and advocate for bettering my wellbeing and self-care routine, I’m no stranger to giving into the fancy buzz words, fads, and marketing fluff. There are seemingly endless approaches to wellness and it can be overwhelming to figure out what will work for me. What practices are worth my time? What am I better off skipping? Which carefully curated products should I ignore and which should I pay attention to?

If you can relate to me, here a few helpful ideas that encourage you to take a step back and notice what wellness tools you have at your disposal now:

Back to basics

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. When it comes to my health, whether that be my physical or mental health, the less complicated the better and I focus on the basics. Do I have a variety of nourishing food to satisfy my hunger? With my meals and in between, I make sure to have a sufficient amount of water. When was the last time I let myself relax in a place that feels warm and safe to me? I’m in control of limiting the negative triggers in that environment. When was the last time I really moved my body or got my heart rate up? And when was the last time I had a meaningful conversation or spent time with family or a friend? Focusing on the basics reminds me to be grateful.

Embrace cost-free options

There are so many activities out there that don’t have a price tag on them. Cook a healthy, delicious home-cooked meal. Mindfully drink a glass of water. Treat yourself to a hot bubble bath. Immerse yourself in your surroundings and walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. Forget the extravagant gym membership and go on a hike or run to sweat it out. Engage in a conversation with one of your loved ones to connect or vent; free therapy! Caring for your inner goddess does not have to require extra thought or extra dollars.

Consistency is key

Even if you were to splurge on an ayurvedic massage, an adaptogenic protein smoothie with CBD, sound meditation, or Bikram yoga, you’d have to invest in doing those things consistently in order to reap the full benefits. And let’s face it, that’s just not sustainable. Find the go-to solutions that you can afford, find joy in doing, and can do every week or as required.

Don’t expect quick fixes

Seek patience in the process. The journey to optimal well-being is well worth the investment in time, energy and occasionally money.

It can be overwhelming to be a health and wellness consumer right now due to the abundance of options. Get excited about the new innovations and growth happening in the industry, but don’t forget you have a choice; back to basics is always available for you. You don’t have to let this industry define what self-care means to you. The basics might not be as sexy but being your healthiest self is truly what’s sexy.

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