The Only Thing You Have Been Waiting For ~ To Love Your Life

In Steep Love, I wrote about it. From everything that I know, I know that one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and to the world is to love… love yourself and love those special people in your life. But that’s not all… The greatest gift you can give to the world is […]

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In Steep Love, I wrote about it. From everything that I know, I know that one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and to the world is to love… love yourself and love those special people in your life. But that’s not all…

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to love your life. Your vibration at that level of loving yourself and loving your life is like a song… it’s like a kiss… it’s like a deep resonating touch. It’s a prayer of gratitude that reverberates to the center of the Earth… it’s an embrace… it’s a melody so beautiful that it shifts the frequency of every cell in your body and every person and object in the room. It’s the most beautiful sky you’ve ever seen.

Have you been waiting for your life to change so that you can be happy? That’s not the way it happens. We must change the way we view ourselves, our power, our worthiness, our capacity, the capacity of the universe, our understanding of why we’re here, and our definition of what life is supposed to look like.‎

We must ask ourselves, “Are we loving our life?” We must dare to have the courage to drop all the inner judgment and fear from all corners to answer that question. If we’re not absolutely loving our lives and engaging with life with complete exhilaration, passion, freedom, aliveness, ease, sensation of newness and hope, gratitude, playfulness, and joy, we must ask ourselves what can we do differently so that we can? What deep changes that we never imagined, or thought were impossible, or gave ourselves permission to consider, can we make in our lives so that we can love life — I mean REALLY LOVE OUR LIFE and BE IN LOVE WITH IT?

We must begin to finally listen to what our bodies have been trying to tell us, what life has tried to tell us, what our thoughts and emotions have been trying to tell us, but we have ignored or not put two and two together…because we had an attachment to the way things had to be, or a viewpoint that only gave enough space to see one way, or our lifeforce had shrunken to the point that we didn’t have the energy to believe in the possibility, let alone create it.

And these states have kept us contracted, kept us from being as big as we are, from expanding to the full capacity that we have to feel all the feelings that create momentum and movement and magic and miracles. We contracted our life experience of vitality and our perception of what greatness our life could hold by fitting ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes, frames, plans, futures, presence.

Let us stop playing small, shrinking ourselves to fit the boxes others told us we must fit in, and contracting our beingness to fit into a limited reality that is slowly killing us, stealing our sense of aliveness, choking our capacity to breathe.

We must not be afraid to take whatever steps gloriously loving our lives asks us to take. No head thinking or strategizing is allowed or effective in this process of change, only an open-hearted desire and courage to dare to demand that we can and will — absolutely, without distraction, excuse, or obstacle — make new choices right now in our lives to create a life that we love.

And in that state of vibration of love and joy and engagement and gratitude and bliss…

the world feels it, the Earth feels it, the plants feel it, the people feel it.

The world is waiting. The earth is waiting. I am waiting. They are waiting. You have been waiting.

Stop minimizing or mocking this. It is possible. I’m not talking on a grand, oneness, global, or philosophical way. I’m talking to you and every individual on a daily, moment to moment scale of your life. Every single one of us deserves this. Every single human is designed to create this, to live in this experience of loving their lives, and to give this gift to the world, to the Earth, to the people.

Let us begin right now to imagine the life that we truly want, that we truly love, without any judgments on how big or small or strange or impossible that looks. What does that look like for you? Play with it. Go with your first gut instinct and desire. Draw it. Vision it. Believe it. Don’t stop thinking about it. Take any step right now to move toward and into it. If you don’t know how to discover what it looks like, ask for help. I’m here for you. Others are here for you. Ask.

Let us create right now a New Life, a Loveable Life. We are made for this. The world has been waiting for this. The earth needs this. Let us not hesitate. Let us begin, right now, in this very moment. Ask yourself what you must let go of and what you must expand into. Only you can do it for you. This is the greatest gift that can sustain you and us, that resonates and boomerangs throughout the earth, that keeps giving. The only thing you have been waiting for is to love your life. What does the life you love look like?


Inspired Life Guide; Access Consciousness Facilitator; Ghostwriter; Editor; Soul Inspired Life Sculptor

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