The negative impact of stress in business!

For decades this subject has been fashionable, statistics have increasingly come to support the fact of the impacts of stress

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Do you think you know everything about the harmful effects that stress can have on your life? Research always teaches us more about it every year by delivering their new discoveries in web design, each more disturbing than the next! However, are you aware of the negative impact stress has on your business, and do you know how to protect yourself from it?

For decades this subject has been fashionable, statistics have increasingly come to support the fact of the impacts of stress and it has been shown that stressors, when repeated many times in the life of a person, adversely affect their quality of life

In addition, the consequences of repetitive stress on the general well-being of people who say they often face stressful situations are now being measured, as much on their physical, psychological, and emotional health. They say they are bombarded, overloaded, victims of multiple external stimuli and by dint of undergoing events that require adaptation, they feel tired too often having to adjust.

What about the effects stress has on business success now? Are there any pitfalls that business owners could avoid lessening the unfortunate consequences of stress in their organization? What would be the keys that could allow them to better manage stress and its negative effects, increase their profitability, while promoting the overall health of their organization and members of their teams?

Here are some negative consequences of business stress for a company when stressors persist or intensify:

  • Increased risk of exhaustion.
  • Increase in costs related to absenteeism.
  • Flight reaction and choice to quit a job, according to the assessment of the stress that a person encounter.
  • Spend time and money to select and hire staff to fill the position.
  • Emotional reactions multiply: anger, crying spells, aggressiveness, anxiety, sensitivity…
  • Increased tension and opportunities for conflict, which hinder effective communication.
  • Increasing nervousness and fatigue are perceived.
  • Increased risk of errors and oversights.
  • Difficulty concentrating, taking initiatives, or making decisions.
  • Reduced productivity which generates additional costs.
  • Headaches, physical pain, and sleep disturbances
  • Work efficiency negatively affected and increased costs related to absences (illnesses) and presenteeism.
  • Increased risk of occupational accident.
  • Increase in insurance premiums and the Occupational Health and Safety program.

This list is only a summary of the detrimental effects stress can cause for businesses and people who deal with stressors on a recurring and progressive basis.

Stress in business is a part of everyday life and most people will have to adapt in some way in their lifetime. The main thing to remember is that you have the power to decrease the number of stressful situations in your environment.

Also, you can adopt effective stress management methods, distribute training in this direction within your team, to alleviate the negative consequences, or even free yourself completely. Remember that it is mainly the duration, repetition, and intensity of the occasions of stress that increase its negative effects on people and, at the same time, affect their health and that of your business.

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