“The most valuable gift you can give another human being is your attention in the present moment”, with Alan Stein Jr.

I get a kick out of a really long line of intros... especially when they span over multiple years. It shows that relationships matter... and they never expire!”

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I recently interviewed Alan Stein Jr. and for those of you don’t know Alan, he’s a critical ingredient to the success of some of the worlds greatest athletes in the NBA.

What is your elevator speech on your professional career: who are you, what have you done and how does that translate into value for your customers?

“I help individuals and businesses improve performance. I spent 15+ years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet and I now teach leaders and organizations how to utilize the same mindsets, rituals and routines.”

Let’s show everyone you’re a normal human being. What’s your personality, hobbies, favorite places to visit, pet peeve?  Tell us about YOU. (100-200 words)

“Personality: Handsome. Oh wait, I mean funny. Hobbies: watching documentaries on Netflix. Favorite place to visit: I am going to Fiji at the end of May and have already deemed it my favorite place on earth. Pet Peeve: people that leave their shopping cart in the parking lot.”

What is something about you that most people don’t know that would surprise them?  (Are you an introvert, Star Wars nerd, collect old socks, etc.  Have fun with this – 100 words)

“I am heavily introverted. I love people and I am not anti-social; I simply crave alone time and solitude and need it to recharge my emotional battery. I am also really handsome and funny. Oh, never mind, you said things that ‘most people don’t know.’”

What are two examples of how you consistently work outside of your comfort zone and how has that impacted your personal and professional growth? (100-200 words)

“I take a five-minute cold shower every morning (I’m serious). In addition to a myriad of health benefits, it helps condition me to Embrace the Suck and learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I also surround myself with colleagues and mentors that have achieved way more than I have… which motivates me to stretch and grow.”

Many people say success correlates with the people you meet in your life.  Describe two that most impacted your success? (100-200 words)

“Wow, only two? The number of people that have poured into me and impacted me is very long. But since you asked for two: 1) Michelle Joyce, my current agent, manager and speaking mentor. 2) Amy & Michael Port, my speaking coaches.”

Discuss one of the lowest points in your life personally or professionally and how it helped you get where you are today? (Provide specific example, 100-200 words)

“My divorce. It flipped my entire life upside down. However, it led me to therapy/counseling which not only helped turn my life right side up, it helped me refine my self-awareness and heighten my emotional intelligence 100-fold… which has helped me exponentially both personally and professionally.”

All entrepreneurs have sleepless nights. We have a term we use with our clients called the “2 a.m. moment.” It’s when you’re wide awake and thinking not-so-positive thoughts about your business choices and future. Describe a 2 a.m. moment (or moments) you’ve had and how you overcame the challenges.

“I used to have 2 a.m. moments multiple times per week. But I no longer do. I sleep very soundly now; daily meditation and breath work, combined with weekly hot yoga classes and an over-the-counter cocktail of natural sleep aids (like melatonin) have helped me tackle my 2 a.m. moments during the day.

“The quiet time I have each day gives me room to critically think, problem solve and organize my thoughts… which allows me to turn off my brain at bed time. And when I do experience challenges, which inevitably occur daily, I simply take a breath and choose to look for the lesson or opportunity hidden inside.”

The concept of mind over matter has been around for years. A contemporary description of this is having mental toughness. Give us an example (or two) of obstacles you’ve overcome by getting your mind in the right place (some might call this reframing the situation).

“I completed an endurance event called Hell on the Hill. We had to run up and down an 85-yard hill that was at a 40-degree slope. By focusing on the present moment (the next rep) and focusing on my own attitude and effort (the two things I had complete control over), I was able to finish this grueling event in just over 4 hours.”

What is the best lesson you learned from your worst boss? (50-100 words)

“As a leader, your people don’t work for you. You work for your people.”

What are your “3 Lessons I Learned from My Most Memorable Failure”? (100-300 words)

“1) Make good decisions. As obvious as that sounds, most people unconsciously ignore it. They make poor decision after poor decision and then are shocked when their life becomes a mess.

“2) The most valuable gift you can give another human being is your attention in the present moment. It shows that you care. And caring matters. A lot.

“3) Never get bored with the basics. The fundamentals work. They always have and they always will. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about sports, business or relationships.”

What unfiltered advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners looking to catch their big opportunity? (100-150 words)

“Don’t look for an opportunity, create one. How? By offering value to everyone you can, whenever you can, wherever you go.”

Looking back, what was the most non-conventional way you landed a memorable deal that made your success turn in the right direction? Have fun with this one: met someone in a bar, on a plane, cold call, funny gift, anything goes! (100-300 words)

“Every time I land a speaking gig, I go back and play Connect the Dots. I try to uncover how/where the gig actually originated. Who introduced me to this client? Who introduced me to the person that introduced me to this client? I get a kick out of a really long line of intros… especially when they span over multiple years. It shows that relationships matter… and they never expire!”

What is your favorite podcast(s) you’re listening to currently and why?

“I love Oprah’s Masterclass. It’s short, direct and packed with invaluable insight from a wide array of successful people.”

What is one “efficiency hack” you use consistently in your life to keep your time and mind free to focus on your strengths and passions?

“Respectfully, I don’t like the word ‘hack.’ To me, it implies a short cut. However, my favorite RESOURCE is the Headspace Meditation app. It helps me start my day in a more mindful and grounded way. Today was my 542nd consecutive morning using it.”

What are you currently working on now? (100-500 words, feel free to give yourself a plug and include a link of your choice)

“I just released my first book – http://www.RaiseYourGameBook.com – and am heavily focused on promoting it right now!”

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