The most important phrase you can build your life on is …

Here’s how a few words could radically change you.

I believe you are pretty curious to find out what this phrase is about. You see, most of the problems we have as adults come from our early childhood. When we are very small are formed most of the paradigms which will lead your life later on. And during the first years at school or when playing with our friends we face certain limitations getting what we want. Maybe we don’t have the grades we want or the toys we dream about.

And the reason may be that you are not enough prepared or maybe the parents don’t have enough money for the toys. What happens? This “not enough” thing appears in various places and usually the result is starting to believe that … “I am not enough”. This initially is just a phrase but slowly, slowly it will transform itself into a defining mantra, a belief and once this process is fired you will start seeing and feeling walls whenever you want top reach the next level in something.

And it is absolutely wrong, hard and even terrible to build a life based on “I’m not enough”. Because when you are starting to believe that you are not enough your world may fall apart and if it will not fall apart it will remain anyway a very small world.

So I will suggest the opposite. “I am enough” is the most important phrase to build your life on. Why? First because when you are starting to believe that you are enough then the world becomes a field of opportunity. You will be enough for everything! And if something will not work (yes, this will still happen) you fill be able to find a way because you will be enough. And when you are enough it is easy to find another strategy, try something else, find somebody else to help you or other resources. Because you are enough!

A belief is always installed and replaced by repetition. And I needed to replace my negative belief “I’m not enough” with the positive one “I am enough”. First, I’ve wrote “I am enough” on the frame of the bathroom’s mirror so I can see it few times a day. When I screw things I don’t think as I did before. I think that if I am enough I need to use other strategy to make it work. When I am down, down, down — I believe it happened to you I am thinking about how to attack this situation being anyway in my best spot because I am enough. It is like self coaching but it works. I believe you can add a computer screenshot, a note in your pocket or write it everywhere so your brain to see that this is real.

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Some of you know very well what a belief is and others maybe are new to this term. A belief is a set of thoughts which are not universal truths. For example, the way gravity works if you let a pen drop from a distance is an universal truth but if you say about somebody that he is pretty or not, at least until a certain level it is based on your own referrence system so on your view on the world which is not an universal truth.

What strategy would you use to install this phrase “I am enough” into your daily routine and build your life on it?

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