The Kicks Of Life and the Fellows Of Man: Gloria Lynne #BlackAmericanHer/History360 #BlackAmerica #BlackAmericanMusic

A Look At Wellness Through Everyday Stories Of, Understanding! A Look At GLORIA LYNNE, and Her Performance Of The Song, "Kickin' Life (Like An Old Tin Can)!"

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Life has a way of moving us to address certain realities. There are challenges, ahead. Humanity appears to be in a more turbulent state. What remains ever true is that life is not for the weak. By no means is it for those, who are too timid and scared to navigate the world around them. You have to grab life by the horns, move with the beat, and swim through the turbulence. That’s just how it’s meant to be. Yet, through all of that chaos, isn’t there a way for love to blossom? Isn’t there a way for love’s blooming to take place? Chaos, and a tough exterior, doesn’t need to translate into tensions between humanity; not at all. All it takes is a touch of love, and the right walk into a more healthy understanding of, self.

Going back into a certain timeframe of Black American musical her/history, there was a certain period, where songs were crafted to address particular issues, within society. They were songs which spoke to the people, and the frustrations happening within a certain period. Tensions were in the air. Life seemed to worsen before it got better. Patience was running thin, and people were beginning to lose hope. What left was there to do? If anything, projecting one’s anger onto another brother or sister appeared to be the most suitable solution. It all made perfect sense to take one’s frustrations out on the next person. Society would have run dangerously, if it were not for those musicians, who reminded us of our purpose and journey. They reminded us that life was hard. Yet, through the hard stuff, there could still be a sense of harmony and love. Through all of the pain, there is comfort in the midst of the rain.

Songs reminding us of hope, in the midst of our suffering truly provide a sense of wellness; a much needed wellness, indeed! All it takes is a soothing song, which grants us the ability to pause before we permit our emotions to get the best of us. That’s all it takes. A soothing song, which acknowledges our pain, our troubles, and reassures us that everything will be, alright! It’s that Soul music, which places us back into the tapestry of self-reflection and centeredness. Let us remember that chaos is a reflection of imbalance. When we have been knocked off balance, we are experiencing a sense of unknowing. Therefore, it is in our knowing, which moves us back into a state of calm. Being calm is also interconnected with having a sense of control. Feeling out of control establishes a sense of powerlessness. Hence, one of the reasons for why we have people becoming frustrated is due to their sense of feeling powerless. It’s one of the reasons for why people operate out of character; taking it our on their fellow man.

There are lots of issues when it comes to a certain song, which states the problem; planting the solution, at hand. So, here we come with the song, “KickinLife (Like An Old Tin Can).” The title is as light, as the message, behind it. Life can be heavy, and the boundaries can be intense. However, should we use the tools of human kindness, generosity, and compassion for our fellow man, life becomes a little more, light! Soon, you grow to be bigger than the challenges and problems, around you. Moving through them (above, under, near, beneath, and around) becomes as easy as kicking an aluminum can.

Behind the doors of my mind

Don’t you look, causeyou’re bound to find, someone whose got a story to tell

Brothers are fighting brothers

And Sisters are standing all alone

The song illuminates the ability for understanding what happens when we fail to see other people. It reminds us to always be kind; seeing people for their humanity. Every person has a story. You simply never know what they are going through. So, be kind! Give love! And let the flowing water of graciousness forever, be your guide!

We’ll find more strength in Jesus, and maybe men will say, no more

They’ll say no more, They’ll say no more

Hey, money don’t matter, Kickinlife like an old can

Say the only thing that really matters is to love your fellow man

Gloria Lynne
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