The J.P. Monfort Standard

A new global governance needs 200 emerging Presidential Teams to function smoothly. This new emerging team-building standard enables the automatic, progressive formation of meritocracies at the service of society. An elegant revolution awaits ahead

The Expert Dreamers, who are they, where are they, how can they work together? Illustration by Mike Luckovich (2009)

​Politics is obsolete as a national governance paradigm, as explained in my articles “Coup d’Establishment” and “A New Global Party“, and the recently published “Post-Politics and the End of the Political Party“. An alternative system to politics is today more necessary than ever in order to pull World society forward in the direction of extreme poverty eradication, supranational integration, prosperity. This alternative global governance system, which I have called Post-Politics, consists of three pieces: an avant-garde vision or grand plan, an orchestra of top-notch Experts functioning as a High Performance Presidential Team or HPPT (instead of political parties) and a new communications/entertainment paradigm (instead of the press) able to disseminate the narrative and conquer the audience (the reality-fiction narrative entertainment paradigm).

National politics is oftentimes broken. New parties emerge, everywhere, they are still unable to change the landscape, society remains divided along national borders and an ideological axis which oftentimes incentivates violence particularly in the developing World as I describe in “A Way Out Of Kenya’s Political Impasse“. Post-politics must provide a standard enabling the formation of national meritocracies at the service of society. These meritocracies are high performance teams in which there is no hierarchy which function as an organization radically different from the usual political party, avoding the latter’s cracks and faults, improving delivery and performance as in the next generation’s super car. The standard must make explicit how the decrepit cracks of the political party will be avoided: lack of meritocracy, connections and nepotism, influence peddling, ideology, kleptocracy, clientelism, the perpetuation of the cacique. In this article I will present such a standard, able to function in every country and territory, enabling the emergence of one high performance team in each country and territory, which will operate rigorously, smoothly, like the best engine of a modern German car, and most importantly at a very low cost.

The Recruitment, what does not work

Inspired by the leading headhunters and executive search firms, the recruitment of stellar talent must be subject to strict scrutiny of qualifications and skills.

Convinced one HPPT was not only necessary but also possible in each country and territory, back in 2008 I began to put together the World’s most ambitious and best constructed Expert list, which I designed over a 9 year period with a peak of over 17 Million Experts from each country and territory as of June 2017, Experts I contacted via email at least once a week, sending them information about my global plan and encouraging each of them to join their respective HPPT. The result of this strategy was fiasco, why?

A HPPT is a meritocracy at the service of society, a dream factory, a think-tank able to analyze each country’s challenges in order to propose feasible, creative, doable long-term solutions. Such proposition, such offering to society does not exist today. The nature of the challenge is exceptional, the reward of its accomplishment is literally in the trillion dollar range that is at least 500 times the personal wealth of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs combined.

A rough estimate for the number of Experts needed to be persuaded to join each of the 200 Presidential Teams is somewhere between 20.000 and 100.000. The lower floor is straightforward, a mere 100 Experts per country in ten different categories of 10 Experts per category, in order to cover all areas of interest, areas or clusters that will prove to be vital for the future of each country and territory and therefore for the future of the World. 10 is close to 12, the number of stocks in which you have to invest to eliminate systemic risk through diversification. The average of 10 Expert opinions is closest to the actual best policy. The average of 3 or 4 Expert opinions may be easily biased and therefore further to the actual best policy. This is why the U.S. Supreme Court sits 7 individuals, or why a jury typically has 12 members.

During the 9-year period concluding in June 2017 I sent multiple messages to each of the circa 17 Million Experts at its peak, informative pieces, recruitment pieces. I was able to persuade north of 5.000 Experts to join a total of 197 HPPTs. I interviewed about 500 Experts via Skype. In Catalunya, Portugal and Spain (Reypublica), Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia (Balkanland) I met in person about one thousand Experts (750 in Reypublica, 250 in Balkanland) with whom I spent on average a couple of hours typically in their offices or at a central four or five star Hotel. This demand driven recruitment strategy did unfortunately not work for a handful of reasons I dissect as follows:

  • Experts in general do not trust incoming proposals from strangers particularly if they arrive via email, a majority considering them fraudulent;
  • Experts most of the time expect a short-term reward (a financial reward or money) and need to understand the “What’s in it for me?” clause;
  • The World is far from being a global democracy where freedom of expression and participation are actually commonplace. Many individuals remain afraid today of joining an initiative they do not have full information about, they cannot control, of which they do not know the ideology or philosophy; Participation and support can be tracked electronically today;
  • Individuals are oftentimes reluctant to meet Experts they do not know or feel comfortable with. In Portugal and Spain over a six year period from 2009 to 2015 I organized hundreds of breakfasts, lunches, informal and formal evening meetings, one day events and two day conferences in a total of 37 cities including the Balearic and Canary Islands. It was all in the end a failure from which I can assure I have learned a lesson. Experts whom I meet face to face reveal to me in confidentiality their anger, concern, rage about the current context and mediocre political establishment which rules us. They say they are committed with the noble cause presented, and that they embrace the grand plan and vision proposed, of which the number one priority is integration as explained in my piece “Why I Embrace Integration“. They say they will participate in subsequent group events. The reality is that most do not show up. The few who do show up end up suffering from fatigue, tired of meeting with me, fed up with having to sit next to individuals who do not profess the same creed or ideology. On average, committed Experts remain active for about 18 months, then disappear. There is no obligation to participate, there is no financial reward, only an ambition to materialize a grand vision, a grand plan, the will vanishes;
  • For 9 years I pursued a recruitment strategy which was demand driven. I contacted the Expert, I provided information, I offered an invitation. In conclusion I chased the Expert, who remained most often greedy and reluctant, like the pretty girl who ignores the demands and requests from the admirers. This is in reality the problem of politics in which the politician chases the audience with unfulfilled promises in order to secure their support.

Based on the above set of drivers who made me fail a number of priorities have to be embraced for the new standard “The J.P. Monfort Standard” to emerge and be successful, namely:

  1. The dynamics has to be offer driven. As a result now I nominate Experts who then have to confirm the participation and take the initiative seriously to show they are deserving of belonging in the elite club of Expert Dreamers; they are the players, the participants in a talent show, and I get to play jury;
  2. It is my sole responsibility to do what I do best: screening the Expert community in 200 countries and territories (something I have been doing now for 10 years), nominating the very best and most talented, then build a narrative that is extremely appealing, so that the Expert first of all and then the audience are willing to follow;
  3. This century is the century of the narrative paradigm. Money is no longer the driver. Many fantastic companies which design fantastic products are not being successful because they lack a narrative, thus a marketing strategy to attract the consumer and deserve their loyalty;
  4. This century is the century of followers. The new social networks rely not only on active users, but on active users able to attract followers. Traffic and therefore use are guaranteed when a user with thousands of followers generates a narrative which deserves the audience’s attention. All social networks are in reality a channel, it is the user who generates the narrative than is then broadcast from one user to his or her followers. Apple, Facebook, Twitter, even Amazon are all companies providing the hardware and sofware of the channel, not the products or content that are delivered or broadcast through it, it is the final user -the consumer in other words- who consumes advertisement but generates a local narrative in the form of text, pictures and video, the problem of the end user’s personal narrative is that it is of low quality only of interest to his or her small circle of contacts. In the meantime Walt Disney, Netflix or HBO are narrative companies, the ones that own the future because they have a product able to attract the consumer, to deserve its loyalty and attention. Once there is loyalty and attention a product or service can then be presented, showcast and sold.
  5. My product are ideals and new operating principles allowing to reach a destination: a future beyond imagination. These ideals and new operating principles I presented in my 500-page global plan back in 2010. So far the plan has deserved little attention, perhaps because in reality at the end of the day it is a long technocratic piece of policymaking not appealing to the audience. A plan of action needs to be extremely entertaining, not only well built, sound and reasonable.

Top-notch Experts I interact with on a regular basis have a common set of default answers or replies most of them repeat time and again, like a “papagayo“:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • What can I do for you?
  • I have no time;
  • Perhaps next time;
  • Contact me next year;
  • I will join when the initiative is consolidated;
  • I have to be realistic;
  • You are an idealist but…
  • And of course, what’s in it for me?

The reality is that everyone has time and is able to fit the agenda to squeeze in a last minute participation, meeting, conversation. So the difficult thing to do is to provide convincing arguments for the busiest person to take part in an initiative. The busiest most capable most successful individiduals I have ever met always have time for me, they volunteer, the sit in the board of NGOs, they spend time with friends and family, and are far from being workaholics because they love and enjoy what they do and they are not addicted. Time can be created through productivity. Those who time and again assure and reassure that they have not time are actually rather meaning “I am unable to manage my agenda“.

Why would anyone follow me? The fact of the matter is that nobody follows individuals anymore, we all follow narratives in our lives. So then the question becomes, what kind of narrative do I have to put together so that it is followed? Fan I am of Jules Verne and Agatha Christie’s narratives. The audience is not so much interested in the life of the Author, as much as it is interested in their incredible, fantastic narrative, think of George Lucas or Steven Spielberg.

Contrary to dubious reality television celebrities who have nothing to show but their vulgar slang and sculptured bodies, the World’s perhaps best Author alive J.K. Rowling delivers a narrative, not herself. She’s audacious and elegant, choosing to embrace minimalism. So are my favorite comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

And the real problem of telecommunications today is that the channel has increased exponentially. Albania is a lower-income developing country of less than $5.000 per capita where I have lived for three years. Yet an affordable cable package provides more than 100 television channels and almost anyone can access high debit broadband wireless network at home or outside through their smartphones. Television, newspapers, and the new video formats being delivered by Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin. The World has seen the diameter of the pipes delivering content grow exponentially. The amount of potable water (metaphor) or quality content that is available remains the same however, and in percentage terms, has dramatically diminished. Albania, a country of less than three million inhabitants, has a public television that offers 12 national channels, of course subsidized a majority broadcasting uninteresting irrelevant content, most often rebroadcast. Most of the programming accessible today belongs in the category of junk television. A handful of exceptions save my day, including National Geographic, Discovery and Travel, which, as I shall explain hereafter, are anchored in an obsolete programming mix.

Of course the Expert I attract to my global plan changes his or her preferences over time. To begin with pretty much everyone admires me: “you are an idealist“, “I celebrate your cause“, “there should be more individuals like you“, “you deserve to be supported“… the fact of the matter is that we are all humans and our human nature naturally and irreparably erodes our very own ability to relate, causing fatigue and distress. This is why politicians’ strategy of showing up every minute of the day reminding the audience they are the most beautiful is doomed. The audience is in reality pretty tired of and fed up with politics. This is why the really admired choose to embrace a low profile and minimize their exposure to a media that today more than ever before seeks to mock and caricaturize the subject at stake. This is why the most admired athletes Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafa Nadal minimize their talking and maximize their narrative during the game. The audience does not seem to bother when their beloved actor, actress or athlete earns millions. Every Catalan pays to watch Mesi play in the Camp Nou, nobody criticizes his astronomic salary. Yet every Catalan will criticize the President’s salary if it is above the one hundred thousand euro mark, which a fresh graduate out of a top MBA program easily earns as base salary without bonus. For me this is a contemporary puzzle, a dilemma. Don’t we all choose our representatives? The real issue is that nobody likes the President’s narrative, but everyone adores the footballer’s. The President divides and attacks, the footballer only delivers and conquers. This is why politics’ substitute or alternative, ahead, is show business.

The Recruitment, what to do

First of all I have to present myself, my qualifications, do it politely, elegantly, in a smooth fashion and manner, for the select audience I expect to recruit to pay the slightest most minimalist attention. Then I have to nominate those who deserve to be in their country’s most prestigious Expert List, strictly based on qualifications, skills and ability, independent from age, gender, religion, and of course nationality, etc. The sole mention should be considered a privilege, an honor.

Then I have to explain and answer the key questions: What for? What’s in it for me? What are the next steps? What is the outcome and the deliverable? Through the present opportunity Arianna Huffington’s new platform is generously extending, I am delivering a narrative aiming at answering such key questions.

Then I have to let the Expert know he or she has been nominated, and wait, even if the wait is long, for the Expert to come to terms with him or herself…

A fundamental question emerges: how would have Jules Verne approached the recruitment of Expert Dreamers? (composition by Author)

I have a well constructed theory, which explains the failure of the first strategy, described above. It is related to the current system -capitalism and the associated greed for money- and human nature. Society seems to have lost the ideals of one hundred years ago, where many went to war and died to defend a cause, a set of principles. Individuals are more than ever individualistic, driven by the pursuit of personal interest. Albania was the World’s most radical communist country. Today it is radically individualistic and crony capitalistic, merely as a counter reaction to what was imposed by dictatorship in Enver Hoxha’s regime. The individual is in the end narcissistic and sometimes cynical. Since 2008 in the past ten years alone I have met and interviewed more than three thousand top-notch Experts in 41 countries and territories. About 1% of these Experts are more qualified than me, in a group that is already top-notch. This is no exaggeration. My cause is noble. My grand plan guarantees the transition to a borderless, extreme poverty free World. Anyone below my level of aptitude in the absence of financial reward and human nature, would choose to join. Anyone above should choose to ignore or come up with their own plan which requires 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, few of which above my level of aptitude are willing to sacrifice all for. The ones above do not participate because of vanity, the ones below because of envy. One hundred years ago, perhaps, this approach would have yielded more immediate results. Of course today’s war is non-violent, of a different nature, it is a war against “The Axis of Feeble” that originates and perpetuates extreme poverty. It is a war requiring a peaceful revolution, “The Elegant Revolution” which I anticipated in 2009. It is a war that requires a War Declaration which I ennunciated in 2012 inspired by General Charles de Gaulle’s letter “To All Frenchmen“.

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