The Imposter Syndrome

Kimberly Nina Hill on Confidence, Self-Esteem and Loving Yourself!

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On a weekly basis, I continue to be BEYOND impressed with the calibre of my Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald international radio/podcast guests! Furthermore, I am immensely grateful to each of these dynamos for their level of professionalism, their infectious energy, their succinct messaging, and for the plethora of wisdom they generously impart to the global radio listening audience and the podcast subscribers. As a show host, I am especially in my element when the additional luxury of interviewing a ‘first-ever’ type show guest – one who is specifically known for their uniquely rare brand of expertise – comes upon my radar! Last week’s interviewee on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald; Kimberly Nina Hill…fits that exact bill for being in such a rare distinct category of show expert!

It was such an honour and a tremendous pleasure to have been gifted with the opportunity of interviewing the shows first-time-ever, International CONFIDENCE Coach! Given this to be Kimberly’s area of specialty – I was more so than what is customarily characteristic of me…listening with a discerning ear. Listening for the distinctiveness of Kimberly’s delivery of demonstrated confidence and her portrayable conviction. While Kimberly spoke, and while informatively responding to my plethora of questions; I was particularly attuned to Kimberly’s steady voice and her compelling messaging. I had of course, previously spoken with Kimberly in an initial meet and greet introductory telephone call prior to us taking to the LIVE airwaves. Sometimes; not often times – the initial phone call with a prospective radio guest does not necessarily guarantee a duplicated or replicated experience when the scheduled interview itself; unfolds. Not overly surprising to me however,  my equal amazement of Kimberly in both of our exchanges – both on and off the radio. I love consistency!

Kimberly not only knows her ‘stuff’ as one would expect a pro should…but this was further exemplified and clearly evidenced as truth-based from show intro to show outro. I have the utmost respect for those who are not only credibly referred and who are reputably regarded as either an expert, a thought leader, an influencer, or an agent of change; those who not only put their skills and talents on display but who do so with the transparency of voluntary and unsolicited vulnerability. 

As an International Confidence Coach, Kimberly inherently grasps the imperative concept of resonance. In order to achieve genuine resonance or to garner earned and established trust with prospective clients or with others who are also equally part of the collective – Kimberly exhibits as having a unique intuitiveness about her, and so much so, that showing up as authentically relatable (first and foremost) is seemingly effortless and second nature for her. Often times being relatable requires one to to air their own insecurities, ‘failures,’ idiosyncrasies, and so forth. Kimberly was neither reticent nor was she reluctant to initiate the conversational piece surrounding her own personal struggles within her lifelong journey. It was a welcomed breath of fresh air to listen to Kimberly ramble off the realness for what we all as human beings grapple with on the colourful spectrum of human emotions. It is human nature and part of the human condition for human beings, preferring to shy away from casting the spotlight of fragility, and the mirror of self-analysis upon ourselves. This is particularly true of many public figures who would much rather uphold the persona of perfection and flawlessness. Kimberly’s immediate approach to owning and declaring it all – the good – the bad – the ugly is always a shoe-in with the listeners and the podcast subscribers and certainly with me as well. Thank you, Kimberly! I appreciate your candid, no brass-tacks approach to truth!

I could speak at nauseum about this wonderfully amazing woman named Kimberly Nina Hill! Kimberly – for all the numerous and immeasurable ways you continue to pay it forward and are of continual service to the collective…I wish to personally and professionally extend my unending gratitude to you! You inspire me and countless others, too! Keep Shining our friend!

On behalf of Kimberly and myself, we wish to thank you for kindly taking the time to graciously read this Feature Article, and for generously listening to the enclosed podcast link of our amazing interview, together! So greatly appreciated! We also wish to thank you in advance for any additional contact you may wish to initiate with either or with both of us outside of this brilliant forum! I am deeply humbled for your time, interest and attention. Thank you once again #ThriveGlobal friends! Wishing you a beautiful day!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Born in Vancouver, Canada, Kimberly is an International Confidence Coach who spent over nine plus years working in Financial Derivatives across Singapore and Australia. Kimberly has an Honours Degree in Business Administration that she obtained from B.C.I.T where she was also elected Class President and awarded a scholarship for Academic Achievement.

At twenty years of age, Kimberly set off on a backpacking trip that accidentally turned into ten years living away from home and the experience of travelling over thirty countries.In 2018, after coming to the realization that she needed to make a major life change, she resigned from her career in Finance to pursue becoming a fulltime confidence coach. Kimberly now dedicates her time to helping people discover their kickass confidence.

Kimberly helps individuals increase their self-belief and confidence to get unstuck in work and in life, and she’ll make sure you have fun while you’re at it! She is known for her high energy, humour, creativity, and compassion.

While Kimberly has a deep passion to help people feel confident in life and work, for many years she suffered quietly with depression and bulimia. With so much mainstream news and social media, it is common for many of us to get caught up in negative comparison and imposter syndrome.

As a result, Kimberly has dedicated her life to helping others avoid the same fate and spends her time learning about personal development, confidence, spirituality and self-compassion. Kimberly is also a Level 1 Reiki Healer. 

In her spare time, where she is not cooking, reading, laughing, or hanging with her Nephew, Kimberly writes about confidence, career advice and spirituality. You can find Kimberly and some of her work at

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