The Higher The Mountains, The Bigger The Home: Aretha Franklin #BlackAmericanMusic #BlackAmerica #BlackAmericanHer/History360 #Gospel

The Perseverance Of Climbing Mountains In ARETHA FRANKLIN'S Performance Of "Climbing Higher Mountains," At Temple Missionary Baptist Church!

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Ain’t no song like the one that describes the struggle! When it comes to Gospel music, there is simply no hidin’ behind it! You sing aint struggles because you know it so, well. When you have been through a consistent battle (and triumph), you can’t fake Church. Church is in you, through you, above you! Church is part of your daily walk. There is no way a person can experience the Most High, wI think the sole confines of a Church. It’s simply not possible. For, you carry Church outside, into the real world. Church is extended into the greater terrain. There is simply no way to combat that. Church is the nourishment, for one’s holistic walk, in the “real world!”

Climbin’ higher and ever higher, there is a way to hold onto one’s grip. One’s hands move through greater mountains and valleys. Of course, a person cannot rid oneself of the agony coming with the climb. It’s a painful venture. There will be pain. No doubt. If you can’t handle it, then it’s best not to begin the climb. Mountains are strenuous. Many would say that climbing them is even impossible. With every climb, there is another impossible peak. How does one overcome the impossible? As they say, it’s easier said than done. And yet, the only way of achieving the impossible is to keep going. It’s one foot at a time. It’s one climb, at a time!

The popular trend of Gospel music was (and still is) the healing elixir for Black American people. It has been written before, and it will be stated, again! It doesn’t matter if such truth is repeated! The memory as understanding for such a complex people-a peculiar people-must always be remembered! So, it will! So, shall it be!

Migrating to the haven, and domain, for the Queen of Soul! It was in the Black American Church, where she was centered in the very notion of what it means to, sang! Sangin‘, well! You felt so good, that you couldn’t help, but to kick off yo’ shoes in the middle of Church service! You couldn’t help it because the Spirit felt so good! The “fantasy” of Heaven felt better than a proven reality, on Earth! You couldn’t help, but to feel its domain! Heaven was real, when you have experienced Hell on Earth. Heaven is too real! You don’t have to argue it, debate it, or bring it into theory! The notions of Heaven are real, when you have a century’s tradition of crossing through rivers, traveling over valleys, and so forth! The pains of reality made you a believer, if the Bible didn’t!

It was in the Church, where her musical journey, began. Furthermore, it was that very same Church, where she returned to, towards the ending of her life! Different songs have been performed inside of New Temple Missionary Baptist Church! On January 13, 1972, there was a wellness of spiritual healing, cleansing, and redeeming! You can’t fake an annointing-even if you tried! So, when you get a song, called “Climbing Higher Mountains,” there is nothing else you can do, but keep on climbin’! After all, you can’t afford to be stagnant, or delayed in the climb. Staying stuck may eventually mean that you will perish. Keep, keepinon! Keep, keepinon!

No arguments can be made aboit how you felt when her mouth opened to sing. The very first note sent shutters down your spine. Don’t even think that it was all you got! By the time you were finished listening to the first song, you knew that love’s timing had followed through. Love was part of the process. Divine Love! The Creator’s Love was part of that inspiration! From the pits of her core, one already knew, that there was an awakening of Heaven’s creativity! Let’s make it very clear, that her voice was a gift from Heaven’s domain. There was nothing undermining about the grand awakening! The audacity of having faith, and carrying it through, anyway.

We are “Climbing Higher Mountains,” because there are more valleys to overcome. The rivers have gotten a little bigger, this time around. Nevertheless, we know what it takes to navigate (and push through) difficult boundaries! Keep in mind, we don’t have to strain or harm our selves in doing so. The landscapes can be looked up, with a beautiful hue. The higher we climb the mountains, the better we can see the view! Climbinhigher! Climbin‘ higher, til’ we have to climb, no more!

Aretha Franklin
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