The Happiness Factory-Part 1

You can build one too

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Happiness-Image Courtesy-Lidya Nada-Unsplash
Happiness-Image Courtesy-Lidya Nada-Unsplash

 The Happiness Factory-Part 1

Usually when the dreaded Monday is approaching I experience a sense of gloom at the l-o-o-o-n-g work week. So to combat this I did something really fantastic this weekend, I built a HAPPINESS FACTORY. Although at first it seemed like a crazy fairytailesque notion but soon the idea took root and I decided to act on it.

 I didn’t know anyone who has built a ‘Happiness Factory’ so I had to conceive it according to what I felt right .Since I am the designer and creator I am sure the blueprint will keep evolving as I keep learning.

Reading gives me joy-Image Courtesy-Author’s own

The Building Blocks- These are the most essential tools without which you cannot commence on the historic project. You have to believe that the concept exists and that you can master it. So your thoughts have to align with your aim. You have to think happy thoughts and thoughts of happiness and believe in the possibility of happiness. Without this your factory isn’t going to be built.

Happy things first-Once you’ve laid the basic building blocks then you must choose to do the things that make you happy. After a lot of distillation of choices I arrived at two things that make me happy and I’ve decided to start my day doing these-writing and having a luxurious scented bath. I’m sure it differs for everyone but find your ‘happy things’ and start the day with those.

Start the day with a thank you-After you’ve done your ‘happy things’ you’ll involuntarily start the day with gratitude. A simple thank you to the Universe for granting you another day to be alive is a surefire way of putting you in a good mood. When you are grateful to be alive then any disappointments that you may face during the day seem minor in comparison.

Your day isn’t a punishment-It’s just as simple as it sounds. The day is also meant to be enjoyed and shouldn’t just be a sprint to the finish line of a ‘to do’ list. Earmark at least 30 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy whether it’s eating a triple sundae or just gazing at a star filled night. I find that small rewards everyday work better at keeping you happy rather than a big reward after a long period of waiting. Of course, everyone loves a big reward but that shouldn’t stop you from making time for your small joys every day.

Tomorrow is another day-Each day is a mixed bag of successes and failures. The worst is the when we don’t erase our anger, regret, disappointments for the day and wake up the next morning with the dregs of negative emotions of the previous day. These tend to weigh us down and do nothing to enhance our happiness quotient. Besides, each day is a fresh start and as Rhett Butler quotes rakishly in Gone with the Wind-‘Tomorrow is another day’.

 So let’s take the first step towards building ‘The Happiness Factory’ and I’ll check back with you on that maybe in another fortnight.

Till next time ‘Live Life Empress Size’

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